our order of ribbons and a couple ribbon embroidery kits arrived today…just in time cuz i just finished up row 4 of Lucy’s Summer Cottage…(you can see it in my instagram stories).

i might try my hand at a little ribbon embroidery this weekend…tina has done it so if i run into any issues i can ask her.

gibb & hiney ribbons

we started with just ribbon sets of the 3.5 mm…and will expand from there. these are a couple of my favorite sets.

cloudy sky…of course!
peony…of course…cuz i can’t get enough of those dusky pinks and creams….

these are the ribbon kits we picked to start.

herb bouquet focuses on ribbon embroidery lazy daisies

i think i’m going to try my hand at the Fuchsias…it looks intense but i scanned the directions and she does a good job explaining with color pictures and the kit includes the needles, floss, ribbons, fusible-knit, and complete instructions…just need to find time to do a little stitching.

if you’d like to try your hand at it…here is the section link…ribbon.embroidery…so you can get started.

happy easter lovelies!


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