Quilt Minnesota 2019

good morning! it is already nearly the 4th of July and we are gearing up for quilt minnesota. our june was quite busy, so most of our qm2019 fabric still has the factory tape on it (YIKES! we’d better get crackin’ on our projects!)

all in good time…am i right? i’ve been dreaming of our qm2019 display…do i move everything out of the window and make it look outdoorsy, do i bring in a couple vintage bikes and a bench…depends upon what we are making…big quilts, throws, toppers, runners, pillowcases, hmm…decisions…decisions…


we are, however, doing the dollar ditty again! and the dollar ditties this year are the best ever…i think–but i may be a little biased!

our incentives have just arrived as well…who doesn’t love a good set of cool coasters…that could double as pretty tiles?

we aren’t even coaster people but i kinda wanna do the south central region…

i’m putting mom to work on our qm projects…so be on the lookout for those!

if we don’t see you july hopefully the south central region is on your list!

happy stitching! –april&mickey [sweetwater]

what do you think?

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