mid november goodies

good afternoon!

we’ve been pottering around the shop this week…ordering in some yarn…doing a little cross stitch…a mini floor move.

our cross stitch order arrived bringing in some new Blackbird, La-D-Da, and With Thy Needle and Thread patterns…mostly Christmas with a few Halloween mixed in.

christmas cross stitch
christmas strawberries…never knew i needed a bowl of them until this darling book arrived…

–i also didn’t know i wanted 3 stockings for each month either…but i do now…seriously debating the idea of just doing them ALL and putting them on a tree together and having it up ALL YEAR LONG…hmmm…

La-D-Da has a definite look…and i love it…a lot! that little Emmanuel pocket…perfect for little trinkets, small pine boughs, your favorite bulbs, sprigs of holly or mistletoe…or make a set and hang on the mantle.

la-d-da christmas
la-d-da halloween…

doesn’t matter the time of year…i love the crows and the pumpkins. these cross stitch beauties look like they came over with the pilgrims which makes them all the better…maybe a Salem witch was stitching one.

you can nab your next holiday cross stitch pattern…here.

Yarn has arrived! we started off with a little sock yarn and a queensland collection that was used in a Market Bag. i’m putting Tina to work knitting…since knitting is not my jam. We also dropped off some mini skeins of Bee in My Bonnet with Mel in case she decides she wants to do a little crocheting on these chilly winter evenings…(i love crocheting…however, there is only one of me and i really want to finish up a couple of the vintage flower gardens…i’m itching for a quilty finish…hopefully before thanksgiving…still debating which stitchery project i’m going to tackle.)

sweetwater yarns

i LOVE LOVE LOVE the splotchy goodness of those sock yarns ( i love splotchy and speckled so be prepared for lots more of that in the future)…the 2 top middle skeins are perfect for some fall socks! hopefully tina can kick out a pair before thanksgiving cuz i’m thinking my tootsies would love to snuggle in the for the day in a pair of them!

knitting needles and crochet hooks will be arriving on monday…i’ll pop back with piccys of them…check out our current stock of yarns, crochet, and knitting goodness here.

our next order of yarn is supposed to arrive early december…perfect for hostess gifts, gift giving, stocking stuffers, or just-cuz!

happy stitching!


a little embroidery, a little yarn

good afternoon! mom and i have been winding down after the Hometown Holiday Road Trip. We had a marvelous time and loved catching up with hoppers as they came and enjoyed the lights, snacked on christmas cutouts and picked up projects to keep them busy this autumn/winter.

we have finally ordered in some yarn! our first order should be arriving within the next week or so. some yummy sock yarn to start along with needles and crochet hooks to get you started. i don’t knit but i love crochet so it only made sense to have both…Tina is over the moon that we’ve finally dove in to yarn and is eagerly awaiting the arrival of the first order so she can start whipping up the first project on the agenda…A Market Bag…i’ll get more deets on it once it arrives. As far as the needles…they are wooden and amazing! unfortunately we didn’t take a single picture of anything so i have nothing to show you in the yarn department.

a far as embroidery…there is always something new…our embroidery sampler kits have arrived…scrummy printed linen and Cosmo embroidery threads along with a stitch guide. 4 different embroidery sampler kits…each with its own palette of threads.

broderie francaise
fleurs des jardins
un petit bouquet

lastly my favorite…it features all of my favorite things…Sampler (check), threads (check), pretty tones of dusky pinks, blush, bruised peach, and greige (check)…and i’m thinking one of these kits may or may not accidentally (on purpose) come home with me.

jolie petite fille

grab you chafarcani embroidery kit…here. each kit includes the preprinted linen, 6 Cosmo embroidery flosses, stabilizer, color and stitch guide…linen measures 15 x 12 inches.

happy stitching! time for me to start wrapping up the day…



is anyone else shocked at the number of blog posts recently? well, i’ve decided to make blogging a priority…we get so stuck in the quick world of technology and pictures that i tend to spend my time on instagram. But lately i’ve noticed i’ve been shying away from it…looking more at blogs and magazines (i know, crazy right!). i love this time of year, when the daylight starts creeping in earlier, leaves change to brilliant hues, and when the rain is no longer warm but chills you to the bone. Out come the cozy quilts, slippers, my October coffee cup, and the holiday season.

today i thought i would give you a quick look at a several of my halloween favorites that we still have available…however, we can no longer kit them up so what we have is all we have.


Schoolhouse Pumpkin…a small project features classic Fig Tree apricot and butterscotch and paired with a classic black. We embroidered a white pumpkin to give it a chalkboard look. This little wall hanging is one of our favorites! I love how that embroidery really pops on the black.

October Bats & Cats…this little wool project is classic Halloween without being too scary. How can you not love a sweet little kitty?

Spooky Spools…a little peach and orange mixed with a little grey and black. This mini measures just 6 x 6 and is a quick make for a hostess gift, use as mug rug, table topper, tack to your bulletin board, or clothespin to a basket.

Halloween in the Country…features the Eerily Elegant panel by Deb Strain along with a mixture of grunge and prints. Classic and neutral, this throw measures 50 x 58 and gives you all the the Halloween vibes. Shakespeare and Poe inspired the collection…you can see their words on the panel itself and the grey accent rectangles. A wonderful throw…perfect for cozying up with a good story (A Telltale Heart is a good one) or arrange on your porch with some heirloom pumpkins and a witch hat.

trick or treat pillow

mom and i love pillows…nothing can change a room like a good pillow. This Trick or Treat pillow is perfect to do just that. it is classic, neutral, and just the right amount of halloween, plus you get to do a little bit of embroidery…score!

we have all these available over on our website…i’ve linked them below…these are all project you can get done in time for Halloween…promise!

Schoolhouse Pumpkin

October Bats & Cats

Halloween in the Country

Trick or Treat

ok…i’d better get back to curating some bundles before i head out for the day!

happy stitching!


PS…we have several new projects in the works…hopefully we’ll have them wrapped up before we head to Sioux Falls next week…lots to do and not lots of time to do it!


good afternoon! just finished getting our new embroidery books online…if you are looking for something new for spring…these might be the ticket…

stitched so sweet

check out Stitched So Sweet and the other new books here.

have a wonderful weekend!

—april&mickey sweetwater


our order of ribbons and a couple ribbon embroidery kits arrived today…just in time cuz i just finished up row 4 of Lucy’s Summer Cottage…(you can see it in my instagram stories).

i might try my hand at a little ribbon embroidery this weekend…tina has done it so if i run into any issues i can ask her.

gibb & hiney ribbons

we started with just ribbon sets of the 3.5 mm…and will expand from there. these are a couple of my favorite sets.

cloudy sky…of course!
peony…of course…cuz i can’t get enough of those dusky pinks and creams….

these are the ribbon kits we picked to start.

herb bouquet focuses on ribbon embroidery lazy daisies

i think i’m going to try my hand at the Fuchsias…it looks intense but i scanned the directions and she does a good job explaining with color pictures and the kit includes the needles, floss, ribbons, fusible-knit, and complete instructions…just need to find time to do a little stitching.

if you’d like to try your hand at it…here is the section link…ribbon.embroidery…so you can get started.

happy easter lovelies!


a few things new

good afternoon! it looks like the rain has left for a few days…it was nice being home yesterday with the rain falling, windows open, and a little bit of stitching. i’m trying hard to get row 4 done by next tuesday so i’ll have some progress to report…

i’ve finally gotten the Treehouse Textiles patterns packed up with acrylics and papers…mom is currently making the Dilly Bag so once she is done we’ll have it kitted.

I ordered up the June Dyson Coverlet and the Frankie Quilt patterns and have both ready to go.

June Dyson was featured in the most recent issue of Simply Vintage. We have the pattern, acrylics, and paper pack available here.

June Dyson coverlet by Treehouse Textiles

Frankie Quilt…this is the quirky little sister to the Sweet Sunday project. I love the pretty summer star pattern, the low volume prints, and the lovely vintage style fabrics. We have it packed up with the Frankie pattern, acrylics, and papers...here.

Frankie quilt by Treehouse Textiles

we’ve gotten in the newest chunky thread pack from Bee in My Bonnet along with the skeins of each color…check out our crochet section of the shop.

Chunky Thread sampler pack #4

looks like mom is waiting for me so we can get going…have a wonderful evening!

-april&mickey sweetwater


Chantilly is Fig Tree’s spring collection and it is every bit as sweet, fresh, and romantic as it sounds. Lovely prints, and the most lusciously soft colors. we chose 12 of the low-volume prints and have bundled them into packs of 12 fat quarters…plus mom is working on a new quilt featuring these summery fabrics. we have the low volume Chantilly bundles available now.

low volume Chantilly bundle

New DMC perle cotton no 8 has arrived and i’ve been whipping up tin collections of 8 colors…when the lovely Chantilly arrived i knew i needed to put together a tin of Chantilly-Inspired threads.

Chantilly-Inspired DMC perle cotton no 8

now back to sunday stitching…have a wonderful weekend! -what’s left of it-

happy stitching! –a&m

a little french flair…via Le Poulet

good morning…hopefully you are enjoying the sunshine and maybe even spending some time stitching on the porch, deck, or in a sunny spot in the sunroom. i’ve whipped up 2 rows of lucy then thought maybe i would take a mini break for a few days…work on some of my other favorite things…embroidery, cross stitch, crochet, Sashiko, and ribbon embroidery. yes…we’ve decided to add a little bit of ribbon to the needlework section of the shoppe. we have some ribbon sets…i’ve reordered some ribbon sets along with some ribbon embroidery kits and am waiting on those.

Mrs. Billings has been put on stand-by until i get lucy finished…i’m so excited to see my Lucy’s Summer Cottage all done…that i don’t want to work on anything else. i have had lots of fun working on a few other projects though…a couple small finishes in between a large undertaking like Patchwork of the Crosses…is always nice!

yesterday mom stitched my Le Poulet pincushion into a pincushion for me…i love it…the little chicken, the checkerboard, the pretty red chosen for the letters…they all combine to complete a truly delightful little pinny and i hope it receives the kind of love the original pincushion did.

le poulet..from .Ooh La La
le poulet
Ooh La La features 15 projects with a French Flair…by Blackbird Designs

Le Poulet kits are available now…online and in-store…a wonderful addition to your cross stitch library.

Le Poulet kit…including Ooh La La book, threads, linen, backing

Don’t forget to embroidery your initials/name…date/year…etc. I had originally stitched my initials and year on the front, but didn’t want to take anything away from the design so they ended up VERY small and hardly readable. I may embroidery my info on the back of my projects from now on….i like the look of it and it’s like a happy little surprise when you are looking at it…plus i’ve fallen in love with Diamond Textiles fabrics…they are so pretty…plus i am a sucker for anything woven, plaid, check, stripe, twill…the little diamonds…they are just the best! (so i made sure this print is in the kits for the back cuz it is just perfect!)

initials on the back of the pincushion

it fits nicely in with our other projects…

cross stitch smalls…

projects from top left Hallowe’en Greeting (on table), My Pink Rose, My Heart is Home, Le Poulet, and In Full Glory.

cross stitch smalls.

Morning Star project on left…has been MIA since last June…not sure what happened but quite sad that it has disappeared. we do have kits and i will probably break down and stitch up another at some point.

today’s agenda after lunch is to ship out some orders, impatiently wait for Chantilly fabrics and more DMC perle cotton no. 8 to arrive…then onto cutting bundles, taking pictures of the new cross stitch patterns, silk ribbons sets, perle cotton no 8 tins, and maybe i’ll even get a chance to list a few goodies online this afternoon.

lastly…we’ve come across a kit of our Hot Cocoa Cottage Chic edition…we thought these lovely had all found homes…but there is just one left…we have it available online with the option to add on the Dusky Petals tin of DMC perle cotton no 8…yummy for spring!

hot coca cottage chic edition
hot cocoa cottage chic edition

happy stitching! —i’ll be back with my Sashiko embroidery in a day or so…it was so much fun and quick and easy—


merry christmas

we hope you are having a wonderful Christmas season full of festive fun, laughter, games, good food, delightful company, and quiet moments to soak it all in.

a few of my favorites from this holiday season…

Swell Christmas which has been retired from the shoppe and is enjoying the season at home.
cross stitch and needle punch


Cozy Quilter’s Christmas Tree pillow

Grandma’s Dresden pillow using Swell Christmas

Swell Christmas kit (sold out)

Old St. Nick punch needle

Home for the Holidays cross stitch

Jolly Old Soul cross stitch

merry christmas from our family to yours…

we are so thankful for your support this year…it truly has been one wild year…thank you for being along for the ride.

—april, mickey, dale, tina, melany, tyler, and the fur babies…kandii, brutus, max, lola, bella…and the little baby that’s on the way…Mel and Ty are planning on finding out what she’s having on the 27th…

Cozy Christmas Stitching

good afternoon!  Hopefully you have started Christmas shopping…i’m still in process of actually getting started.

I do have a new Christmas project kitted and ready to go…just in time for your stocking, under your tree, or work on it as you sit next to the tree soaking up all the pine and good Christmas feels.

Cozy Quilter’s Christmas Tree pillow by Crabapple Hill Studio hit my “Must Make” list in October/November…it arrived and i knew i had to make it.  I tend to do more embroidery and cross stitch around the Christmas…

Well, this year i picked this delightfully sweet pillow to whip up, and we have finally finished up the sawtooth and star borders and put on a backing.

I’m all heart eyes for this lovely bit of Christmas cheer.  As a rule i prefer Christmas but not “Christmas-y” colors…i love a good blue and white quilt or pink and mint…something not so traditional.  So when i picked these prints i surprised even myself.

Cozy Quilter’s Christmas pillow…embroidered by April…pieced by Mickey for Sweetwater Cotton Shoppe

Look at those Holly Taylor colors…cranberry red and sage-y green…love it!  The background is the little tan braid print on white from Good Tidings by Brenda Riddle.  I even did a little bit of crayon tinting then stitched it using hand-dyed cotton threads from Gentle Art and Classic Colorworks.  A perfect blend of classic yet up-to-date.

We have this lovely kitted (just 3 ready-to-ship)…kits include pattern, all the fabrics for the front, tuck, and back (stitchery backing and batting not included), hand-dyed cotton threads, along with Foxglove Cottage embroidery needles, Pigma Pen, and Needle Bird needle threader…so when this package of quilty embroidery bliss arrives you are set to stitch.  Click here to nab a kit…

cozy Quilter’s christmas tree kit…includes:  pattern, fabrics for front, tuck, and backing, threads, and embroidery notions.

Have a wonderful weekend…hopefully you can find a moment to get some stitching in!

—–april & mickey