tilda’s woodland

tilda’s newest collection Woodland has finally arrived and it is looking just perfect with our previous Tilda collections.

it features her classic palette of red, lilac, teal, blue, with hints of plum, mauve, olive, and grey. Mix it into that Tilda hexie project you’ve been working on or use it by itself. the colors are perfect for something small and sweet or that bedsize project you’ve been eyeing.

i’ve mixed it into my pastel smitten…so it works well with a mixture of designers as well (my smitten features Liberty, French General, 3 Sisters, Lella Boutique, Pretty By Hand and Brenda Riddle among others).

we have the full collection available in yardage as well as bundles and precuts.

tilda woodland and coordinates
tilda lovelies

our full stock of tilda can be found online and instore. to check it out now…click here.

i’d best get back to cutting bundles…

happy stitching!


also…gabby has been helping …sort of.

gabby and the new Line Dried

*Line Dried features Daybreak by 3 Sisters and will hopefully be available in the next week or so.

autumn roads

as we head into the tail end of November, we watch as autumn turns to winter.

this Tilda quilt…features both Maple Farm and Tiny Farm and is our favorite Tilda quilt to date. soft tones of umber, mauve, dijon, primrose, blueberry, and teal make this a wonderful project to celebrate autumn.

autumn roads

we have kits available…you can grab a kit here.

have a wonderful evening! happy stitching!

vintage tilda

good afternoon!

we are busily trying to get things ready for our collections that will be arriving in the next couple weeks. today though we had a surprise order of a handful of tilda.

Vintage Tilda…Sunkissed…a throwback to before we were under the Tilda spell. This strip roll is packed full of punchy, citrus goodness.

It will contain doubles/triples/quadruples, but is absolutely yummy!

sunkissed…vintage tilda

a wonderful way to stave off those winter blues!

grab a sunkissed roll here.

daybreak precuts will be arriving on friday…Dover and Yesterday are shipping next week…

happy wednesday!

sweetwater is 16!

June 4th (yesterday)…Sweetwater turned 16!

we have some exciting news…we’ve expanded! we are still mid-expansion…trying to get displays set, new goodies marked, fun new bundles cut, and the place back in working order.

once we get it all sorted and set…i’ll do a blog post full of pictures of our progress…its amazing how quickly it came together.

here are a couple of pictures of our favorite displays so far…


we’ve added another bed…which i am loving! how cozy is that!?

brenda riddle bed


our hours for the moment are m-f 10-2…we’ll keep you updated as to when they change.

quilt minnesota has also arrived and we are planning and plotting our projects and getting our qm display area finished up so it will be ready for the fabric, our exclusive blenders, and our projects.

we have some Halloween fabrics and Christmas fabrics arriving…Nancy’s Needle has also arrived…we’ll be whipping up some bundles…hopefully for this weekend…we’ll see!

i’d better get back to work…have a wonderful weekend!

happy stitching! -a&m sweetwater

bon voyage

good evening!  no…we are not going on a cruise…

we did, however, get in the newest Tilda collection, Bon Voyage.  Inspired  by ceramic and bits of pottery from distant shores…it includes the prettiest tile prints along with flowers and amazing perfect-for-fussy-cutting prints.

we have the entire collection along with precuts…ready to ship!

mom is already plotting a sweet brick style quilt for this collection…

take a little trip without leaving home…add in a little bit of Bon Voyage.

you can grab it all…here.

happy stitching!  stay home…stay safe…keep quilting!


stay home quilt

we hope you are having a wonderful weekend!  mom and i are busy tidying and painting and raking and cozying up with our newest (completed) project.

mom’s been eyeing up this quilt she saw in the Romantic Prairie Style book for quite awhile and trying to find just the right fabric to bring it to life.  After looking over the Happy Campers fabric again…she decided that was the fabric…she cut her fabric and set to work that evening.

Then, yesterday, we put it on and quilted and bound it before we left the shop for the weekend.  it came straight home and went through a wash and dry.  And…honestly…i can’t get enough.  i love the large chain-link quilting, the coziness, the squishiness…gabby likes it too!

(It has been cloudy…so these pictures are not the best i’ve ever taken but they do show how cozy this quilt is!)

and of course gabby thought it was fantastic!


we have kits for the Stay Home Quilt…here …we have some new projects that will hopefully be available soon…Annie’s Cushion kits (pattern designed by Treehouse Textiles) is next on the list along with Memento kits and pattern featuring Memoirs and Passport collections by 3 sisters.

all for today…now a little evening relaxing along with star-a-day.

happy weekend!  please stay home…stay safe…we’ll keep the projects, kits, bundles, inspiration, and gabby pictures coming and keep shipping out your orders…cuz honestly…if you are going to stay home you deserve a little happy mail…every. single. day.


a gabby nose




tilda’s happy campers

our happy campers yardage has arrived and it is every bit as summer-infused as we imagined it to be.

soft honey hued prints cozy in next to pink and rose, blue, eggnog, green and teal…luscious florals, gingdots, paisleys, and mosaic type prints remind me of summers spent in flower gardens, dreaming of a vintage camper decked with sweet little curtains while snacking on pink lemonade and orange creamsicle cake with vanilla ice cream.

unfortunately it is quite chilly outside for any porch sitting and flower gardening…however, i’m thinking an afternoon with some Happy Campers is sure to brighten my winter blues.

i’ve been kicking around some EPP/embroidery pillow ideas…right now though i’m focusing on the Pastel Primrose Garden i’ve been crazily working on…just 45 more flower to put on…hopefully i can be finished by the end of the week…then be sure to look for the pattern.

speaking of embroidery…with all the thread stories, collections, packs, tins, boxes, and such…i cannot find a pack of Tilda’s inspired threads. Tilda had a collection of thread basics 10 years ago…but nothing recent, so i pulled out a couple tins and set to work on putting together DMC perle cotton tins for both Old Rose and Happy Campers.

Tilda’s Old Rose-Inspired DMC thread tin
Tilda’s Happy Campers-Inspired DMC thread tin

Old Rose-Inspired Tin…Here. Happy Campers-Inspired tin…Here.

as for Happy Campers…it has been tucked in with Old Rose and Angel Scraps…i’m thinking a move-around sometime in the near future…so it is a little more front and center.

tilda Old Rose, Angel Scraps, and Happy Campers

grab some happy campers here.

i’m wrapping it up for the day…gabby is impatiently waiting for me to get going!

happy stitching!


happy campers

good morning! Precuts for Happy Campers, Tilda’s newest collection, have arrived and with it hopefully some warmer weather!

color fat quarter bundles, rolls, charms, and fat 8ths and BUTTONS to jazz up your bags, Tilda dolls, pin cushions, pillows, embroidery projects…

i pulled a couple product pictures from Tilda’s World and truly wish i had a photographer on staff…along with the wall behind the bundle…that wallpaper looks absolutely gorgeous! if you have never been to Tilda’s World…you must go…now…here.

happy campers fat 8th bundle (photo courtesy of Tilda’s World)
happy campers fat quarter color bundles (photo courtesy of Tilda’s World)

we’ve put Happy Campers with our Old Rose and Angel Scraps…they compliment each other without being too matchy-matchy!


grab your precuts here…grab some Old Rose and Angel Scraps here. browse all Tilda here.

now…time for some bundle cutting, machine quilting, and maybe lunch.

happy wednesday! hopefully you can get in a few stitches this evening!


ps…dad goes in for rotator cuff surgery on Friday…so for the next several weeks…i’ll be here solo…

the last year

today at a few minutes before 5:30 it will be the one year anniversary of the accident that caused the amputation of dad’s right leg…above the knee. many of you have asked while in the shop or in our booth, commented, or direct messaged us asking for an update as he gets back to work.

first off…we wish to thank you…every single one of you for your support over that last year. it has been tremendous and no words could ever sum up our appreciation.

it has been a year that has seen definite ups and downs.

i promise i will keep this as clear cut as possible.

November 2, 2018 … a little before 5:30pm the accident …you can read about the accident here. Also on November 2nd, Melany decided to quit her job at about 5pm and the Capital Quiltfest in Bismark, ND which was our final show of 2018, started about 5.

(Melany had told everyone about 2 weeks before the accident that her and ty were going to have a baby)

Needless to say…Mom drove back that Friday…i stayed behind and worked the show…(honestly the longest evening of my entire life…) then lots and lots of phone calls and feeling helpless, but knowing that dad would want me to stay out in Bismark…cause you gotta make hay when the sun shines.

–it got around the quilt show that weekend and everyone was so wonderful and helpful

November 2nd-14th…Melany and Tyler (her boyfriend) went to the hospital every day while Mom did paperwork, insurance, etc. Tina worked and went to the hospital when she could. everyday after work…i would go home, mom would be there watering calves and feeding dogs. then we’d go back to the hospital until abut 10.

November 14th…dad came home from the rehab facility

We had Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year’s.

We played a lot of 500.

Dad got his leg the last week of December.


We played more 500.

Jan-May 1st Dad bagged papers, retro-fit the tractor with steps, worked the skid loader, moved/fed/watered the calves, ground feed, and did his PT.

May 2nd Dad went back to work

May 6th…Kandii, our 14 year old chocolate lab (Brutus and Max’s mom) passed away at home.

June 16th…Braxton Xavier was born. First grandchild and first great-grandchild on dad’s side which has 10 granddaughters and now 1 great-grandson)

June…Mom and Dad took a road trip out to Yellowstone, Grand Teton, and Badlands National Parks. They were in an accident…which left them stranded overnight. They rented a car and drove back.

June…after they got back Dad was fitted for a new socket and started back driving semi.

Mid-July…mom and i take a week and drive out to drop off the rental car and pick up her car. i had never been to yellowstone, grand tetons, or the badlands…breathtaking…the badlands were magnificent. as always though…i really like coming home.

August 8th…mom had been thinking about getting a puppy and dad had come across a listing online for yellow lab puppies by farming. mom wanted a little girl. so she stops out there after work on the 8th. while talking to the dog parents, the husband thought mom looked familiar and asked what her name was…she told him. he proceeds to tell mom that he was one of the paramedics that was out last fall that helped disconnect the PTO. gabby came home with mom this evening.

October 6th…Dad climbs over a fence…i’ll post this to instagram. (Dad has also climbed a ladder which they said he would not be able to do…he had to check the feeder)

november 2, 2019…if you are reading this about 5:30 we are heading to st. cloud. this time, we won’t be going to the hospital but to dinner. 3 generations…Dad, Mom, Tina, Melany, Tyler, Braxton, and I will be celebrating…making November 2nd a happy day. unlike last year…i’m sure this november 2nd will slip by so much faster.




and cuz if you are a quilter…i’m sure you’d like a quilty picture…am i right?

Sweet Christmas…frosty welcomes you. (frosty kits are available on the website)

we getting ready for our Hometown Holiday Road Trip that will be starting this Thursday…November 7-9. we’ll be getting out the trees…Christmas is coming to Sweetwater…and this year we are bringing it!!! New projects, fabrics, food shelf donation for a fat quarter, a complementary project sheet with kits available.

we’ll update you on Christmas progress next week.

happy stitching!