Amelia’s Blues

good afternoon! hopefully you are planning a weekend that includes a little quilting.

we have a couple new things to show you today.

first up…Amelia’s Blues…we cherry-picked a handful of prints including lots of low volume…we needed some new Betsy’s Buttercream bundles and had just a couple buttercream and biscuit prints left from her previous collections. Amelia’s Blues includes ivory toned backgrounds that look just lovely with our current prints. i’ve got them online…you can find them here.

betsy’s buttercream/biscuit/ivory

we’ve also ordered up some Amelia’s Blues bundles…both fat quarter and fat 8th if you are looking to fill in your civil war collection. you can check out Amelia’s Blues…here.

amelia’s blues fq bundle

some new fabrics have arrived…Songbird Serenade from Poppie Cotton and Stephenson Country by Jill Shaulis. both are online now…we’ll be introducing them next week.

happy stitching!

have a great weekend…-a&m&g


countryside valentine

good morning!

thought i would pop in quick and introduce one of our newest projects…

we absolutely love a good scrappy quilt…i truly believe the more prints you have the better. it adds to interest and the excitement. we pulled 36 different pink, red, and low volume prints to make up our Countryside Valentine projects. Then paired it with a sweet pink on cream sashing and red on white scattered cornerstone print. the finale is perfect. Sweet, classic, scrappy, cozy and perfect for Valentine’s Day especially but truly any time of year.


Countryside Valentine measuring just 72 x 72 inches it will work perfectly in living room on the couch, or use on your table and pair with a bouquet of day-old roses and a bowl of chocolate kisses.

you can snag a Countryside Valentine kit…here.

speaking of Valentine’s Day…i’m kitting up more Cottage Hearts…kits are no longer identical…but they still feature lovely low volumes and sweet pinks and reds.

cottage hearts kits are available…here.

happy stitching!



good afternoon! if you’ve been patiently waiting for Tanya Whelan’s newest collection, Posie…then you are in luck!

it arrived last week, and is just the collection to usher in the wintery days of January. It is colorful and sweet…reminiscent of squishy pillows, breezy curtains and sunwashed porches. Grab a glass of pink lemonade and your favorite summer salad and daydream of stitching up a Posie project.

This collection consists of 18 bolts…colors include pink, blue, green, white, and touch of red. A perfect palette for quilts, pillows, curtains, bags, and pincushions…pull your favorite prints and mix with Brenda Riddle, 3 Sisters, low volume shirtings, or Bella Bleach.

we bumped our Posie project to the front of the line…so it is all done and absolutely delightful!


Bungalow Garden…sweet 6-patches…that are the perfect size for the medium-ish, sunwashed prints found in the Posie collection. A perfect size at 72 x 72 inches…it would be the perfect picnic quilt, take it to the beach, the parade, or out onto the porch. Pair it with some vintage embroidered pillows or whip up a coordinating bolster. Ideas are endless…

we have Bungalow Garden kits available now…you can find them here. if you are wanting to add bundles or yardage to your collection…those can be found here.


pop back tomorrow…we’ll be introducing our newest Valentine’s Day quilt…or follow us via email so you won’t miss a thing…sign-up at right.

happy stitching!


high volume snow…low volume lovelies

good evening! i thought i would drop in for minute. i had a half day today…the shoppe closed at 12:30…due to the crazy amounts of snow. it does make for a pretty drive into to work…then a lovely yet snowy drive home.

the soft white blanket of snow reminds me of my favorite kind of bundles…the low volume ones.

i have plans for a couple new low volume bundles (we’d have to be at the shoppe long enough to cut them)…so for today i thought i would revisit a few of my favorites that can we still have in stock.

Be Mine shirtings…i think there is only 1 of these bundles left…with Valentine’s Day around the corner…these would be perfect backgrounds for a heart quilt…or a red and cream whipping cream. Be Mine Shirtings can be found here.

Laundry Basket backgrounds are a favorite…her soft and soothing palette is perfect for January…after de-Christmas-ing your space what better retreat than the calmness of Cloud Nine. the bundles can be found here.

civil war shirtings…perfect backgrounds for a Star-a-Day featuring scrappy backgrounds or add into your civil war collection. grab a bundle here.

if you prefer a more floral style…3 Sisters never disappoints…this collection of low volume florals is gorgeous…Ivory & Dawn…you can grab a bundle here.

Sister Bay Driftwood & Cloud…lovely creams with navy and teal…you can grab a bundle here.

ok…now back to hoarders…

happy stitching!


marshmallow world

this christmas season has definitely been one to remember…we had several (like 4-5) December snow days…can you believe it? then to top things off…Mel and Ty and the kids couldn’t come because the roads were closed down by Dawson. we all felt under the weather over the weekend so i guess it all worked out, so Christmas weekend was kind of a flop this year, so we are now planning on our big dinner on New Year’s Day…i cannot wait!

i never had a chance to drop in some pictures of the shoppe all decked for Christmas.

so i thought today was a good day…still technically the Christmas holiday since so many places are observing Christmas today.

i did a reel over on instagram of the shop at night…the lights make it seem magical.

i do love how it looks during to day as well…pretty trees dotted here and there…

this is the view from our door…

i always love our window display. this year we opted for Whipping Cream…a personal favorite. nothing beats low volume Christmas prints paired with solid white.

midway through the season we changed up the porch…Twinkle Lights is such a wonderful project that we thought it needed to be center stage for at least a little bit of the season. It features Holly Jolly is one of our favorite quilts from this year. we still have kits of Twinkle Lights left if you are looking to add it to next years décor. Kits can be found here.

Dwell yardage is in store and online now…so you can check that out here.

we’ll also be working our way through a shop rearrange in the coming weeks…it is time to pack away the Christmas and move into January.

happy stitching!


Twinkle Lights

good afternoon! we’ve got a little snow which makes the Christmas lights so much prettier! Speaking of Christmas lights i haven’t introduced one of our favorite new Christmas projects.

Twinkle Lights…inspired by a vintage quilt we spied in a cottage coffee table book. This little 6-patch block works wonders for the sweet little prints of featured in the Holly Jolly collection by Urban Chiks. The retro prints of Holly Jolly are perfect with the white alternating squares making this little quilt a favorite for the Christmas season. Measuring 54 x 54 inches it is perfect for the back of the couch, the chair by the fireplace or on the floor for a Christmas picnic.

we have Twinkle Lights kits available here. or if you are looking to add a little Holly Jolly to your Christmas stash (it blends right in with the Swell, Sweet, and Deer Christmas Collections)…you can see all the Holly Jolly here.

we are planning another version of this project with possibly some Tilda after the New Year…we’ll see…

happy stitching!




good afternoon! it is definitely a brisk one out there today…i’m thinking some evening cozy stitching is in order this evening. hopefully you will be doing the same thing!

as our love of Grey continues to grow and our Beachy in Grey quilt kit continues to be a top seller…we are always on the lookout to fluff the grey section.

our latest arrival has done just that…


Steelworks by Timeworn Toolbox

“Continuing on her popular building theme, Dolores Smith (Timeworn Toolbox Designs) says of her new collection, “STEELWORKS is a group I’ve wanted to do for a while now. And what better time than when my husband and I are on a new adventure, building a new farmhouse! The charcoals, warm taupey greys and off-whites remind me of a front porch swing or bench, with pillows and a quilt made from these colors, enjoying the sunset on a spring or summer evening.” The oversized flower in the group adds a casual elegance to any farmhouse setting.”

i can never resist whipping up some fat quarter bundles…a perfect little package of 20 fat quarters in shades of charcoal, linen, taupe, grey, chalk, black, ivory, and cream.

this is the oversized flower print…a charcoal background and a cream background…both are gorgous!

we have yardage available as well as some fat quarter bundles…you can find Steelworks here.

also…arriving in the next week or so is Dwell yardage…Dwell precuts are already in stock…they are online now…you can find them here. we’ll be cutting fat quarter and fat 8th bundles once the bolts arrive.

we have a few of the Dwell boxed Moda kits…this collection is so cheery for this winter months…i’m hoping mom cracks this open in January and starts stitching! the Dwell kit features the Hometown project and measures 70 x 80 inches. you can find the Dwell kit here.

now…back to my pile of 22 cross stitch linens that need to make there way onto the website this morning, however, i’m thinking lunch first.

happy stitching!



red & white

as this christmas month sets in…i fall more in love with red & white than any other time of year. i love the crisp white snow as it rests on garland and berries, red velvet bows on fresh green wreaths covered with frost in the morning air and a good red and white bundle if i’m inclined to do a little stitching next to the tree.

today i thought i would share Red & White Gatherings. A classic collection of red and white prints from Primitive Gatherings that are sure to blend and mix with your current gatherings or even another red and cream bundle (Cranberries & Cream, anyone?)

we have a handful of bolts and bundles…

it’a hard to do a Christmas post without dropping in some Cranberries & Cream…i heart that cocoa color…

checkout Red and White Gatherings here…and the ever popular Cranberries & Cream here.

now we are out the door into the breezy night.

have a great thursday!


tilda’s Hometown & My Neighborhood

it has finally arrived! Tilda’s Hometown & My Neighborhood is in store…


Home is where the heart is, and perhaps never more so now, for many of us. Being a city girl, I once took the leap and moved to the country, the kind of small community where everyone knows each other and the bus driver stops right outside your door. Picket fences, apple gardens and friendly gatherings are all a part of country life, and we feel lucky to have found our place on earth. Hometown is a cozy collection where the love of home and community has been my main inspiration. Drawings of neighborhoods, houses, gardens and gatherings in Autumn colors are perfect for your homey quilts and projects. The collection has a mix of patterns brought together by a sprinkled look that will make them seem to interlace in a patchwork. The rusty red ones–perhaps combined with green–will also work well for your Christmas projects.”

Loving this big pile of precuts!

Grab some Hometown and My Neighborhood…here.

along with Hometown/My Neighborhood, we still have Chic Escape, Cotton Beach, Windy Days along with the basics…Tilda Solids, Tea Towel Basics, Tilda Chambray, Meadow, Sophie, Chambray & Medium Dots, and Tilda Classics. Lots to mix and match…or grab a pattern from Tildasworld and pop in and build yourself a kit.

We also have Tilda books, doll hair and fabrics, ribbon, and buttons…

we haven’t come up with a project to showcase Hometown and My Neighborhood yet…but we are brainstorming…

looks like to end of the day here…now for a quick stop at the grocery store then home…prepping for Thanksgiving is on the agenda for tonight.

Have a great Thanksgiving! We will be closed tomorrow, November 24th…but regular hours resume on Friday and Saturday.

happy stitching…gobble gobble!



snow for days

it is finally winter…the snow has arrived which really puts us in the Christmas spirit here at the shoppe. the shoppe is always set for Christmas right after Halloween (we always have a spot set for Thanksgiving with pumpkins and sometimes a turkey platter because we love Thanksgiving too!) so we can be prepared for our Hometown Holiday Road Trip which is always the 2nd weekend of November. Definitely gets us going on the bulk of the decorating…

this year we pushed to have a Christmas project made out of every new collection…and we did…along with a few projects that we carry over from year to year.

today i thought i would share Kandii Plaza featuring Poinsettia Plaza by 3 Sisters. This project is a revisit of a pattern we did long ago (Peppermint Candy was a circa 2015 pattern). we thought it was time for an upgrade…and what better collection then the newest Christmas collection by 3 Sisters.

i love how cranberries and cream coordinates with poinsettia plaza…

we have just a few kits left of Kandii Plaza…you can grab a kit here.


we have a new collection to introduce to you as well…

Redwood Cupboard by Pam Buda…a collection of classic cream, brown, and red. Pretty civil war tones that feel perfect for this time of year. Keep just the collection palette or add in some pine greens for a Christmas project. you can shop the collection here…or grab a fat quarter bundle…here.

redwood cupboard

Cranberries & Cream…this was the 3 Sisters Christmas collection from last year. We still have some in stock and the colors are so wonderful. we whipped up some bundles of the color palettes (cranberry, shirting, cocoa & sugar, cream) and a handful of 27 fat quarter bundles…shop the collection here. color palette and 27FQ bundles are exclusive and limited.

cranberries and cream

now…in none-Christmas fabric news…

The Shores by Brenda Riddle…yardage has arrived…precuts shipped today…look for that online by the end of the week. (this collection is just lovely…think vintage sheets in shades of sunshine, bluebell, cobblestone, and linen white…so fresh and soft!)

Westmoreland…a new civil war collection will be arriving end of the week. we cherry-picked just 8 bolts to blend in with our current stock. We will be doing some fat quarter bundles if you would like to add them to your collection.

we are nearing the end of the day here and i still have 20+ bolts to put back on the shelves…

happy stitching!


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