Amelia’s Blues

good afternoon! hopefully you are planning a weekend that includes a little quilting.

we have a couple new things to show you today.

first up…Amelia’s Blues…we cherry-picked a handful of prints including lots of low volume…we needed some new Betsy’s Buttercream bundles and had just a couple buttercream and biscuit prints left from her previous collections. Amelia’s Blues includes ivory toned backgrounds that look just lovely with our current prints. i’ve got them online…you can find them here.

betsy’s buttercream/biscuit/ivory

we’ve also ordered up some Amelia’s Blues bundles…both fat quarter and fat 8th if you are looking to fill in your civil war collection. you can check out Amelia’s Blues…here.

amelia’s blues fq bundle

some new fabrics have arrived…Songbird Serenade from Poppie Cotton and Stephenson Country by Jill Shaulis. both are online now…we’ll be introducing them next week.

happy stitching!

have a great weekend…-a&m&g



we’ve got a new favorite for you today…

Meringue…features soft stars, skinny sashing, and our trademark white background. Classic, summery, delicious…

we think it suits the Promenade collection by 3 Sisters…all the prints (minus the tonal white) get a little time to shine…we even had a Sisters favorite in a sage green to toss into the mix and it blends right in…it was exactly what it needed!


the washed out stars give it a vintage feel as if it has spent sunny summer days hung on the clothesline…flapping in a hot breeze.

i love the size too…85 x 99 inches…a fantastic size…whether a spare bed, the hammock or outside under a tree.

Meringue kits are available here.


our Gabby-Goo turned the big 3 yesterday…we stopped and got Dairy Queen on the way home to celebrate…


we’ve got some Lori Holt Chunky Thread to sort through and probably lunch to order…

happy stitching!


sister bay & Gabby

good afternoon! thought i would drop with a little Sister Bay…3 Sisters’ newest collection.

Sister Bay is described as follows…

“Life is better on the bay…

The 3 Sisters love spending time by the water, for the beauty of it, and for the moments of serenity and grace it brings them. Inspired by the charm of Sister Bay, Wisconsin, this collection of favorite florals and paisleys is colored in shades of water, clouds, and driftwood. Journal entries record memories of days spent on the water, accompanied by drawings of cottages, sailing ships and wildlife. Wherever you are, share the tranquility of a life well-lived, a life spent by the water…on the bay.”

take a trip to the Bay with these gorgeous prints and the lovely palette of blue, teal, and cream. our precuts haven’t arrived yet…later this week or early next week…but i’ve decided to whip up some color bundles…we have Harbor (navy), Sky (teal), Cloud and Driftwood Tonals, and Cloud and Driftwood Toiles (i realize these aren’t exactly toiles but they remind me of toiles). plus…we got in the 8 coordinating linens…so you can whip up some pillows, bags, re-upholster your favorite chair or foot stool–or set on a shelf and look at it. (which i do a lot of.) Sister Bay bundles can be snagged here. Yardage can be found here.

sister bay bundles

now for a gabby update before i head home. many of you know, gabby tore her right ACL over the summer. it was a minor tear that with therapy and rest healed up just fine. then the sunday before Christmas, we were gone all day and when we got home she was running around outside (like a crazy lady) and when she came in she wouldn’t put any weight on it. mom took her to see dr. Wendy on the following tuesday after zero improvement on monday. it turns out she tore her ACL in her left leg. So…she has now had surgery (January 10th) and came home the next day. recovery will be between 4-6 months depending…lots of walking, relaxing, ice packs, heat compresses, i’m sure you know the drill… she still tries to jump in and out of the car and at 89lbs you can’t just scoop her up. she will be coming to work but only on days that mom and i are both here…(Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday). we hope you have a chance to stop and by and say hi!

gabby goo
gabby goo

happy stitching!


salem and jack

good afternoon!

we hope you had a wonderful weekend…it rained here…FINALLY, it was the perfect father’s day present for dad. it was also gabby’s birthday…she turned 2! as you can tell…she had a long day…playing in the rain, going for a car ride, then more playing.

gabby-goo turned 2!

now…on to fabric goodness… Kitty Corn as arrived and it is one of the cutest collections! the colors are lovely…definitely more our palette…black, soft almost lavender, peachy-coral, soft yellow, and soft teal. A retro yet updated Halloween vibe…complete with an adorable Kitty (which we’ve named after our barn kitty, Salem). Mom is cutting up the Moda boxed kit right this minute and then will set to work on the 9-patches…i am so excited to see this project come together.

kitty corn

Kitty Corn was designed by Urban Chiks who is the designer behind, Swell and Sweet and Deer Christmas…i am so glad she has branched out into Halloween…it was a welcomed change! I love seeing her updated retro vibe for the holidays!

you can grab some Kitty Corn here. we have the full collection in yardage along with ALL the precuts.

arriving later this week…The Deco Dance collection of Liberty Quilting Cottons (soft and sweet pastels…i can hardly wait) and the remainder of our Sweet Beginnings collection.

Quilt Minnesota 2021 has also arrived in store and we are sorting our projects and getting ready to dive in. be sure to pop in and get your order cut and paid for so during the hop you can just grab and go!

well…i’d best get back to the cutting table.

happy stitching!


gardenlife & grace

happy tuesday! today we have some good, good news!

Gardenlife by Tilda…the long awaited spring/summer 2021 collection is on its way! scheduled arrival is later this week with its worldwide release on Saturday! i will be getting the online listings set up and activate them on Friday with shipping starting on Monday.

if you cannot wait to get your fingers on this collection…and you live nearby…be sure to pop in on Saturday. it will be waiting…we also have buttons, bundles, and some of the basics…with more on order.

and now i’d like to introduce to you

Grace…featuring the Emporium collection, Tudor rolie polie and Bella Solid light pink. this quilt is scrumptious and elegant and playful and perfect. The pops of black remind of saddle shoes and poodle skirts yet the grey and pink really give it a modern feel.

Large courthouse steps blocks accented with a soft cotton candy pink…at about 86 inches square this project is perfect for beginners and advanced alike. (this picture does not do it justice…the quilt is so soft and gentle…something that i cannot convey in a photograph…plus the colors are right but not quite right.)

if you like pink…this is a quilt for you…mom and i have already decided that this one is going in our personal collection when we’ve sold out of the kits…


grace kits are available now and include the Emporium/Tudor Rolie Polie, Bella Baby Pink, and the Grace pattern. you can grab a kit here.

that makes 2 days in a row…new quilts…new blog posts…we’ll see if i can keep it up until i’m caught up on introducing new projects…

happy stitching!



tilda’s woodland

tilda’s newest collection Woodland has finally arrived and it is looking just perfect with our previous Tilda collections.

it features her classic palette of red, lilac, teal, blue, with hints of plum, mauve, olive, and grey. Mix it into that Tilda hexie project you’ve been working on or use it by itself. the colors are perfect for something small and sweet or that bedsize project you’ve been eyeing.

i’ve mixed it into my pastel smitten…so it works well with a mixture of designers as well (my smitten features Liberty, French General, 3 Sisters, Lella Boutique, Pretty By Hand and Brenda Riddle among others).

we have the full collection available in yardage as well as bundles and precuts.

tilda woodland and coordinates
tilda lovelies

our full stock of tilda can be found online and instore. to check it out now…click here.

i’d best get back to cutting bundles…

happy stitching!


also…gabby has been helping …sort of.

gabby and the new Line Dried

*Line Dried features Daybreak by 3 Sisters and will hopefully be available in the next week or so.

sweetwater expansion

good afternoon! hopefully you are staying safe, healthy, and occupied. we have been getting ready for Quilt Minnesota, cutting up bundles and kits, working on new projects, and trying to enjoy a little bit of summer before autumn hits.

i’m sure you’ve heard, but if you haven’t…we’ve expanded. the bookstore is permanently closed and we were offered the room next to us. so we cleaned it out, painted it and took out the wall. we even made ourselves a “porch”. inspired by the long ago porch from our old location…you can see the gingerbread and the half posts…(interestingly enough…we used those at each end of the porch rail)

so here are the progress shots…starting with the bookstore space cleaned out and continuing from there.

if when you walk in the door you go to the right…

if at the door you go to the left

lastly…our porch decorated for the 4th of july. we still have a few trim boards to put up and to do a serious organization behind the picket fence where we work to get everything in order.

once we get our Quilt Minnesota kits cut…we’ll doing another rearrange…i’m thinking Quilt Minnesota will take up residence in the window and Rue 1800 will be moved to the porch. it just seems so appropriate to fill the porch with soft, romantic florals.

looks like i only have a little bit of time left to get done the 30 things i planned to do today (now 29 since i’m hitting publish on this post in a hot minute!)

i’ll be back with new qm projects, a fun super quick Rue 1800 project, and hopefully kits and patterns for my Stormy hexies.

until next week…have a wonderful afternoon!

stay safe…wear your face covering…and treat other how you wish to be treated…

a little gabby-goo throwback to when we were mid-expansion…apparently she wanted a little quiet (and dark) time.

happy stitching!



good morning! we hope you are having a wonderful monday. we had a wonderful weekend…gabby turned 1 on saturday.

gabby-goo is 1

she didn’t even mind the unicorn birthday hat!

lots of fun christmas fabrics are arriving in the shoppe…today i have the Yuletide collection. these prints speak to the old-fashioned christmas…large sprawling holly with berries, small poinsettias, plaids, and a gorgeous low volume font print featuring Fa La La and who can pass up a rosy red toile.

yuletide…10 fat quarters

you can grab your yuletide bundle here…and yardage here.

we also have Trés Jolie that literally arrived like 10 minutes ago (the full collection), Deer Christmas will be arriving later this week (full collection)…Deer Christmas moda kits will be arriving later this month. Also arriving later this week some more Minick and Simpson…to fill out our Minick and Simpson…planning on a couple more Rockets’ Red Glare kits…

lots going on as we get ready for the quilt minnnesota which starts on July 31st…mom is cutting our project number 1 today!

have a safe and happy monday…hopefully i’ll be back later this week with some more goodies!


ps…this weekend would have been our final show for june…we would have been in Omaha for the weekend…however, we will be busy working on fun new projects to bring with us in 2021…we will see you Omaha ladies in June 2021.

stay home quilt

we hope you are having a wonderful weekend!  mom and i are busy tidying and painting and raking and cozying up with our newest (completed) project.

mom’s been eyeing up this quilt she saw in the Romantic Prairie Style book for quite awhile and trying to find just the right fabric to bring it to life.  After looking over the Happy Campers fabric again…she decided that was the fabric…she cut her fabric and set to work that evening.

Then, yesterday, we put it on and quilted and bound it before we left the shop for the weekend.  it came straight home and went through a wash and dry.  And…honestly…i can’t get enough.  i love the large chain-link quilting, the coziness, the squishiness…gabby likes it too!

(It has been cloudy…so these pictures are not the best i’ve ever taken but they do show how cozy this quilt is!)

and of course gabby thought it was fantastic!


we have kits for the Stay Home Quilt…here …we have some new projects that will hopefully be available soon…Annie’s Cushion kits (pattern designed by Treehouse Textiles) is next on the list along with Memento kits and pattern featuring Memoirs and Passport collections by 3 sisters.

all for today…now a little evening relaxing along with star-a-day.

happy weekend!  please stay home…stay safe…we’ll keep the projects, kits, bundles, inspiration, and gabby pictures coming and keep shipping out your orders…cuz honestly…if you are going to stay home you deserve a little happy mail…every. single. day.


a gabby nose




make your house a home

good afternoon! we hope you are having a wonderful weekend. our Medford Quilt Show has been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic so mom and i will be hanging around the shop for the foreseeable future (hopefully when we start airing out the house and do all that spring cleaning stuff we can get back to business as usual). Until then though…i will be working the shoppe (sometimes with mom…depending upon how dad does with therapy and how the healing has been.)

we are still doing machine quilting so if you have some projects that need that final finishing…we can do that for you…so you can get the binding on those lovelies!

it seems like no time like the present to start something new…maybe pick up a basic or Brazilian embroidery project, try your hand at EPP, whip up a sashiko piece or collect all your fancy fabrics, threads, lace, and pretty threads and nab yourself a crazy quilt book.

Nothing makes a house a home like a little bit of handmade goodness…be it a piece of furniture, a crocheted afghan, a cozy quilt, a flannel pillowcase, or framed artwork (paint on canvas, thread on fabric, mixed media).

if we truly are looking at an extended period of time being a little more of a homebody…doing a little less socializing…then it seems like the perfect time to do a little bit of “homemaking”. baking some bread, whipping up a batch of cookies, putting on some soup, then relaxing with pandora streaming a nature station (i love the sound of rain with far off thunder) and cozying in with a beverage and a good book, handwork, or even instagram or your favorite blog.

if you are into Brazilian embroidery or want to be…we have a whole section devoted to Brazilian Embroidery over on our website. All kits include full instructions, preprinted fabric, threads, and needles. EdMar have the best instructions…mom and i are both self-taught Brazilian embroiderers using their instructions. They are very easy to follow and if you have some knowledge of embroidery that would help immensely…otherwise, there is youtube…

these projects which have lovingly been made with your hands over the course of some time can be framed, put in a hoop, made into a pillow, centered in a medallion quilt, or stitched into a bag.

we just received our EdMar order…so several new and gorgeous Brazilian Embroidery projects have been added to the website. my favorite of the new projects we received is Fuchsias and Butterfly…i love that flowing fuchsia and the floating butterfly.

fuchsias and butterfly

be sure to pop over and take a look at all the Brazilian embroidery projects…here.

another favorite that i’ve added to the list is the 9-flower sampler. look at those threads…um gorgeous!

9-flower sampler



gabby-goo says hi!

gabby-goo graduated from puppy classes on wednesday.

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