springtime sashiko

happy spring! with the days now getting longer, spring forward, and some sunny days…it sure feels like spring is on the way. i haven’t seen a robin yet…and we know they get snowed on at least 3 times.

mom and i are busy getting ready for our Medford show next weekend. the storefront will be open…

i thought i would pop in quick and share with you our newest sashiko project. i have it finished just not truly finished. the stitching is done and i love hexies so this is perfect!

These 3 Sashiko projects are from Tulip’s Sashiko World, America collection. we have 3 of them and i want to do all 3 and frame them and hang them in the shop…cuz they fit right in with our decor plus i really want to eventually have a WALL of hand work things…cross stitch, ribbon embroidery, epp, wool applique, Brazilian embroidery, crazy quilting…not sure what wall this will be on, but it’s a life goal. anyways…if you are looking for some stitching to get you in the mood for spring…maybe a little Easter topper.

Sashiko World…America…Grandmother’s Flower Garden

Sashiko World…Grandmother’s Flower Garden

Sashiko World…America…Flower Baskets

Sashiko Wrold…Flower Baskets

Sashiko World…America…Sampler Square

Sashiko World…Sampler Square

sashiko is quite fun. i love the classic running stitch and the designs are just fantastic! if you would like to give it a go…you can grab a sashiko kit here.

also…we’ve been jazzing up our shoppe entrance…this sign is our newest addition.

our happy place

that wraps up today…thinking i’m going to see if i can cut up some new civil war color bundles…

have a wonderful evening!


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