land of lady slippers

good evening!

we have lots of new projects that are getting finished up around here.

first up is Land of Lady Slippers…

this collection featured the upper great lakes region…well, we pulled just the Minnesota prints and couldn’t wait to get this project whipped up. it looks just wonderful on our porch behind the swing.

it is a smaller size…just 46 x 57 inches but it is perfect for tossing over the couch, hanging over the staircase, or for the new baby.

the colors are a mixture of blue, grey, white, and a limey green…so perfect if you are updating the cabin.

Land of Lady Slippers

this is NOT a Quilt Minnesota Collection. this is part of the Lakeside Story collection…which is available NOW!

you can grab a kit here.

well…it is time to get going…gabby needs to get home for supper!

happy stitching!


fragrant roses

as we putter around the shoppe…planning and plotting our next floor move and where specific fabric lines are going once they arrive…smaller impromptu fabric orders arrive. these tend to be smaller spur of the moment orders…a handful of civil war beauties one day…a dozen florals the next.

today it all about the roses…Fragrant Roses…to be exact. We are always on the hunt for collection that feature our favorite palette and evoke feelings of yesterday. Fragrant Roses features lots and lots of roses on soft blue, soft pink, and beige (i feel like the beige is a very soft olive) backgrounds. The fragrant part of the collection name references that perfume labels that crop up in the panel, the collage style print, and the all label print. All lovely…all perfect for the project we have in mind for it.

fragrant roses

fragrant roses
fragrant roses
fragrant roses panel

you can grab some fragrant roses here.


new projects will be hitting the shoppe in the next few days…keep an eye out for Patriotic Chintz, Land of Lady Slippers, Line Dried, along with our Jane Austen panel quilt and our Rose and Violet’s Garden project (which is nearly done!)

happy stitching!


curated bundles

good afternoon! lunch will be arriving any moment so i thought i’d pop in and say hi! mom and i have been busy cutting up some bundles.

with spring right around the corner we thought we would whip up some bundles of Rue 1800 and Bramble Cottage.

Rue 1800 bundle…30 fat quarters…you can grab this bundle here.

rue 1800

A curated bundle of Bramble Cottage is the other spring/summer/Easter style bundle we have ready to ship. 24 fat quarters of pastel goodness…you can grab one here.

bramble cottage

these bundles are limited and available now.

be sure to pop over to the website and check out our other goodies!

have a wonderful weekend!


spring brook

good evening! the day is winding down around here…

spring brook has arrived and brightened up the shop…the colors are perfect for spring, and we are already plotting what to make out of this lovely collection once we get to it.

spring brook

right now we have yardage and bundles available…you can grab some spring brook here.

still waiting on several of our other spring lines to arrive…we’ll keep you in the loop!

we have a few other projects nearly ready to release! just impatiently waiting for some ink…to print the patterns so we can get the kits tied and ready to go.

keep an eye out…hopefully i can get those out and about next week!

happy stitching!


american gathering

good afternoon! i’ve been trying to find a spare few minutes to pop on and introduce the newest collection to arrive in store.

welcome American Gathering…the newest collection by Primitive Gatherings. this collection is full of pretty shirtings, blue and red.

we opted for mostly shirtings with a splash of red and blue. Wonderful for mixing with other Gatherings, civil war, patriotic prints or use on its own.

the bolts have arrived with precuts arriving later this month. we have whipped up some bundles of the 10 prints we couldn’t live without…

american gathering

classic and sweet…you can grab an exclusive curated bundle of American Gathering here.

well i’d best get back to working on our new kits…hopefully i can get those introduced next week…

happy stitching!


rose & violet’s garden

good afternoon! January is slipping by quickly and our collections are FINALLY starting to arrive.

i’ve been playing catchup to try and get some of our new fabrics online. Today i’ve ticked off Rose & Violet’s Garden.

Rose & Violet’s Garden is a scrumptious mixture of blush, songbird, parchment, and beehive colors in stripes, florals, tonals, and scripts. A perfect palette for mixing with 3 Sisters, Brenda Riddle, Liberty, Tilda…just about anything soft, sweet, and slightly feminine.

rose & violet’s garden

look at those sweet prints and that songbird teal color…yumm!

we have a couple projects in line before we get to this fabric…so we are still debating on what we want to make. i’m thinking it would make the best Valentine’s Day gift ever…move over bouquet of roses…i’ll take some Rose & Violet’s Garden.

-i have added it into my pastel smitten which is coming along nicely and hopefully i’ll start putting it together this weekend…and get a couple more progress shots.-

anyways…grab some Rose & Violet’s Garden…here. i’ve gotten all the yardage and all the precuts online…so lots of lovelies to pick from!

i’d best get back to work…i have some Low Volume Valentine bundles to get folding.

happy stitching!


tilda’s woodland

tilda’s newest collection Woodland has finally arrived and it is looking just perfect with our previous Tilda collections.

it features her classic palette of red, lilac, teal, blue, with hints of plum, mauve, olive, and grey. Mix it into that Tilda hexie project you’ve been working on or use it by itself. the colors are perfect for something small and sweet or that bedsize project you’ve been eyeing.

i’ve mixed it into my pastel smitten…so it works well with a mixture of designers as well (my smitten features Liberty, French General, 3 Sisters, Lella Boutique, Pretty By Hand and Brenda Riddle among others).

we have the full collection available in yardage as well as bundles and precuts.

tilda woodland and coordinates
tilda lovelies

our full stock of tilda can be found online and instore. to check it out now…click here.

i’d best get back to cutting bundles…

happy stitching!


also…gabby has been helping …sort of.

gabby and the new Line Dried

*Line Dried features Daybreak by 3 Sisters and will hopefully be available in the next week or so.

pastel smitten

happy 2021! i never got online to show pictures of the trees. when i have a moment, i’ll pop over and put them on facebook.

i’ve decided it’s time to get this pastel Smitten all finished up. it has been sitting in the sewing room since 2017 with a couple blocks done…i came to a screeching halt when i couldn’t find one of the pieces. Generally speaking it shouldn’t have been a big deal. Just grab a similar looking dot or small print with the same overall look and go with it, but for some reason i couldn’t move past it.

well, i came upon the bag of papers, acrylics, pattern and 2 1/2 blocks and decided it was time to untie (crazy…am i right?!) the bundles and dig out those favorite scraps…all of which i’ve been saving for some unknown project. Well, that project is a pastel smitten. Since untying the liberty bundles and fanning out the piles of scraps and pulling current luscious bundles from the shop i’ve been tracing, cutting, basting, and stitching like a crazy person.

each block is a new adventure…putting together combinations that are just a little outside the box but still within the color palette that we love so much.

the fabrics are a mixture…French General Lawns, 3 Sisters, Liberty, Tilda, Janet Clare, Quilting in the Rain, Fig Tree Quilts, Brenda Riddle, Jane Austen, and Pretty By Hand are just a few that i can think of.

pastel smitten

Right now we do not have any bundles of the fabrics used…however, to get a start…

the following are bundles that i am pulling from and are still available in the shoppe.

Tres Jolie Lawns by French General

Daybreak by 3 Sisters

Winter Flower Show by Liberty Fabrics,

Jane Austen At Home

Maple Farm by Tilda

Figs and Shirtings by Fig Tree Quilts

Guest Room by Pretty By Hand

you can find tilda bundles here. Remaining bundles can be found here.

if you have the fabrics and just need the paper/acrylic/pattern pack. we have those available here.

the pastel Smitten will be the 2nd Smitten i’ve made. The first was made using Moving On Lawns by Jen Kingwell. Definitely outside of our box…but a lovely palette to work with.

smitten featuring Moving on Lawns by Jen Kingwell

well…i’d best get back to unpacking the notions.

be sure to follow us over on instagram to see the pastel smitten come together…

happy stitching!

cottage christmas

christmas is just around the corner and we are gearing up for a week of some last minute baking, Christmas shopping, quilting, EPPing (i will not have Sugared Hexagons done today but i am determined to be done by Sunday night) and movie watching.

today we have a couple projects that i didn’t realize i didn’t have online…i need a better system…or just more time to work online….either way…we have 2 Christmas projects that i just posted…they are limited and are ready to ship. they would go out monday…not sure if they would arrive in time for Christmas but then some families are not getting together for Christmas just yet…so maybe they would arrive just in time!

first up is Peppermint Christmas…featuring the Deer Christmas panel and a fun piano key border…the prints are a from a mixture of collections. i love it…it is just so minty fresh…it measures 72 x 82 inches and is perfect for Christmas cuddles with the grandkids…fireside stitching, or binge watching. it hasn’t been washed yet…cuz i just couldn’t wait to take pictures of it…it is just so darn cute!

peppermint christmas

The other project features Santa Claus Lane…a minty, bubbly, teal collection that features Santa and Mrs. Claus, stripes, poinsettias, candy canes, and festive lights and is set off with just a hint of glitter. This project may just be my all time fave…i LOVE the soft, gentle colors, the sweet churn dash blocks, and the fresh white background.

sugarplum fantasies

We have both projects kitted…but only a handful of kits left of both…

you can grab the Peppermint Christmas here and the Sugarplum Fantasies here.

i will try and get back with a finished Sugared Hexagons early next week…and maybe even a quick look at all the trees.

have a wonderful weekend!

happy stitching and stay safe! -a&m&g

elinor’s endeavor

betsy chutchian’s newest collection has finally dropped! lovely…absolutely lovely! we’ve got some yardage available along with fat quarters and fat 8ths. i’ve already added a bundle to my personal collection…

look at the yummy colors in Elinor’s Endeavor…

elinor’s endeavor

you can grab yardage and the bundles…here.

i’d best get back to listing christmas cross stitch…have a wonderful wednesday!