Lucy Tuesdays week 83, 84, 85

good afternoon! i have several things to do today before i take off until Thursday. Then we are loading for the Fiber Fest in Bemidji on Friday. Still some crazy quilt block kits to fold and bag, a quilt to quilt, and hopefully kits for the Ring of Roses and Cottage Eggs…(along with a pattern for the Cottage Eggs).

Today, however, i’ve got some Lucy news. I ordered myself a bolt of the Bella Bleach PFD for the Summer Cottage Lucy blocks…it arrived yesterday and i set to work.

It was relaxing last night to baste and stitch the pretty white honeycombs and dusky pink squares. I HAD to stitch together 2 sashing pieces and a corner to get the look…and I love it! It looks even better than i had imagined it would.

In order to cut down on the starting and stopping i’m doing 6 honeycombs with 4 squares for the sashing and the cornerstone/cross will have 12 honeycombs around it.

Lucy Boston Summer Cottage block 1 with sashing and cornerstone

i’m putting the blocks together starting with block 1 and working across.

***keep in mind that some of the Summer Cottage blocks are sold out…and some are down to just a few kits or just 1 kit –hello block 1–***

here is a link to the Summer Cottage blocks…Summer Cottage Blocks

If you are interested in using the bleach PFD and the dusky pink (bunny hill pink) to finish off your Lucy Boston POTC just let me know how much you need and we can get you set up with it.

now i’d better get quilting.

happy stitching–i’ll be back next Tuesday with a follow-up on my Lucy progress! –april



happy saturday! Hopefully you have found a moment to stitch something or at least spend time doing a fabric pull for a new project or maybe even cutting out a hexie flower or 2.

our porcelain yardage arrived a few weeks ago and was a welcome addition to the shoppe with these chilly days it was nice having something soft and sweet and pastel in the shop.

this last week our precuts finally arrived and i’ve finally gotten them online.

porcelain precuts

we just couldn’t resist those cottage chic pastel palette…

our porcelain precuts and yardage are available online and in-store…if you live close enough we’d love to see you!

have a wonderful weekend!


Roses for Valentine’s Day

good afternoon! The weather has kicked up another wind chill warning in our neck of the woods and the snow is blowing, drifting, falling, piling up on the cars…so be careful if you are headed out.


As far as a dozen roses or chocolates for Valentine’s Day…i much prefer fabric.

When i started this project i had set a tentative goal of Valentine’s Day…well i finished the embroidery late last night…then quilted it today.

Ring of Roses and a pile of pillows… Cottage Hearts and Be Mine pillows are kitted and available online.

Valentine’s Day pillows

Ring of Roses needs a run through the washer and dryer…but i couldn’t resist a better pic of it.

Ring of Roses and Valentine’s Day pillows

Ring of Roses is made using a mixture of French General, Jo Morton, Jennifer Chiaverini, and Betsy Chutchian…we do have it kitted complete with pattern, acrylics, papers, and fabrics for front and binding.

Have a safe Valentine’s Day! —a&m

Razzberry Creek

mom and I had a snow day today! lots and lots of snow…blizzard weather…perfect for staying home, sipping coffee, stitching, or popping online to check out what’s new.

we finished up Razzberry Creek a day or so ago and last night we finished up the binding and ran it through the wash. most quilts don’t get any cuddle time before they are displayed at the shoppe, so this quilt is quite lucky!

Razzberry Creek is a revisited pattern from about 2009-2010. it has always been an absolute favorite…the original was made using Millicent by Anna Griffin and spends its summers on my bed.

When Amberley arrived (which if you remember was after the accident) so not a lot of stitching took place…but it was definitely a collection that would get a quilt. Well, after some discussion, we decided on Razzberry Creek. That way when we no long have the fabric, mom can put it on her bed.

Amberley is classic Brenda Riddle…quite similar to Ambleside. if you missed out on her premier Moda collection…this would definitely help ease the heartache of missing out on it.

Razzberry Creek featuring Amberley by Brenda Riddle
Razzberry Creek piled high with squishy pillows.
Razzberry Creek features 3 borders…the perfect finish for the scrappy blocks.

so while the snow swirls wildly…we’ll be dreaming of flip flops, fresh lilacs, and afternoons on the porch.


Razzberry Creek measures 90 x 102 inches and is kitted up and available now.


happy stitching! –april&mickey

Urban Cottage Blanket

Happy weekend! mom has finished up the Urban Cottage Blanket, and we’ve set the bed for the February…think lovely pillows, pink, black, and a little bit of Urban Cottage.

This lightweight blanket is perfect for the hygge style…just add a few candles, a cup of your favorite hot beverage…i prefer coffee or cocoa, and maybe some stitching or family time.

If you prefer a little more Romantic Prairie style…it works for that too…we added black and white ticking pillows to our bed to help mix the white pillows with the cream-y toned blanket so it will work with all your black, white, and cream linens, slipcovers, or cushions.

Cottage Style…now…we realize that cottage style tends to lean more towards white, cream, grey, and softer pastels. But every once in a while…we are surprised by how much we love a little infusion of black. These pretty woven prints, big roses, and lovely toweling were just what we were looking for…there is even a little grey in the collection. We added the Cottage Hearts pillow, the Be Mine pillow, and a red linen heart on batting pillow to make it more Valentine’s Day. (When Easter/springtime rolls around pull out the bunnies and soft pastels…)

valentine’ day window display
mitered corner

we used the toweling for the border…cuz we love those stripes…then instead of layering it with backing and batting we finished the edges on the back side so you can use it as is.

zigzaged edge
zigzaged mitered corner

we do have the urban cottage blanket kit available over on the website here.

urban cottage blanket
urban cottage blanket

have a wonderful weekend!–a&m

Column One of the 4 x 5 Anthology

good afternoon! The Polar Vortex gave us the day off yesterday but today seems to be a little bit better (it is a balmy -5°F here in Paynesville right now).

I had some warmed up beef stew for lunch and am sipping a coffee right now…cuz that walk from the Post Office is a little brisk!


Mom finished up Column One of the 4 x 5 inch Block Anthology earlier this week…i just needed some pictures of the column…

column one

I love that gray in there as a divider between the blocks and then the columns. it really helps each block stand on its own. we do have column one kitted up and available over on the website…linked here.

The Column One kit will be just the 14 blocks…

column one block kits

you do have the option to add on the gray and or the book if you don’t have it…

Anthology Book
anthology gray

we’ll be getting these column kits folded and ready to go…if you’d like to make your own Anthology quilt.

happy stitching!


Lucy Tuesdays (week 78, 79, 80, 81, 82)

these last 5 weeks have i’ve been debating on how to approach the actual piecing of the blocks, 4-patches, accent squares, and the background honeycombs. i don’t want them to be out of commission while i’m piecing them.

so i’ve decided to do the following…

i will stitch up the sashing pieces.

and finish up the cornerstones

then i think i’ll start piecing them together.

i’m also planning on piecing them together chronologically…so if there are any kits left when i’m done…they will be easy to find.

UPS just dropped off some brown paper packages so i’d better get back to work.

happy stitching…stay safe and warm.

——april & mickey

a little bit o’ crochet

good afternoon! hopefully you are enjoying this last little bit of above zero weather until it turns tundra-esque.

our chunky thread by Lori Holt arrived yesterday, so i set to work on getting the display up and everything marked. then last night after the last episode of the Ted Bundy Tapes i set to work on crocheting up a granny square.

i haven’t crocheted in i bet 5 years…so i pulled up lori holt’s video and i pulled up some other videos and once i got started it didn’t take long to do a couple rounds.

i’m planning on a granny square afghan eventually but for now i’m going to make a little pincushion and maybe a pillow or 2 down the road.

chunky thread

we’ve got the basic grey, white, and brown bigger skeins and then sampler packs 1, 2, and 3 and 4 is on order. we’ll be filling in with more colors as we get more projects done.

granny square

i love her 100% cute crochet hooks…they are definitely 100% cute and come in a pack of 3.

100% cute crochet hooks

i’ve listed all the Lori Holt goodies…here is link…crochet...if you’d like to get started.


  • garden variety quilt has been pieced…just need to get it quilted, bound and washed.
  • pictures have been taken of column 1 of the Block Anthology…i’ll have that post live next week along with a link to Column 1 block kits.
  • FQ bundles of Hickory Road are arriving next week…be on the lookout for Jo Morton’s newest collection…can’t wait to add it to my Mrs. Billings quilt.

have a wonderful weekend…stay warm and travel safely!

—————april & mickey

quilting in january

how’s it going in your neck of the woods this afternoon? it’s a tad chilly at 19F feels like 10F and the next week or so we are looking at subzero highs…time to pull out an old project, nab a new project, or cozy up with coffee and your tablet and do a little bit of online shopping.

if you are looking for a little something-something to take your mind of winter…Porcelain by 3 Sisters arrived today (we have ordered up 3 more bolts which will arrive sometime next week) and it has us dreaming of springtime.

Porcelain features soft shades of grey, mist, blossom, and porcelain and the flowers are romantic, gentle, and sure to fit seamlessly with their previous collections…Victoria and Poetry to name a few.

Cottage Hearts, Porcelain, & Amberley

we tucked it in with our walk-in display…i love how it mixes with other cottage style florals…can’t wait until we get some projects finished up.

we have porcelain yardage available online and in-store…precuts are still on order and expected later this month.


we do have a few things on the agenda

  • English Paper Piecing tutorial
  • chunky thread (YARN!!!) by Lori Holt of Bee in My Bonnet is expected tomorrow so a little crochet is on the horizon.
  • 4 x 5 Quilt Block Anthology…mom is done with the blocks for the first column (we’ll have each column available as a kit once i get that all figured out…)
  • project featuring Garden Variety…a wonderful quilt to use for the Easter festivities…

just a few things on my list…now back to Ring of Roses…i’ve decided to spend the last hour or so every work day working on her…i’ll do a post on Ring of Roses once i get a little bit more finished up.

Lucy Boston…i’ve neglected Lucy’s Summer Cottage…but my goal for 2019 is to get some of the unfinished projects finished…i have several both large and small that i would like to get finished…so here’s hoping! i’m hoping to do a Lucy Tuesday’s next week…January 29th. maybe i’ll have working on her a little bit.

happy stitching! –stay warm & cozy–

—-april & mickey

cottage hearts

thank god it’s friday! i know i am excited for the short day tomorrow then quiet evening stitching with some Netflix and coffee.

i thought i would pop in and show you the project i whipped up last weekend.

cottage hearts

Cottage Hearts measures just 18 x 18 inches and features 16 hearts.

*i wanted a truly cottage style with lots of my favorite fabrics.*

I have whipped up some kits which are available here.

Time to get back to Ring of Roses…

have a wonderful weekend! –a