Lucy Tuesdays week 83, 84, 85

good afternoon! i have several things to do today before i take off until Thursday. Then we are loading for the Fiber Fest in Bemidji on Friday. Still some crazy quilt block kits to fold and bag, a quilt to quilt, and hopefully kits for the Ring of Roses and Cottage Eggs…(along with a pattern for the Cottage Eggs).

Today, however, i’ve got some Lucy news. I ordered myself a bolt of the Bella Bleach PFD for the Summer Cottage Lucy blocks…it arrived yesterday and i set to work.

It was relaxing last night to baste and stitch the pretty white honeycombs and dusky pink squares. I HAD to stitch together 2 sashing pieces and a corner to get the look…and I love it! It looks even better than i had imagined it would.

In order to cut down on the starting and stopping i’m doing 6 honeycombs with 4 squares for the sashing and the cornerstone/cross will have 12 honeycombs around it.

Lucy Boston Summer Cottage block 1 with sashing and cornerstone

i’m putting the blocks together starting with block 1 and working across.

***keep in mind that some of the Summer Cottage blocks are sold out…and some are down to just a few kits or just 1 kit –hello block 1–***

here is a link to the Summer Cottage blocks…Summer Cottage Blocks

If you are interested in using the bleach PFD and the dusky pink (bunny hill pink) to finish off your Lucy Boston POTC just let me know how much you need and we can get you set up with it.

now i’d better get quilting.

happy stitching–i’ll be back next Tuesday with a follow-up on my Lucy progress! –april


Lucy Tuesdays (week 78, 79, 80, 81, 82)

these last 5 weeks have i’ve been debating on how to approach the actual piecing of the blocks, 4-patches, accent squares, and the background honeycombs. i don’t want them to be out of commission while i’m piecing them.

so i’ve decided to do the following…

i will stitch up the sashing pieces.

and finish up the cornerstones

then i think i’ll start piecing them together.

i’m also planning on piecing them together chronologically…so if there are any kits left when i’m done…they will be easy to find.

UPS just dropped off some brown paper packages so i’d better get back to work.

happy stitching…stay safe and warm.

——april & mickey

Lucy Tuesdays week 75, 76, 77

good evening! where has the time gone? it has been almost 3 weeks since a Lucy update…well…

i’ve done a few more pink squares around the 4-patches, but that has been it.

so i have a few more of these than i had before…

Holiday Hours:

Christmas Eve & Christmas Day (December 24th & 25th) we will be closed.

New Year’s Eve & New Year’s Day (December 31st & January 1st) we will be closed.

Normal hours Wednesday-Saturday December 26th-29th and starting January 2nd.

happy stitching!

——april & mickey

Lucy Tuesday week 74

good afternoon!  we hope you are having a wonderful December.  we popped into town to get our Christmas tree on Sunday night…then we pulled out the lights and the beads and the ornaments and set to work.

this year we opted for 3 trees…1 real, 1 small artificial, and the feather tree from the shoppe i brought home.  the real tree is packed full of soft and sweet ornaments, vintage beads, candle lights…very pastel and pretty.  the other 2 trees are Christmas Past trees…the small artificial tree has some of our childhood ornaments…my Styrofoam star, my puzzle wreath, tina’s repunzel-angel, and felt bells with our kindergarten/first grade pics.  the feather tree we opted for bubble lights in memory of Grandma Zimmer and bulbs from when Mom and Dad were first married and some soft pink bulbs i found at Hollyhock Cottage several Christmases ago.  Needless to say, the house is very Christmas-y…just need to get shopping so we can get some presents wrapped and under the tree.


speaking of shopping…i thought i would pop in and update you on Lucy blocks.  i’m still trying to get my Christmas pillow all done and working on my Mrs. Billings triangles.

i did a check of the Lucy Block kits and some are either sold out or there are just a couple left.  keep in mind…that these are a limited run type thing, and right now i am not planning on making any more blocks.  i may decide to substitute fabrics in the kit…if i decide to do that i’ll make sure to let you know in the listing.

these are some that right now are limited to 1 or 2.

Summer Cottage Block 1


Summer Cottage block #7   EDIT:  i’ve found some green strawberries so there will be 8 more kits available.

Summer Cottage #52

Civil War block #2

Civil War #31


Right now these are the kits that i can only find 1 or 2 of and do not have enough to make any more.

i’ve linked them above in case you’d like to add them to your Patchwork of the Crosses.


Happy stitching…


Lucy Tuesday week 73

good afternoon!

i’ve been neglecting my EPP to whip up the Cozy Quilter’s Christmas Pillow by Crabapple Hill…and it is nearly done!  patterns and floss have been ordered and (fingers-crossed) will be here by the end of the week.

here is a sneaky peak of the project…i’ve gotten the embroidery all done…just waiting on the piecing part…maybe tonight!

also…we have only 1 Simply Vintage Christmas/winter issue left if you’d like a little bit of Christmas inspiration.

links are below

Cozy Quilter’s Christmas pillow (i only have patterns available right now…kits should be available end of the week).

Simply Vintage Christmas issue

Happy stitching…


Lucy Tuesday week 70, 71, & 72…a little christmas cross stitch

good evening!

hopefully all is well in your neck of the woods.  thought i would pop in and give an update…

i’ve only had a chance to get a few pink squares basted…and maybe one 9-patch surrounded.  i’ve worked on a couple hexie triangles for the Mrs. Billings border.

i have been debating if i should start working on the Ring of Roses at the shoppe, but then i’m torn because we are FINALLY getting some 30 count linen so i could start on this cross stitch project i want to kit…(it just so happens to be a Christmas cross stitch project by Blackbird Designs–of course!)

Christmas Garden is from the Home for the Holidays book by Blackbird Designs.

if you are interested in a kit…let me know and i’ll get you an eta and price…(still waiting on some of the threads…because i have to order from what seems like a dozen companies to get all the supplies…it’s truly only 3-4 but it is still frustrating.)


hopefully i can get back to nightly English paper piecing so i have more to show for the week…

Happy stitching…


Lucy Tuesdays week 65 & 66

good afternoon!  i’ve finished up my Primrose Garden

primrose garden finished

the background it a Bella unbleached muslin (this is a bella solid but it has flecks in it so it looks like a muslin).

the quilt has a total of 504 little primroses and features some new prints i picked at the Madison Quilt Expo and some of my favorite prints from my stash…

so now that this project is done…i’ve decided to work on a few other smaller projects…i have some hexie flowers to make for a new Hexie Stones featuring Guest Room, a new Candy and Hexies that will feature Petitie Maisons de Noel and Brazilian Embroidery for a couple demos i’m doing in Bismark, and i’m going to tidy up my civil war stash to get it ready for…

Mrs. Billings Coverlet…yes…i will be tackling this project this winter…the goal is to be done by the Minnesota Quilters quilt show in June…fingers crossed!

i will track my progress here…i’m thinking on Mondays…after the weekend…or maybe Fridays…we’ll see.

if you are thinking you’d like to give it a try…pop over to our shop and check out the pattern and paper pack…(yes…it is expensive…however…you will not have to reuse any papers…which is always a plus…then you can baste the entire round and figure placement then stitch).

mrs billings papers templates pattern blog


As for the Lucy Boston update…i haven’t worked on her…however, now i can start basting some honeycombs and squares since i now have a box full of empty papers waiting for some fabric…

happy autumn!  –april & mickey


Lucy Tuesdays week 64…progress report

good afternoon!  September is flying by…projects are piling up and we have 1 MORE SHOW.

we were just in Faribault (if you haven’t seen the video i took from our hotel room…it doesn’t show any damage but the wind is sure howling and rain is coming down)…the show went off without a hitch so it was nice to have a something calming after the crazy night.


this weekend we’ll be down in Chaska, so we’ve barely unpacked then we’ll be packing up again!


Progress report on Lucy Boston POTC…i’ve put the 8 squares around a 4-patch.  i know it doesn’t seem like much…but i’ve been working like crazy to get new stuff online, quilt tops quilted (speaking of quilt tops…i nabbed a vintage flower garden top in Faribault that i have to quilt up), Primrose Garden is in the home stretch…just 2 more rows of 9-patch primroses to do then i am DONE! and i only have 1 9-patch primrose to piece…

anyways…a 4-patch has been finished with the 8–1 inch bunny hill pink squares…and i LOVE it!  i can hardly wait to get back to working on this…the colors are so summery.

summer cottage 4-patch



autumn has arrived…we’ve been getting in some autumn toned fabrics…bundles of Heritage 10th Anniversary, Spice It Up, and Maple Street 101 are all available over in the precuts section of the shop…along with not so autumn-y Guest Room and Portsmouth!  i have precuts online with yardage being listed next week and more yardage on the way!


happy autumn!  –april & mickey

Lucy Tuesdays week 63…glitter

no change in the lucy boston patchwork of the crosses progress department… so i’m just going to move on and hopefully at some point i’ll have progressed and at least whipped up that last block.


I’ve added another project to my “Must Make” list.

Glitter by Jen Kingwell…(i saw a version out of pinks and it was luscious!)


if you’d like to add it to your list…i have it available online!

happy stitching lovelies!


Lucy Tuesdays week 62…when the cold wind blows

no change in the lucy boston patchwork of the crosses progress department… so i’m just going to move on and hopefully at some point i’ll have progressed and at least whipped up that last block.


we got back from madison late saturday night and unloaded…then put everything back on monday–still a few odds and ends to put in place.

some lovely new fabric arrived…French General’s newest collection La Vie En Rouge and some bella solids. New paper piece packs for Glitter by Jen Kingwell is now in stock and i am on the hunt for some Hexagon a Day and Star a Day patterns and acrylics…right now though i really have to get to work on a quilt that i just put on.

i did get a chance to place an order for some books and couldn’t believe that they still had When the Cold Wind Blows by Blackbird Designs…i love Blackbird and the quilts in this books are amazing and have me thinking of autumn, cozy quilts, snuggly sweaters, and cool windy evenings! (i’ve added that darling basket quilt (picture 4) to my list!)


(photos pulled from C&T publishing)

i haven’t listed them yet, but if you’d like one as soon as they arrive…drop me an email and i’ll set up a listing…

happy stitching!