cottage christmas

christmas is just around the corner and we are gearing up for a week of some last minute baking, Christmas shopping, quilting, EPPing (i will not have Sugared Hexagons done today but i am determined to be done by Sunday night) and movie watching.

today we have a couple projects that i didn’t realize i didn’t have online…i need a better system…or just more time to work online….either way…we have 2 Christmas projects that i just posted…they are limited and are ready to ship. they would go out monday…not sure if they would arrive in time for Christmas but then some families are not getting together for Christmas just yet…so maybe they would arrive just in time!

first up is Peppermint Christmas…featuring the Deer Christmas panel and a fun piano key border…the prints are a from a mixture of collections. i love it…it is just so minty fresh…it measures 72 x 82 inches and is perfect for Christmas cuddles with the grandkids…fireside stitching, or binge watching. it hasn’t been washed yet…cuz i just couldn’t wait to take pictures of it…it is just so darn cute!

peppermint christmas

The other project features Santa Claus Lane…a minty, bubbly, teal collection that features Santa and Mrs. Claus, stripes, poinsettias, candy canes, and festive lights and is set off with just a hint of glitter. This project may just be my all time fave…i LOVE the soft, gentle colors, the sweet churn dash blocks, and the fresh white background.

sugarplum fantasies

We have both projects kitted…but only a handful of kits left of both…

you can grab the Peppermint Christmas here and the Sugarplum Fantasies here.

i will try and get back with a finished Sugared Hexagons early next week…and maybe even a quick look at all the trees.

have a wonderful weekend!

happy stitching and stay safe! -a&m&g

sugared hexagons

i’ve been working on this hexagon projects since thanksgiving and i’ve finally gotten enough done to get a pattern done up and kits cut.

sugared hexagons
sugared hexagons
sugared hexagons
sugared hexagons
sugared hexagons

you can grab a kit to whip up your own Sugared Hexagons…here.

i’m working on a post featuring all the Christmas trees…look for that next week…hopefully!


vintage winter

the new simply vintage winter issue has been released and it is lovely!

also…lots of christmas fabric has been relisted online…if you are looking to fill in.

you can grab some new christmas here.

-april & mickey & gabby


hometown holiday

come join us!

this is the prize that you can win if you complete the road trip…perfect for your mantle! the hello, happy, welcome not necessarily Christmas…but it sure does go with the bulbs, bells, and floral.

Christmas has arrived, and sweetwater has been decked for the season.

here is a sneak peak at our soft and sweet porch…

loads of pillows…

each farmhouse sham takes just 1 yard. easy peasy…

coming up next week…i’ll take you through the shop…lots of Christmas…with some dozen plus trees.

also…new projects…

Jane Goes to France, Sugarplum Fantasies, Deer Christmas, Autumn Roads, and i’ve been working like crazy on my Folktale Jelly Garden.

New fabrics that are coming in include: Folktale, Figs and Shirtings, and some Liberty bundles…so much cotton goodness to ease those blustery winter days.

well…i’d best get back to things…

have a wonderful thursday…


redwork gatherings

good morning! another weekend has come and gone and the fabrics just keep coming…thank goodness! cuz honestly, it is one of my favorite things!

today we have redwork gatherings…the newest collection from Primitive Gatherings. It is jam packed with gorgeous reds and soft, creamy creams. Lovely for mixing in with your Christmas or civil war.

we’ve put together some curated bundles from the yardage we order…12 fat quarters consisting mostly of the shirtings and a just a couple reds.

redwork gatherings

we have the yardage along with factory cut fat quarter and fat 8th bundles all available in store and online. you can grab your redwork gatherings here.

next up on the agenda…

Jane Austen At Home (i’ve linked it, so you can check out the jane austen collection if you’d like)

Halloween/Autumn projects

Daybreak looks to be on its way in the next day or so (i have been waiting for this for SO long. the colors, the prints, definitely more of a pastel autumn vibe.)

all in good time!

i’d best get back to packaging up the weekend orders.

happy stitching!



the weekend

good morning! It is Thursday and Mel & Ty’s wedding is this weekend! i’ve been at the shoppe everyday…but everyone else has been decorating and putting up chandeliers, stringing fairy lights, hanging lanterns and drapery. Tables and chairs arrive today…golf carts tomorrow, hay bales get put out saturday morning. Lots going on…so be sure to keep in mind we have different hours…cuz there are nails tonight and rehearsal dinner tomorrow…which i guess as a bridesmaid i have to be apart of both.

(fun fact: 20 years and 2 weeks ago on September 5th, 1998 was the last time i was a bridesmaid)

Thursday, September 17th … 10-2

Friday, September 18th … 10-1

Saturday, September 19th … Closed

Normal Hours resume on Monday, September 21st

We have so many new and exciting things…i truly don’t know where to start…

we have Ghouls and Goodies…precuts to jazz up your Halloween stash.

ghouls and goodies

you can grab precuts here.

Cross Stitch lovelies from With Thy Needle and Thread, Blackbird, Heartstrings Samplery, La D Da, and Plum Street Sampler along with some new linens…yummy! you can peruse the shelves here. we have a couple new patterns for Halloween…

Ghoultide Greetings and A Ghoultide Welcome…both amazing…both by Plum Street and both would make wonderful additions to your halloween decor.

ghoul tidings
a ghoultide welcome

if you prefer more of an all fall through thanksgiving … Betsy’s Autumn is wonderful (i love her hat and those plump blackbirds!)

betsy’s autumn

If you’ve moved onto your Christmas projects…we’ve still got some yardage and precuts available. grab what you need here. this link will bring up anything tagged Christmas on our sight. Yardage, precuts, cross stitch, thread packs, kits, bundles…you name it!

Mom has Christmas Canning Day all done…this is the 4th time we’ve made this project and every time we do it i like it even more!

christmas canning day

we have it kitted and ready to go here.

hopefully next week things will start to get back to the even keel we are used to. then i’ll have a little more time to write blog posts, catch up on machine quilting, write a pattern or 4, and do a little EPP.

don’t forget about our hours today thru saturday…

happy stitching!


honey buns and such

good afternoon! wow has it been hectic around here…between prepping for the shop hop, prepping for the wedding, and prepping for an autumn spent in house…there isn’t much time to sit and take a breather.

first off…the shop hop finished up last sunday and i never even got online to post a pic or 2 of our qm fabrics and projects…

this years fabric is sold out…other than a few panels and a couple kits.


now…on to the main part of this post…

HONEY BUNS…always a favorite…the younger sister to Jelly Rolls. Sweet little rolls that measure just 1 1/2 inches. Well, Moda has decided that they need a little love. So Labor Day weekend there will be some bun and games…using these little lovelies.

In preparation we’ve stocked up on Honey Buns…cuz generally speaking they are just the cutest little things.

holiday honey buns

we’ve got all of our honey bun choices available online and ready to ship. So grab a honey bun or 2 or 3 or 4 and get pressing. then join moda fabrics…you can get all the info here.

there are so many sweet honey buns that i’m not sure which ones we’ll use…decisions…we are leaning towards Marches de Noel designed by 3 Sisters (of course)…but who knows…

marches de noel by 3 sisters

or possibly Apricot and Ash…

apricot and ash honey bun

be sure to read up on the scoop over on the moda blog…i linked it above…but i’ll link it here again for you.

grab a lovely honey bun…over on our website here.

looks like it is past quitting time today…so i’d best be off.

have a wonderful evening and happy stitching!

july 3

how is it already July? summer is nearly over…

our porch is nearly done…just 1 more trim piece and lights and a little bit of painting.

right now we are trying to get all of our qm2020 projects out of the way so we can do other things.

with july comes Christmas fabric! usually we keep the Christmas fabric to a minimum cuz it is so time sensitive …but we just couldn’t resist this year.

we have…Glad Tidings by Jo Morton

glad tidings



Santa Claus Lane…(i just love those gold trees on pink)

Santa Claus Lane

Christmas Traditions

Christmas Traditions

and lastly…Deer Christmas has been added to the mix. the full collection along with panels, Deer Christmas kits, and bundles.

also…i found enough to make 1 more 8 fat quarter bundle of holiday lodge from last christmas…if you are looking to fill in or missed out on it…grab it here.

holiday lodge

Deer Christmas…full collection in yardage…fat quarter bundles, panel, and the Deer Christmas kits…you can grab the kits here…see all of Deer Christmas here.

keep in mind…we are closed tomorrow July 4th….have a wonderful weekend!



good morning! we hope you are having a wonderful monday. we had a wonderful weekend…gabby turned 1 on saturday.

gabby-goo is 1

she didn’t even mind the unicorn birthday hat!

lots of fun christmas fabrics are arriving in the shoppe…today i have the Yuletide collection. these prints speak to the old-fashioned christmas…large sprawling holly with berries, small poinsettias, plaids, and a gorgeous low volume font print featuring Fa La La and who can pass up a rosy red toile.

yuletide…10 fat quarters

you can grab your yuletide bundle here…and yardage here.

we also have TrĂ©s Jolie that literally arrived like 10 minutes ago (the full collection), Deer Christmas will be arriving later this week (full collection)…Deer Christmas moda kits will be arriving later this month. Also arriving later this week some more Minick and Simpson…to fill out our Minick and Simpson…planning on a couple more Rockets’ Red Glare kits…

lots going on as we get ready for the quilt minnnesota which starts on July 31st…mom is cutting our project number 1 today!

have a safe and happy monday…hopefully i’ll be back later this week with some more goodies!


ps…this weekend would have been our final show for june…we would have been in Omaha for the weekend…however, we will be busy working on fun new projects to bring with us in 2021…we will see you Omaha ladies in June 2021.

santa claus lane

good morning! we are nearly done with our expansion…still a few details to finish up then i’ll take you on a tour…promise.

but in the meantime…the shoppe is back to normal hours…10ish-5ish m-f and 10ish-3ish sa…so you are more than welcome to pop in and see it for yourself.

while we’ve been working with power tools not needles and rotary cutters…our Christmas orders have been arriving…lots and lots of Christmas…cuz you know…we had all these June shows lined up. well, we all know how that turned out…but at least people are safe…in the end that is all that matters!

today i have our new Santa Claus Lane Collection by Melissa Mortenson of Polka Dot Chair. This collection is just yummy! It looks like all those pretty sugar gum drops mixed with buckets of cotton candy, and then drizzled with some gold glitter. Anything that looks like cotton candy is a winner around these parts…

Our Santa Claus Lane bundle features the cotton candy colored prints from this collection with a couple reds for good measure.

Santa Claus Lane

also…there is a little gold metallic in a couple prints…like that top pink print with the gold trees…the ideas are just swimming on how we will decorate the porch for Christmas this year. plus we’ve inherited some trees along with decor…but more on that when it gets just a *little* bit closer to Christmas.

these prints are also good fussy cut for my Christmas hexie quilt which i am diligently cutting hexies for…and more on that soon!


i have started my grey hexie flowers and have 2 complete flowers with white…this shot is from a couple days ago…

grey hexies

i will be working to get this done by the end of june…i really need an EPP finish…it feels like it has been forever.

i’d better get back to it…have a safe and happy tuesday!

and remember…to treat others how you wish to be treated. right now that seems more important than ever.

**happy stitching**

-april & mickey & gabby

ps…also…other new goodies include Nancy’s Needle (civil war collection), Yuletide (christmas), Glad Tidings (Civil War/Christmas) and All Hallow’s Eve by Fig Tree…i’ll be getting those online as soon as i can…