sophie and dover

happy weekend! it is nearing the end of our saturday and i’ve been busily getting things put online for you.

our sophie yardage has arrived…it is so pretty…perfectly spring fresh and i cannot wait to see what mom comes up with. we have been perusing our pattern collection for something just right.

our sophie precuts have not arrived yet…so we are patiently waiting on those but until they become available…we’ve put together some fat quarter color bundles…incase you are lacking a specific brenda riddle color.

we’ve put together sophie colors…linen, rosey red, blossom, sprout, and cobblestone and dover colors grey, mist and sea glass, willow, and linen.

sophie blossom
sophie linen
dover grey

each bundle has 5 fat quarters with the exception of the Sophie Linen bundle with 6 fat quarters.

all are available now…in store or online.

you can check out sophie, dover, and all of our Brenda Riddle collections including bundles, precuts, yardage, kits, and patterns…here.

just a few more things to finish up before we are done for the weekend…like find a place for the new French General collection Jardin de Fleurs which arrived yesterday…all 30+ bolts…so be prepared for a little rearranging. i’ll be working on getting those online this weekend/Mondayish.

happy stitching…


delightful dozen

i’ve fallen for this collection!

Delightful Dozen…12 low volume civil war shirting repos…designed by Sheryl Johnson. Lovely little prints on a soft white background. Perfect prints for adding to your shirting collection, mixing with 30’s repos for a very vintage vibe or pair with a bleached muslin for a neutral, low volume quilt.

delightful dozen

grab a bit of delightful dozen here.

now…back to work getting sophie online…

happy stithing!


bliss and cozy cottage

happy easter!

we are headed out the door in a couple minutes…but i thought i would pop in and give you a peak at a couple Brenda Riddle quilt projects that i have *finally* gotten online.

Bliss…features Bramble Cottage…mom designed this using a mixture of florals about 10 years ago and when we saw Bramble Cottage we knew it would make a wonderful Bliss. Who doesn’t love wandering florals, dots, and big plaids?


look at that sweet little piping…scrummy!

and Cozy Cottage…

i love the subtle palette of this collection. Dover reminds me of the ocean, the salty breeze, the grey skies, and soft sand.

cozy cottage

cozy cottage features the loveliest log cabin blocks and the prettiest crocheted edge.

cozy cottage edge

well…that wraps it up for today…also…Sophie, Brenda Riddle’s next collection, should arrive on Monday! Can’t wait to add to this collection of projects.

if you’d like either a kit of Bliss or Cozy Cottage…you can find all our kits…here.

happy easter…hopefully you will find a minute or 2 for some summer stitching!


spring brook porch

good morning! the day is just getting started around here. Music is playing, wind chiming giving the feel of summer on the porch, and some cozy seating and cozier quilts.

today…Spring Brook.

we’ve gotten our Flapjacks project completed and kitted and up an it is scrumptious…it will be added to our personal collection when we no longer have kits/fabrics left. However, we are not to that point yet. we still have all the yardage we ordered and bundles and kits.

spring brook porch

look at those yummy colors…flapjacks is available here.


don’t forget…the new Simply Vintage has dropped and it doesn’t disappoint! lots of fun spring/summer projects to keep you busy!

simply vintage spring 2021

you can nab the new simply vintage here.

Our fabric orders have started to arrive…Roselyn arrived earlier this week, Sanctuary last week, and i just heard the Sophie is shipping and is set to arrive early next week.

I will be working to get everything online…along with some kits that i haven’t gotten too yet…

can’t wait!

happy stitching!



we love tiny hexies, tiny embroidery, tiny bits of fabric.

we’ve just gotten in the tiny treasures and the 101 itty bitty celebrations books and, WOW!

the tiny embroidery that fits on a 1 inch hexie…pretty sure i’m gonna have to stitch one of those…since 1 inch hexies are my FAVORITE! i can see it in a pastel palette, with the pretties DMC threads and maybe scrappy Brenda Riddle…maybe some Liberty…hmm…

tiny treasures

i don’t work much with wool…but i think these itty bitties are super sweet! You can literally put them anywhere!

101 itty bitty celebrations

check out all of our embroidery goodness here.

have a wonderful weekend…enjoy the (lovely) rainy day…hopefully you can get in some stitching this afternoon!


liberty emporium

good morning! thought i’d spend a few minutes of this drippy day showing off our new liberty bundles.

emporium has arrived and it is lovely! this range contains three different collections…#1 Tudor, #2 Merchant Brights, #3 Discovery. (kind of in love with Tudor…but then grey and pink is my jam)


merchant brights


those brights though…perfect for a punchy spring project…and can’t get enough of the blue and golden mustard…scrumptious (i’ve added a bundle of each to my accumulation.)

also…i’m trying out new words to describe my fabric collection…not sure if “accumulation” works…i’ll have to ponder that while i ponder what to make with the new liberty quilting cottons.

grab a bundle or rolie polie here…yardage will be available sometime in April.

i’d best get back to work.

happy stitching!


PS…Mel and Ty are having another baby! Due October 14th, 2021…Mr. Braxton will be an older brother!

low volume loveliness

i love low volume…anything light and airy with a little print…i just have to have it.

which is probably why i couldn’t let “Whispers” by studio M pass us by.


look at that lovely palette…of white, natural, muslin, feather, and zen grey. absolutely delightful!

i pulled all our Jo’s Shirtings and whipped up a handful of these as well. not much of this collection left but i knew it would make the most luscious bundle…kind of like cherry chip scones.

jo’s shirtings

you can grab a scrummy bundle…here.

i’ve gotten our new liberty emporium bundles and rolie polies online…but more on those later.

happy stitching!


roselyn and yoder’s dry goods

roselyn precuts have arrived! and man, she is worth the wait! lovely shades of red, beige, white, and pink. a perfect companion to Miss Scarlet and Farmhouse Reds. this Minick and Simpson collection is the perfect mix of red and white and pink.

roselyn layer cake

you can grab roselyn here.

also…i’ve put together some corey yoder sugarcreek and apricot and ash bundles…so we have a handful of Yoder’s Dry Goods bundles available. i just love the low volumes with the pops of yellow and blue. perfect for spring/summer stitching!

yoder’s dry goods bundle

grab a Yoder’s Dry Goods bundle here.

well, i’d better start wrapping things up for the day…have a wonderful evening!


lella’s garden

good afternoon! after a sloppy monday…the roads looked to have cleared up and hopefully the weather will warm up a little.

i know it is a little early to get out in the garden…i’m sure there still are at least a couple good snowstorms left in us.

since we can’t get out to the garden yet…i’d like share a couple new bundles today.

Lella’s Garden…a delightful combination of Garden Variety and Lollipop Garden. I just love the palette of Lella Boutique…soft and muted yet punchy…it is so fun to play with these prints. The colors in the bundle are mainly orchid, pinkberry, and raspeberry with pops of cloud, sunshine, grass, navy, and sky blue. A perfect palette for anyone longing for the garden.

lella’s garden

we’ve cut some new Bramble Cottage bundles…these have only 20 prints…but are just as scrumptious.

bramble cottage

i have a few more bundles on the agenda…a combo bundle of sugarcreek and apricot and ash both by Corey Yoder and new bundles of Rue 1800.

you can check out all our bundles here.

also…i’ve been told that Sanctuary yardage, Roselyn precuts, and some Liberty quilting precuts are their way and will hopefully be in store by the end of the week!

happy stitching!



our sanctuary precuts have arrived…finally! we are definitely in the mood for some pastel florals!

Sanctuary mini charms
sanctuary charm pack
Sanctuary layer cake
Sanctuary honey bun
Sanctuary jelly roll
Sanctuary fat 8ths
Sanctuary fat quarter tower

newest precut…the new Honey Comb…240–fabric hexagons that fit a 1 inch hexagon paper

Sanctuary honey comb


new floral bundles…Flower Journal #1 and Flower Journal #2 …each bundle is a collection of fabrics from multiple collections. All the fabrics are from Brenda Riddle and there are no doubles between the bundles if you are looking for a larger grouping.

flower journal #1 fabrics are from Amberley, Ambleside, Good Tidings, Bespoke Blooms

flower journal #1

Flower Journal #2 includes prints from Guernsey, Windemere, Fleurs, and Caroline.

flower journal #2

lots of summery-pastel bundles that are just perfect for your Easter/spring/summer projects.

you can grab a precut here.

hopefully, the rain will hang around this evening…can’t wait to sit by a cracked window and sip some coffee and do a little epp.

have a wonderful evening!