Razzberry Creek

mom and I had a snow day today! lots and lots of snow…blizzard weather…perfect for staying home, sipping coffee, stitching, or popping online to check out what’s new.

we finished up Razzberry Creek a day or so ago and last night we finished up the binding and ran it through the wash. most quilts don’t get any cuddle time before they are displayed at the shoppe, so this quilt is quite lucky!

Razzberry Creek is a revisited pattern from about 2009-2010. it has always been an absolute favorite…the original was made using Millicent by Anna Griffin and spends its summers on my bed.

When Amberley arrived (which if you remember was after the accident) so not a lot of stitching took place…but it was definitely a collection that would get a quilt. Well, after some discussion, we decided on Razzberry Creek. That way when we no long have the fabric, mom can put it on her bed.

Amberley is classic Brenda Riddle…quite similar to Ambleside. if you missed out on her premier Moda collection…this would definitely help ease the heartache of missing out on it.

Razzberry Creek featuring Amberley by Brenda Riddle
Razzberry Creek piled high with squishy pillows.
Razzberry Creek features 3 borders…the perfect finish for the scrappy blocks.

so while the snow swirls wildly…we’ll be dreaming of flip flops, fresh lilacs, and afternoons on the porch.


Razzberry Creek measures 90 x 102 inches and is kitted up and available now.


happy stitching! –april&mickey


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