“12-pack” quilt minnesota bag

the grommets are in and i finally present you with our Quilt Minnesota Bag (3 x 17 x 18)–it is stull unnamed, but that’s okay.  it is made with a 12-pack, terry cloth towel, and the skyline stripe.  this is the pattern we will be giving away during the shop hop.  we will have a limited number of kits using the blue towels–these for now will not include the 12-pack of charms (if you get to every shop in the southwest section you will have a 12-pack when you are finished).  if you would like me to save you a kit, let me know and i will get the cost figured out–also let me know if you want the 12-pack included.  email me at sweetwatercottonshoppe@yahoo.com.  i even have a picture!

quilt mn bag

happy quilting–april 🙂

sorry–i forgot the quilt mn tote on the table.  i’ll get a pic up tomorrow!

we will be closed on saturday, july 4th.  we’ll be spending the day with family and friends–cooking out, roasting marshmellows and running after kandii and the boys.



the 4th of july is around the corner.  grandma (moms’ mom) had shoulder surgery on monday, so mom has become caretaker for a couple weeks.  grandma may go home on the 4th–we’ll see.  so the samples that she has been trying so hard to get done have been placed on hold.  though she is going to have dad put the grommets on the quilt mn bag this afternoon–i’ll put up a pic on monday.  it is very “minnesota”.

the shop hop starts in 5 weeks, be sure to get your quilt minnesota fabric ordered and paid for, so you know you have it.  when its gone–its gone.

happy quilting, april

sweet figs

sweet figs is now up and running.  I have not picked the day to meet, but it will most likely be a saturday.  Cost is $10.00.  This includes the 4 exclusive patterns but not the kits to make them those are a seperate cost.  If you do not live in the vicinity; I will be happy to mail the patterns and the kits to you.  I have seen the first quilt–it is Fig Tree Sweet.  At the moment I do not know when we will be receiving the first pattern.

We still have some spots available—though these spots are limited and I cannot “buy” any more.  This is their first run at any kind of club, so the kinks are still being ironed out.  If you have any questions feel free to email me at sweetwatercottonshoppe@yahoo.com.  To get a look at the first pattern click on the Fig Tree Quilts link at right and then on Fig Tree Club

happy quilting, april

moda bake shop

we absolutely love moda precuts.  they are like quilters cotton candy–the names are even better…jelly rolls, honeybuns, sweet box, turnovers, layer cakes.  if you have these precut delights and just can’t think of anything to do; check out www.modabakeshop.com for downloadable patterns and complete tutorials for beginners.

happy quilting–april

fig tree

i was busy busy on Saturday.  i quilted the new fig tree quilt mom designed.  we used a cream background and a Patisserie layer cake.  it is gorgeous.  it is an old fashioned twister pattern.  it is still unnamed, but i do have pics and the pattern will be done asap.  i went outside my very non-traditional machine quilting box and stitched only in the border and the background with a cream thread.  mom even pieced in a strip of dark rose ribbon along the border.  the ribbon is satin finish and doesn’t shrink in the wash so it rippled so it has a gathered look to it. 


and this on is a picture of the ribbon.twist close up

 i also did a christmas display by the door.

frosted memories bake shop

mom still has to add grommets to the quilt mn bag she put together.  when that’s done; i’ll post a pic of that too.

happy quilting, april 🙂 


June is half over and July 4th is right around the corner.  We’ve put together a display celebrating our country’s birthday.  The tablerunners and the Liberty table topper are still available in kits.



Along with another favorite made out of Anna Griffin’s Millicent line, Market Sack.  This is a better pic of it.  It uses         2 1/2 x 22 inch strips.  So much fun for summer.

market sack

happy quilting–apriL

terry cloth

I know it has been several days (perhaps a week or so) since the last post.  We have been busy though–not just sitting around and enjoying the wonderful weather that summer has finally brought us.  Mom has just finished up 3 quilts; 2 of which I have already quilted (1 of those has been bound also).  The last one is big–full/queen so that one will be finished up next week.

Mom was trying to come up with something fun and exciting for the summer months.  She came up with TERRY CLOTH, and not just towels and baby bibs.  She incorporated it into a quilt like chenille or flannel.  It is absolutly snuggly and perfect for the summertime.  She whipped up 2 samples:  1 uses sage chenille and Frosted Memories (Holly Taylor’s Christmas line) the other uses cream chenille with Patisserie Fig Tree’s new line.  We have kits available, but are limited.  They each take 2 charm packs, border, yardage and terry cloth.  Eskimo Kisses comes in Mint 56 x 64 for$64.00 and Vanilla 64 x 64 and $74.00.   Kits include binding and pattern.

 eskimo kisses

Here’s a picture Anna Griffin’s line Millicent; Razzberry Creek is on the bed, Mint Condition in purple, Paris at Night in black.

anna griffin millicent

A close up of Razzberry Creek.

razzberry creek1

A new fun baby quilt made from Little Man and Me, Too; note that the center panel of blocks is a pre-printed panel.  Makes this project fun and easy.

baby hoo

Lastly, one of our window display of Fig Tree.

fig tree

Stop by soon to see what’s new!! 

happy quilting–april

Fig Tree

The new Fig Tree quilt is not quite finished–when it is we’ll be switching around the store, putting Fig Tree in the window and moving Anna Griffin over to the other bed. It will look like summer; we can’t wait! Also, Fig Tree will be piloting their new club in a couple weeks, we are thinking of joining it. Cost per person will be about $10.00 this includes free and i believe exclusive patterns. We’ll have more information if/when we sign-up. Let me know if you are interested. It should be fun.
happy quilting, april

Quilt MN 2009

Quilters–I’ve included a picture of all the prints ont the bolt and another of our quilt “Minnesota Fudge”. We will have this kitted and available for pre-order. Fabric retails for $8.99/yard. Fat quarters are $2.75 each. There are 16 different fabrics in 7 different prints and 6 different colors. Quilt Minnesota starts Friday, July 31st, but get your fabric paid for now, so you know you have it!

quilt mn 2009

 minnesota fudge

Happy quilting–april