sweetwater expansion

good afternoon! hopefully you are staying safe, healthy, and occupied. we have been getting ready for Quilt Minnesota, cutting up bundles and kits, working on new projects, and trying to enjoy a little bit of summer before autumn hits.

i’m sure you’ve heard, but if you haven’t…we’ve expanded. the bookstore is permanently closed and we were offered the room next to us. so we cleaned it out, painted it and took out the wall. we even made ourselves a “porch”. inspired by the long ago porch from our old location…you can see the gingerbread and the half posts…(interestingly enough…we used those at each end of the porch rail)

so here are the progress shots…starting with the bookstore space cleaned out and continuing from there.

if when you walk in the door you go to the right…

if at the door you go to the left

lastly…our porch decorated for the 4th of july. we still have a few trim boards to put up and to do a serious organization behind the picket fence where we work to get everything in order.

once we get our Quilt Minnesota kits cut…we’ll doing another rearrange…i’m thinking Quilt Minnesota will take up residence in the window and Rue 1800 will be moved to the porch. it just seems so appropriate to fill the porch with soft, romantic florals.

looks like i only have a little bit of time left to get done the 30 things i planned to do today (now 29 since i’m hitting publish on this post in a hot minute!)

i’ll be back with new qm projects, a fun super quick Rue 1800 project, and hopefully kits and patterns for my Stormy hexies.

until next week…have a wonderful afternoon!

stay safe…wear your face covering…and treat other how you wish to be treated…

a little gabby-goo throwback to when we were mid-expansion…apparently she wanted a little quiet (and dark) time.

happy stitching!


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