a little bit o’ crochet

good afternoon! hopefully you are enjoying this last little bit of above zero weather until it turns tundra-esque.

our chunky thread by Lori Holt arrived yesterday, so i set to work on getting the display up and everything marked. then last night after the last episode of the Ted Bundy Tapes i set to work on crocheting up a granny square.

i haven’t crocheted in i bet 5 years…so i pulled up lori holt’s video and i pulled up some other videos and once i got started it didn’t take long to do a couple rounds.

i’m planning on a granny square afghan eventually but for now i’m going to make a little pincushion and maybe a pillow or 2 down the road.

chunky thread

we’ve got the basic grey, white, and brown bigger skeins and then sampler packs 1, 2, and 3 and 4 is on order. we’ll be filling in with more colors as we get more projects done.

granny square

i love her 100% cute crochet hooks…they are definitely 100% cute and come in a pack of 3.

100% cute crochet hooks

i’ve listed all the Lori Holt goodies…here is link…crochet...if you’d like to get started.


  • garden variety quilt has been pieced…just need to get it quilted, bound and washed.
  • pictures have been taken of column 1 of the Block Anthology…i’ll have that post live next week along with a link to Column 1 block kits.
  • FQ bundles of Hickory Road are arriving next week…be on the lookout for Jo Morton’s newest collection…can’t wait to add it to my Mrs. Billings quilt.

have a wonderful weekend…stay warm and travel safely!

—————april & mickey


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