66 days

good evening! it is just 66 days until christmas! i’m not sure where the time has gone…but we are loving being in the shoppe this fall.

we had opted to forgo all quilt shows for 2021 and the early part of 2022…and are glad we did. more time to stitch, finish up projects, work on displays, work online and blog more, and try and stay on top of machine quilting. we are planning our Christmas installation (how fancy is that) for our Hometown Holiday Road Trip -November 11, 12, & 13…hopefully you can join us…come see the trees and the lights and get inspired. we’ll have some new projects…whether quilts, embroidery, or cross stitch…there will be lots to see.

speaking of Christmas…mom has finished up December Blizzard and it is so decadent! the soft palette of Christmas Morning…dove, silver, pine, sage, winter, and cranberry dance and swirl on the bella bleach background.

december blizzard

we have put together kits…exactly as shown with the striped binding…you can grab a kit here.

we have some rain today…i do love a cool autumn rain and some lightning and thunder. makes me want to hunker down with some stitching…but there are bundles to cut, fold and tie and about 30 different cross stitch linens to cut and bag and get online.

also…we have a few autumn displays that i’ve been meaning to show you. more on those later this week.

gabby and i done for the day…have a wonderful wednesday!


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