grandma’s garden

good afternoon! summer seems to have arrived and along with the heat the flowers are starting to bloom…mom’s garden is full of purple Lupines, Shasta Daisies, and gorgeous Peonies!

with the arrival of summer…i thought i would introduce you to our Feedsack repro bundles and a new/old Grandmother’s Flower Garden that i am working on.

first off…our Feedsack bundles…each is color coordinated and includes 8 prints and 2 solids.

Feedsack Reproduction color bundles

These bundles are perfectly summery…i’ve named each color bundle after a flower…it just seemed appropriate…top row from left…Shasta Daisy, Hosta, Tulip, Black Eyed Susan and bottom row from left…Bluebells, Buttercup, Lupine, Hollyhock.

This is the new/old quilt…

This originally was 2 separate quilts…1 had a layout as shown with the green corner “leaves” and the other was a traditional layout with a yellow center, ring of a print, ring of cream, and path of green. Well, the solids have long been gone from the shop…we’ve switched over to Bellas and i know i’m not going to make 2 feedsack repo quilts using the same exact green and cream even if i could find the fabrics again…(i have enough green for a 7 x 8 layout). So i took apart the traditional flower garden and folded the flowers into the straight set garden. Then i put it in a rope basket and put it on a shelf.

after putting together the bundles above…i spied my neglected flower garden on the shelf and knew i needed to add on the flowers, cut up all the cream, track down a yard or 2 of the cream…since i’m sure 2 fat quarters worth isn’t going to be enough to finish this…cut out all the centers, rings of print and rings of solids and figure out where i stand.

i worked till 3am this morning to get it 7 across by 5 down…just 3 more rows…21 more flowers…which means…i’m over half down. i’ve organized, i’ve found more 1 inch papers that aren’t totally trashed from use and will be grabbing a spool of cream before i leave today.

grandmother’s cottage garden

i always forget how much i love working with a certain type of fabric or doing a certain kind of needlework until i’m doing it again. i am LOVING working with these feedsack repro prints.

i’m planning on 1 row of cream around all the outside flowers…then filling in with random hexies i have left…both print and solids…to create a border that i can fold and stitch to the back…can’t wait! Some of these prints are from the first 30’s collections we got in the shoppe…17 years ago (sweetwater’s birthday was June 4th). i try not to let projects go that long…so i’m going to be working like a mad woman to get these last 3 rows on and the border done.

you can find our feedsack repo bundles…here. if you’d like a kit or pattern for the grandmother’s cottage garden…i can figure that out and get a price on it.

that’s all for today…i’d better get back to finding a spot for Kitty Corn (a Moda Halloween collection) and Sweet Beginnings…Jera Brandvig’s premiere collection with Maywood Studios.

happy stitching!


our sanctuary precuts have arrived…finally! we are definitely in the mood for some pastel florals!

Sanctuary mini charms
sanctuary charm pack
Sanctuary layer cake
Sanctuary honey bun
Sanctuary jelly roll
Sanctuary fat 8ths
Sanctuary fat quarter tower

newest precut…the new Honey Comb…240–fabric hexagons that fit a 1 inch hexagon paper

Sanctuary honey comb


new floral bundles…Flower Journal #1 and Flower Journal #2 …each bundle is a collection of fabrics from multiple collections. All the fabrics are from Brenda Riddle and there are no doubles between the bundles if you are looking for a larger grouping.

flower journal #1 fabrics are from Amberley, Ambleside, Good Tidings, Bespoke Blooms

flower journal #1

Flower Journal #2 includes prints from Guernsey, Windemere, Fleurs, and Caroline.

flower journal #2

lots of summery-pastel bundles that are just perfect for your Easter/spring/summer projects.

you can grab a precut here.

hopefully, the rain will hang around this evening…can’t wait to sit by a cracked window and sip some coffee and do a little epp.

have a wonderful evening!


pastel smitten

happy 2021! i never got online to show pictures of the trees. when i have a moment, i’ll pop over and put them on facebook.

i’ve decided it’s time to get this pastel Smitten all finished up. it has been sitting in the sewing room since 2017 with a couple blocks done…i came to a screeching halt when i couldn’t find one of the pieces. Generally speaking it shouldn’t have been a big deal. Just grab a similar looking dot or small print with the same overall look and go with it, but for some reason i couldn’t move past it.

well, i came upon the bag of papers, acrylics, pattern and 2 1/2 blocks and decided it was time to untie (crazy…am i right?!) the bundles and dig out those favorite scraps…all of which i’ve been saving for some unknown project. Well, that project is a pastel smitten. Since untying the liberty bundles and fanning out the piles of scraps and pulling current luscious bundles from the shop i’ve been tracing, cutting, basting, and stitching like a crazy person.

each block is a new adventure…putting together combinations that are just a little outside the box but still within the color palette that we love so much.

the fabrics are a mixture…French General Lawns, 3 Sisters, Liberty, Tilda, Janet Clare, Quilting in the Rain, Fig Tree Quilts, Brenda Riddle, Jane Austen, and Pretty By Hand are just a few that i can think of.

pastel smitten

Right now we do not have any bundles of the fabrics used…however, to get a start…

the following are bundles that i am pulling from and are still available in the shoppe.

Tres Jolie Lawns by French General

Daybreak by 3 Sisters

Winter Flower Show by Liberty Fabrics,

Jane Austen At Home

Maple Farm by Tilda

Figs and Shirtings by Fig Tree Quilts

Guest Room by Pretty By Hand

you can find tilda bundles here. Remaining bundles can be found here.

if you have the fabrics and just need the paper/acrylic/pattern pack. we have those available here.

the pastel Smitten will be the 2nd Smitten i’ve made. The first was made using Moving On Lawns by Jen Kingwell. Definitely outside of our box…but a lovely palette to work with.

smitten featuring Moving on Lawns by Jen Kingwell

well…i’d best get back to unpacking the notions.

be sure to follow us over on instagram to see the pastel smitten come together…

happy stitching!

sugared hexagons

i’ve been working on this hexagon projects since thanksgiving and i’ve finally gotten enough done to get a pattern done up and kits cut.

sugared hexagons
sugared hexagons
sugared hexagons
sugared hexagons
sugared hexagons

you can grab a kit to whip up your own Sugared Hexagons…here.

i’m working on a post featuring all the Christmas trees…look for that next week…hopefully!


folktale garden

good afternoon! i’ve finished my folktale jelly garden…and i am loving it! it is totally my palette…dusky autumn tones of pink, blue, brown, white, and gold, and i finished it off with a soft pink chenille bedspread fringe…classic and sweet. hopefully i can remember to bring it home tomorrow so i can enjoy it on thanksgiving.

we have kits featuring the Folktale jelly roll available right now with more available when the precuts arrive…

folktale garden
folktale garden
folktale garden

i may have cozied up in this swing with this quilt for 5 or 15 minutes today…cuz i mean goodness how could i not?

we have some fringe available…along with kits…right now we only have creamy white and blue. no pink that works…keep in mind the fringe is vintage.

and yes, we have 3 kits right now…with more available once our folktale precut order arrives sometime before Christmas?…possibly…keep those fingers crossed!

we also have the full folktale collection available…you can find it here.

our folktale garden kits can be found here.

well, it’s nearing the end of the day and still have a few things to do.

happy stitching…stay safe!

primrose garden

good morning! today is my day off, but i couldn’t resist letting you know that our Primrose Garden EPP pattern is now available as a PDF download. you can pop over to the shoppe and grab the download here.

pastel primrose
pastel primrose
civil war primrose

we still have starter kits available…you can grab a starter kit here.

i’m working like a mad lady on my jelly garden…not sure when the Folktale yardage will arrive but hopefully i can have a little bit of this together by then! fingers crossed!

happy stitching!


sandals and snow

good afternoon! i started this post last week…the day of that 2nd snowfall…the snowfall that stuck. i had worn sandals…so i was shoveling in flip flops…and so it goes!

i never did finish up that blog post…so i decided today is the day.

the rest of our September collections have arrived…

first up is Dover…soft tones of green, blue, grey, and cream…a great way to escape to the sea without leaving your living room. you can grab some dover here.


finally…Yesterday arrived. Jo Morton’s newest collection is filled to the brim with what i like to think of as “classic Jo Morton”. little prints in soft shades of brown, tan, red, cheddar, and blue…perfect for adding to your civil war stash or a perfect collection to start one. Grab precuts and yardage of Yesterday here.


we have a few other goodies today as well…Festive Liberty bundles have arrived…available here.

festive liberty

lots of low volume christmas…including this lovely bundle…an updated bundle from last year includes all the new collections we’ve gotten in this year…Glad Tidings, Yuletide, Christmas Traditions, Deer Christmas, and Santa Claus Lane…grab the bundle here and shop all the low volume yardage here.

low volume christmas

a few things have been arriving and projects have been finished…just need to proof patterns, take pictures and put together kits…so i’d best get going…

oh…and Sweet Sunday Dilly Bag kits are back in stock…the perfect way to try a little EPP without stressing over such a large project…grab a kit here.

sweet sunday dilly bag

our order of kid cotton yarn arrived so mom has been working on a sampler style afghan. kid cotton yarn has not been loaded to the website yet…but you can see the luscious pastels below. i’m slowly working through our shop and getting items online. these are on the list…if you can’t wait…drop me a line and i’ll set up a listing for you. $11/ball.

kid cotton

have a wonderful tuesday…hopefully you can find some stitching time!


santa claus lane

good morning! we are nearly done with our expansion…still a few details to finish up then i’ll take you on a tour…promise.

but in the meantime…the shoppe is back to normal hours…10ish-5ish m-f and 10ish-3ish sa…so you are more than welcome to pop in and see it for yourself.

while we’ve been working with power tools not needles and rotary cutters…our Christmas orders have been arriving…lots and lots of Christmas…cuz you know…we had all these June shows lined up. well, we all know how that turned out…but at least people are safe…in the end that is all that matters!

today i have our new Santa Claus Lane Collection by Melissa Mortenson of Polka Dot Chair. This collection is just yummy! It looks like all those pretty sugar gum drops mixed with buckets of cotton candy, and then drizzled with some gold glitter. Anything that looks like cotton candy is a winner around these parts…

Our Santa Claus Lane bundle features the cotton candy colored prints from this collection with a couple reds for good measure.

Santa Claus Lane

also…there is a little gold metallic in a couple prints…like that top pink print with the gold trees…the ideas are just swimming on how we will decorate the porch for Christmas this year. plus we’ve inherited some trees along with decor…but more on that when it gets just a *little* bit closer to Christmas.

these prints are also good fussy cut for my Christmas hexie quilt which i am diligently cutting hexies for…and more on that soon!


i have started my grey hexie flowers and have 2 complete flowers with white…this shot is from a couple days ago…

grey hexies

i will be working to get this done by the end of june…i really need an EPP finish…it feels like it has been forever.

i’d better get back to it…have a safe and happy tuesday!

and remember…to treat others how you wish to be treated. right now that seems more important than ever.

**happy stitching**

-april & mickey & gabby

ps…also…other new goodies include Nancy’s Needle (civil war collection), Yuletide (christmas), Glad Tidings (Civil War/Christmas) and All Hallow’s Eve by Fig Tree…i’ll be getting those online as soon as i can…

star a day…65 stars

good evening! hopefully you are getting some projects finished up! (i’ve started a new Christmas fussy-cut hexie project…more on that once i get a little bit further).

today i’m updating you on my Star-A-Day. i’m at 65 stars…15 of which have been stitched into 9-patches.

this was the last time i did a layout to get a feel for the quilt. i’m loving it! all the prints and the different backgrounds…yummo!

57 stars

if i were truly doing it a star a day…i would now be on March 5th…i’m nearly 2 months behind…but another weekend is on the horizon and maybe i can play catch up!

if you would like to join me you can grab a star-a-day paper/pattern/acrylic pack here.

if you would like scrappy backgrounds for star-a-day (or to mix with your civil war) we have independence low volume here and biscotti low volume here.

if you would like some color…civil war color bundles are available here.

also…do you see those tiny little scissors in the tin…they are seriously the cutest little things in the world. total length of them…2 1/4 inches with a blade of 5/8 inch. perfect for your little sewing kit, EPP tin, project bag, purse, or travel sewing. you can grab a pair of scissors here. i love that they look old already…like you found them in an old button box or sewing tin.

copper (left) and silver (right)

mom and i are busy getting quilts quilted…we finished up Bella Blossoms featuring Tilda’s Old Rose…it is so gorgeous! can’t wait to get the binding on it and get it washed and dried.

ok…now time to get going on the binding.

happy mid-week!

happy healthy stitching….

-april&mickey&gabby sweetwater

nancy’s needle

good evening! thought i’d pop in…see how you are doing. we are powering through…staying busy. Reorganizing, amazon ordering, bingeing shows, stitching, dreaming up new DMC thread tins, packaging orders, and hoping for some warm spring thunderstorms.


we’ve also been busy getting new fun goodies online, whipping up new bundles (tonight i’m doing a low volume mini dot bundle), and new projects that are ready to be quilted but are getting bumped to finish up customer quilts.

today we have some pictures of our newest bundles…Nancy’s Needle 1850-1880 by Betsy Chutchian. lovely civil war era prints that are in her signature colors and perfect for blending into your stash or starting a civil war stash.

we have fat quarter bundles and fat 8th bundles.

Nancy’s Needle
nancy’s needle

we’ve added them to website…you can grab a fat quarter bundle…here. fat 8ths are available here.

also…have about 50 star-a-day stars done…here are a handful of them to get a feel for what it’s going to look like…

star-a-day layout

i think i’m gonna have to layout all the stars and squares this weekend, but right now i’d better get back to stitching and maybe take some allergy medicine…cuz my nose is running away without me.

happy stitching!

— april&mickey&gabby