Urban Cottage Blanket

Happy weekend! mom has finished up the Urban Cottage Blanket, and we’ve set the bed for the February…think lovely pillows, pink, black, and a little bit of Urban Cottage.

This lightweight blanket is perfect for the hygge style…just add a few candles, a cup of your favorite hot beverage…i prefer coffee or cocoa, and maybe some stitching or family time.

If you prefer a little more Romantic Prairie style…it works for that too…we added black and white ticking pillows to our bed to help mix the white pillows with the cream-y toned blanket so it will work with all your black, white, and cream linens, slipcovers, or cushions.

Cottage Style…now…we realize that cottage style tends to lean more towards white, cream, grey, and softer pastels. But every once in a while…we are surprised by how much we love a little infusion of black. These pretty woven prints, big roses, and lovely toweling were just what we were looking for…there is even a little grey in the collection. We added the Cottage Hearts pillow, the Be Mine pillow, and a red linen heart on batting pillow to make it more Valentine’s Day. (When Easter/springtime rolls around pull out the bunnies and soft pastels…)

valentine’ day window display
mitered corner

we used the toweling for the border…cuz we love those stripes…then instead of layering it with backing and batting we finished the edges on the back side so you can use it as is.

zigzaged edge
zigzaged mitered corner

we do have the urban cottage blanket kit available over on the website here.

urban cottage blanket
urban cottage blanket

have a wonderful weekend!–a&m


2 Replies to “Urban Cottage Blanket”

    1. Of course! Today is the 3 month anniversary of the accident. He has had his prosthetic for 4 1/2 weeks. He can walk without assistance but does use a four point cane to help with balance and Wally (the walker) outside. He is actually leaving for a fishing trip up to Rainy Lake tomorrow, so he won’t have PT this week…but will continue through the end of February. All in all…he’s doing very well and ahead of the game. As far as the weather…today is 50-60° warmer than it was a couple days ago!


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