pebble & ivory

good evening! we finally have everything in the shop put back in order after our back-to-back shows…still didn’t have enough time to get this blog post done at the shoppe…so we are doing some computer work at home.

–a quick shout out to the Dakota Pieces and the Evenings Star quilt guilds for putting on 2 wonderful shows…we loved vendoring at both of your shows…it was a wonderful way to finish out our 2019 show season!–

along with getting everything in the shop back in order…we’ve made the window a little more Halloween/autumn…we still have several Halloween in the Country kits left. This project featuring black, beige and grey has been a big hit. the panel…unfortunately is no longer available…so we’ve kitted up what we could using Ms. Strain’s newest spiderweb print for the border…the remaining panels are available with the pattern…so you can use your favorite Halloween prints. Halloween in the Country kits are available here.

i’m still loving the Autumn Daydream featuring the Wonder collection by Katie & Birdie. the pastel colors work so well in autumn decor whether you are an eggplant, pumpkin, and rusty autumn lover or more the pastel, cottage-y autumn…this fresh mixture of colors will work wonderfully. we’ve put it on the bed and mixed in some more pumpkins along with some wonderful pillows for a comfy, cozy look. grab your autumn daydream kit here.

Pebble & Ivory (Scarlet & Sage)

i’ve been impatiently waiting for Fig Trees autumn collection to arrive…Scarlet & Sage (which sounds more like a Christmas collection) has the prettiest pebble & ivory…so that’s what we ordered in. 10 scrumptious prints of ivory and pebble. we have an idea of what we are going to make, but all in good time! i have gotten some 10 fat quarter bundles and yardage online for you to grab if you have a plan! here is the link to the Scarlet and Sage loveliness…here.

pebble and ivory prints from scarlet and sage

kinda really love these pebble and ivory bundles…totally perfect for a cozy autumn throw…or a Thanksgiving table runner…or even a Dresden plate wall hanging…hmmm…time to get crackin’ on my 10 pastel primroses…so hopefully by the end of the week i’ll be able to start putting together the 9-primrose-patches…gotta have goals!

happy stitching!


hello september

summer seems to have come to a close. the crisp autumn winds have started pushing out the sunny summer heat and the leaves have started to show their color. we’ve been cozy-ing up the shoppe as well–we’ve fluffed it up with some autumn pastels. pale pumpkins, pale colors, and some pastel fabrics.


Finnegan has arrived…yummy precuts and yardage.

finnegan precuts
finnegan green and yellow
finnegan white, pink, grey, blue
finnegan grey, blue, purple

love this jelly roll for any updated jelly garden…we have the kits including the Finnegan jelly roll…here.

jelly garden and finnegan jelly roll


i am in love with this newest project mom whipped up…inspired by the feel of a long past primitives shop…this project is cozy, classic, and a perfect addition to any autumn home. featuring a mixture of Shelbyville and Diamond Textiles, this project has all the autumn feels! Backroads measures approximately 48 x 60 inches and is perfect with cream linens and antique crocheted shams and a platter of fabric pumpkins. we have kits available here.



lastly…i’m feeling the cheery, 30’s repo love…(even though i relish the idea of cozy sweaters, farmer’s market chili-i spent all day sunday simmering a stock pot of it-, and crackling leaves)…i couldn’t resist pulling some of my favorite 30’s and whipping up one of these blocks. Missouri Daisy block measures 10 inches and the paper pack includes 4 acrylics and papers for 12 blocks…we have it available here.

missouri daisy


we’ll be in Madison starting Wednesday (for set up) thru Saturday…so Monica will be in charge of the shop…Gabby will have the rest of the week off. Normal hours will resume on Monday…new collections will be arriving while we are gone so we are super excited for Monday following the show!

Now i’d better get the orders shipped so we can get packing…if you are planning on being in Madison–please stop by and say hi, we are in the same spot as last year!

happy stitching! -a&m&g

autumn goodies

autumn seems to have arrived.  the farmers market is full of pumpkins, gourds, and sunflowers; pots of chili splatter the stove, and I’ve pulled out my thick socks and a flannel quilt or 2.

autumn is most definitely my favorite season…the leaves changing colors, the corn drying down, and autumn collections start shipping.

Today, however, I have other goodies…autumn-inspired goodies…

we’ve gotten in some wonderfully sweet cross stitch…and this Pumpkin project is probably my favorite (for the moment)!

if cross stitch isn’t your thing…I’m sure you can find something to cozy-up your home this season between the pages of the newest Simply Vintage

lastly…our French General thread collections of Autumn and Winter have arrived and are perfect for your next stitchy project…



happy stitching!

-april & mickey


I am in love with the word “Bordeaux”…I love that it has an “x” in it and almost all of the vowels.

I looked it up.  It is a French port city on the Garonne River in the Southwest of France.  It is also the wine produced in that area of France.  And…it is what French General named their deep dark purple from their Ville Fleurie line.

When we were picking prints to coordinate with our Courtyard jelly rolls…we knew we wanted the Basic Grey Grunge we had ordered but were still unsure of what color to put with it.  We wanted something that would pop yet make you feel cozy since autumn was upon us.  Mom loves purple.  Eggplant, lavender, periwinkle, violet…she loves them all.  I pulled the Bordeaux print; we spread out the jelly roll strips, and we knew we had winner.


Eydie A’s featuring…

Courtyard jelly roll

Basic Grey Grunge

Bordeaux floral tonal by French General


we have just a couple kits left…if you’d like to add her to your autumn bed.

Eydie A’s…measures 88 x 102 inches.

Kit includes:  pattern, jelly roll, background, Bordeaux sashing and border, Bordeaux stripe for binding.

Kit price is $151.00 (plus tax and shipping).

happy autumn!


Fall into autumn

We’ve fallen in love with autumn…it happens every year right around now.  This year we’ve baked up a couple Halloween treats for you.

Wicked…48 x 61 ..this delicious project is just right with chestnut street prints in wicked witch green, chalkboard, and pumpkin.  

kits are available now.

Sunflowers table runner…just finished up this lovely.  It uses English paper piecing for the sunflowers.  The shape is the short coffin…the center is a decagon.  It is sure to please with a tray, goards, and treats.

I haven’t finished up the pattern yet but am planning on writing up the pattern and kitting it in time to debut it at quilt week in des moines.  If you are interested in a kit…comment or drop me an email sweetwatercottonshoppe (@)yahoo (.)com.

Now back to my day off!

Open sewing tomorrow starting at 1ish…you are invited to stop by.



Autumn has arrived!  (YAY…and not because of Pumpkin-Spice-Everything–I dislike pumpkin.)  Yay because show season is in full swing so we get to catch up with our favorite quilty-peeps, chat with shop owners that we only see once or twice a year, and we get to pull out all the autumn loveliness!

I think I have everything listed in the etsy shoppe…I linked that for you, so you’ll have easy clicking!

I didn’t even look to see what I have already shown you because I bet it has been a long time…I swept away the cobwebs when I started typing…:)  I spend way too much time on instagram…but it is so much fun and the pictures are just amazing!

anyways…I thought I’d pop in and say, “Hey”…and drop in a few (okay several…or maybe many?  I don’t know where the cut off is?) pictures…

First up…Cottage Harvest and Shabby Thanks…loving these little beauties.  Our Low Volume Canning Day is at the bottom of the picture…perfectly neutral!


Farmhouse by Fig Tree…and our Summertime Pleasures project…it is the perfect lap quilt for autumn at 72 x 72 inches.

farmhouse Some cozy flannel…this beauty Flannel Crayon Box is gorgeous and a little bit bigger at 67 x 75 inches.


Cream and Sugar…this little gem measures in at 47 x 57 inches


glacial color bundles…available in FQ, F8th, and Parade Candy…exclusive and limited


Harvest-Time pillow…dark wool, embroidery, and collections…the perfect combo…then we paired it with Coffee Cake!


I am always paper piecing something!


Kindred Spirits…by Bunny Hill…we are working on a project or 2 out of these…can’t wait!

kindred spirits

that’s all I got for today…more goodies are on the way.

see you this weekend in St. Peter…

-april&mickey  {sweetwater}


so today i realized that Twitter isn’t posting pictures from my Instagram feed…it is just posting a link to the picture–talk about lame!  so i proceeded to spend all morning figuring out that mess, needless to say we are now on Tumblr (check under the CONNECT header), but i did figure out that whole kerfuffle.  moving on–apparently you can embed Instagram images into wordpress blogs by just adding the link (if you can get the link to appear on Instagram which i cannot)…so i just saved and uploaded and moved on with my life.

but i do have…

a couple new lovelies for your holiday season (i’m thinking they will look wonderful in your dining room, foyer, living room, or even bathroom…)

introducing…Cherry Sprinkles

i am truly in love with this table topper…the colors are so lovely and they would fit in to anyones holiday decor.  whether you are more of a traditional christmas lover…or a little more shabby.  the colors and pattern make this a favorite.  how can you pass up rose-red, slate, ecru, cream, tan, and cookie crumb.  (for you die-hard fans of Kaari Meng’s French General fabrics…this topper uses all those wonderful colors!)


Thankful Leaf…our newest Sweet Delight.


don’t you just love that hint of pink around the picture!  I love Instagram (check out our pictures in the sidebar).

new sylvia blocks thursday!  ~april&mickey  {sweetwater}

ps…we are getting ready for christmas…trees will go up after our retreat in November (which we still have a couple spaces open…be sure to let us know if you’d like to attend.)

winter projects (and Sylvia)

we’ve got some sylvia blocks for you today (just 26 left…the end is in sight)!

the lovely Rosebud, Sarah’s Choice and Sarah’s Favorite

sylvia rosebud

aren’t they just yummy?  love the aqua and red…very cottage style!  (the background quilt is mulberry hopscotch.)  next week…Sawtooth Star, Shoo-Fly, and Sickle.

a little bit of autumn…the Mulberry Hopscotch quilt is looking wonderfully cozy warm with a white pouf, creamy pillows, and some lights.


who doesn’t love bags?  is there really anyone?  this “Peach” of a tote is just marvelous for all your sewing projects this winter.  The peach and cream combination is wonderful for the winter season.peach tote

until next time…

xoxoxoxoo–april&mickey  {sweetwater}

halloween goodness

we have a few more projects for the Halloween/Autumn season…

these projects are little more traditional with their colors, but we did add a little shabby flair to them–just for you!

these would little beauties would look great on your table–i can just see it with a spooky little tree and some candy corn.

Oak and Vine (the table runner) mixes a little wool, embroidery, painters’ cloth, and brocade.  Pumpkin Candies is the little jar lid project, and it is kitted complete (without candy) in the jar, so you will have all the ingredients for this little gem.  The stocking is from Tis Hallo’ween by Blackbird Designs and will be kitted without the book.

these projects use a variety of materials ranging from painters’ cloth to wool and brocade to embroidery and cross-stiched.  these could all be finished up in record time, so you can entertain like the best of them!


mom is working on those sylvia blocks…but time is running out!  so we’ll be back tomorrow with those lovelies.  (the Rocky Road to Dublin…is very, very rocky!)

we’ll be in Plymouth this weekend…so be sure to either stop by and say hi and see the wonderful show they put on.  or swing into the shop and say hi to Mel.

enjoy!  april&mickey  {sweetwater}

September, what happened to you?

This post is our 300th post…a quick thank you to all our visitors, followers, and stumbled upon yous…we thank you for your comments, likes, pins, and shares!

we are super busy getting ready for our next 3 shows…we’ll be putting together some fun christmas projects, so be sure to stop by the shoppe or one of the shows!

Gentle Arts Threads…


finished up cross-stitch projects!  kits are available.


another cross-stitch pattern…and a cute little 6 inch block–we’ll have kits available and possibly some sort of Block of the Month starting in January…deets are still being worked out (and i want to finish up Sylvia.)


sorry for the quality but these pictures were taken with our new Tablet and i’m still trying to get the hang of it.

this week we did up Right Hand of Friendship, Road to Oklahoma, and Robbing Peter to Pay Paul.  next week we will NOT be doing Sylvia blocks…we will be at our Walker Show Thursday and Friday.  i will be posting pictures to Facebook so be sure to follows us just click on the “F” at the top of the sidebar.  Join us on Thursday, October 10th for Rocky Road to Dublin, Rolling Star, and Rolling Stone.


lastly…we are working on some wonderful new Autumn and Christmas projects–you still have plenty of time to get started (and get done)!

(we will not be open on Thursday, October 3rd, but Tina will be watching the shoppe for us on Friday the 4th so be sure to stop by and say hi!)

Loose Threads (3D/Brazilian Embroidery) Club will have its first autumn meeting on Monday, October 7th at 1pm.  we have books, needles, threads, hoops, and projects to get you started.  if you are interested, please email or call us for deets.

i’ll be back monday with pictures of the new fabrics, threads, and books!

have a wonderfully rainy day!  hopefully you are getting lots done!

-april&mickey  {sweetwater}

ps…this post was supposed to publish last week…some how it reverted to a revision…but at least we got it all figured out!