the arrival of autumn

autumn has officially arrived. the trees have definitely been popping! lots of gorgeous coral, orange, eggplant, rust, red, and yellows have started dotting the landscape. mom and i have not had a chance to switch the shop to fall, but now that it is official (and the wedding has happened) i think we can find some spare time to do that.

we have bags of faux floral, fun signs, and 2 boxes of pumpkins in the storage room just waiting to sorted and hung. a porch to decorate and a window to dress. lots of fun things on the horizon for the next few days.

speaking of the wedding…it was a blast. i’m still exhausted for staying up until the early morning hours every night last week getting ready. I went to bed earlier on the night of the wedding (2:30am) than i did on Wedding Eve (4:30am). it was a great wedding though i needed to get back to work to relax. (hehe!)

we’ve had some new arrivals…but today i have pics of La Rose Rouge…

la rose rouge

we have Pantry Packs of 1/2 yards of the lovely French Florals along with some fat quarter towers of the entire collection.

all La Rose Rouge is available here.

i’ll be working on Redwork Gatherings and Jane Austen tomorrow along with switching over to autumn. can’t wait!

happy stitching!


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