gardenlife & grace

happy tuesday! today we have some good, good news!

Gardenlife by Tilda…the long awaited spring/summer 2021 collection is on its way! scheduled arrival is later this week with its worldwide release on Saturday! i will be getting the online listings set up and activate them on Friday with shipping starting on Monday.

if you cannot wait to get your fingers on this collection…and you live nearby…be sure to pop in on Saturday. it will be waiting…we also have buttons, bundles, and some of the basics…with more on order.

and now i’d like to introduce to you

Grace…featuring the Emporium collection, Tudor rolie polie and Bella Solid light pink. this quilt is scrumptious and elegant and playful and perfect. The pops of black remind of saddle shoes and poodle skirts yet the grey and pink really give it a modern feel.

Large courthouse steps blocks accented with a soft cotton candy pink…at about 86 inches square this project is perfect for beginners and advanced alike. (this picture does not do it justice…the quilt is so soft and gentle…something that i cannot convey in a photograph…plus the colors are right but not quite right.)

if you like pink…this is a quilt for you…mom and i have already decided that this one is going in our personal collection when we’ve sold out of the kits…


grace kits are available now and include the Emporium/Tudor Rolie Polie, Bella Baby Pink, and the Grace pattern. you can grab a kit here.

that makes 2 days in a row…new quilts…new blog posts…we’ll see if i can keep it up until i’m caught up on introducing new projects…

happy stitching!



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