snow for days

it is finally winter…the snow has arrived which really puts us in the Christmas spirit here at the shoppe. the shoppe is always set for Christmas right after Halloween (we always have a spot set for Thanksgiving with pumpkins and sometimes a turkey platter because we love Thanksgiving too!) so we can be prepared for our Hometown Holiday Road Trip which is always the 2nd weekend of November. Definitely gets us going on the bulk of the decorating…

this year we pushed to have a Christmas project made out of every new collection…and we did…along with a few projects that we carry over from year to year.

today i thought i would share Kandii Plaza featuring Poinsettia Plaza by 3 Sisters. This project is a revisit of a pattern we did long ago (Peppermint Candy was a circa 2015 pattern). we thought it was time for an upgrade…and what better collection then the newest Christmas collection by 3 Sisters.

i love how cranberries and cream coordinates with poinsettia plaza…

we have just a few kits left of Kandii Plaza…you can grab a kit here.


we have a new collection to introduce to you as well…

Redwood Cupboard by Pam Buda…a collection of classic cream, brown, and red. Pretty civil war tones that feel perfect for this time of year. Keep just the collection palette or add in some pine greens for a Christmas project. you can shop the collection here…or grab a fat quarter bundle…here.

redwood cupboard

Cranberries & Cream…this was the 3 Sisters Christmas collection from last year. We still have some in stock and the colors are so wonderful. we whipped up some bundles of the color palettes (cranberry, shirting, cocoa & sugar, cream) and a handful of 27 fat quarter bundles…shop the collection here. color palette and 27FQ bundles are exclusive and limited.

cranberries and cream

now…in none-Christmas fabric news…

The Shores by Brenda Riddle…yardage has arrived…precuts shipped today…look for that online by the end of the week. (this collection is just lovely…think vintage sheets in shades of sunshine, bluebell, cobblestone, and linen white…so fresh and soft!)

Westmoreland…a new civil war collection will be arriving end of the week. we cherry-picked just 8 bolts to blend in with our current stock. We will be doing some fat quarter bundles if you would like to add them to your collection.

we are nearing the end of the day here and i still have 20+ bolts to put back on the shelves…

happy stitching!


snowed in & tree farm

the shop hop is in full swing…we’ve got hot apple cider, treats, sparkly trees, Christmas music, and a couple new Christmas projects.

These two projects both use Merry Little Christmas by Bonnie & Camille. This color palette is a little outside the Sweetwater box…but we love it! it is so fresh and pretty and the colors are just perfect for either a retro Christmas or red/green Christmas.

the projects…

Snowed In: we wanted to showcase the lovely snowed in cabin…i can imagine a family living there…all cozy by the fire as they wait for Santa to arrive. Snowed In measures 56 x 64 inches and is a quick and sweet little project. Snowed In kits are available here.

snowed in quilt

Tree Farm…our newest pillow. Inspired by the lovely Merry Little Christmas wovens and a long ago memory of cutting down our own tree. I love pillows…i’m always percolating a pillow or 2. This one, however, came to me quickly and was whipped up into a pillow in short order, and we love it. It is super-sized which makes it all the better. A long pillow at about 33 inches it is perfect for the couch, the bench by the door, or jazz up a spare bed (or your own for that matter!) we have a limited number of kits with the original grey toweling…you can find them here.

tree farm pillow

lastly…Christmas Beachy (behind tree)…features the lovely Merry Little Christmas Wovens. This pattern is a quick, weekend project…perfect stitching for those blustery weekends…we have kits available…here.

we have a few more Christmas projects to showcase…Kandii Plaza, Twinkle Lights, and In the Meadow (our complimentary pattern for the Hometown Holiday Road Trip will be available next week.)

have a great weekend!



Good Evening! We are finishing up some last minute projects for our Hometown Holiday Road Trip which starts tomorrow morning at 9am. Hopefully you can join us for some holiday cheer…we’ve set the shop for Christmas. Our projects are finished…including…Twinkle Lights, Kandii Plaza, Snowed In, Tree Farm, and In the Meadow (which is our complimentary pattern during the Hometown Holiday Road Trip…after which it will be available). Check out the poster below for the participating shops, dates, hours, and all the good stuff.

Now for some new fabric…

Rendezvous…a 3 Sisters collection…featuring a color palette that is rich and wonderful for the autumn/winter season. Nightshade, blush, crimson, ecru, porcelain, rose, eucalyptus, and mist.

the collection is described as follows…

“Each of us has a place we love returning to, a place that has become part of us. Whether it’s a garden, a city, a museum, or a book, it’s where we meet old friends, even if it is just ourselves. This collection is 3 Sisters’ return to a mood that is warm, inviting, and elegant…the perfect kind of meeting place…the best kind of rendezvous.”

rendezvous fat quarter bundle

Rendezvous is quite complimentary to previous 3 Sisters collections…Poinsettia Plaza, Sister Bay, Cranberries and Cream, Daybreak, and Memoirs…perfect if you are needing a little somethin-somethin to mix in with your current project. Right now i’m LOVING the eucalyptus and the mist…i was thrilled when i saw that this collection included greens…

we will be mixing the nightshade and porcelain prints in with what we have left of Sister Bay to whip up a couple more Sail kits…in case you missed out the first time…

i’ve just finished loading the precuts and complete collection to the website…you can find it all here.

now back to stitching up my peppermint kites…

happy stitching!



i know…i know…we are back to Christmas…

i really couldn’t wait though…we’ve got lots going on and i didn’t want this frosty favorite to get lost in the shuffle…so i thought i’d pop in and introduce Frosted…

Frosted features Noel by Clare Therese Gray, and, simply, we L O V E it! when this collection arrived, we knew we needed something sweet, yet classic…nothing too plain but then we didn’t want to lose the “sugar cookie with icing” look it has. The collection is described as “sweet and sprightly” and i think that is spot on! The prints are both classic Christmas yet updated…Christmas trees, angels, stockings, and snowflakes in a palette of icy blue, a nearly-hot pink, soft pink, pine green, and winter white.

Mom chose to whip up some simple 9-patches…but when you pair it with skinny sashing and cornerstones…it takes on a whole new look…it transforms as if by magic into a different quilt. I love it!!


Frosted measures 89 x 99 inches and is absolutely lovely.

i really like how the quilting turned out…who would have thought that simple horizonal lines could add so much!


we’ve kitted it for you…here.


Speaking of Christmas…our Hometown Holiday Road Trip is November 10th, 11th, & 12th…food drive, a snowman themed project at each shop along with the ornament when you finish…the shop will be transformed into a Christmas wonderland! i’m already planning our displays…


our 6 bolts of Isabella by Minick & Simpson have arrived and we’ve set to work on some new Independence Low Volume bundles that are lovely on their own or worked up into a Checkerboard.

Rendezvous by 3 Sisters…the precuts will be in-store today and hopefully online by the end of the week…yardage should be arriving sometime in the next week or so…

Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen’s House is arriving Thursday…yardage and fat quarter bundles.


now back to bundles…

happy stitching!


day 12…89 days till christmas

today is the final day…first i would like to thank you if you stuck with us through the entire 12 days. i love christmas…but i need a little breather…i need to get back to my favorite season.

anyways…today i thought i would drop in with just a rundown of our Christmas collections…at the end of this blog post i’ll have all the links.

poinsettia plaza by 3 sisters
holly jolly by urbanchiks

christmas village by Katherine Lenius
merry little christmas by bonnie and camille
beachy at Christmas featuring Merry Little Christmas wovens by Bonnie and Camille

noel…(my favorite collection this year…it has such a frosty, glazed look to it…it’s just perfect!) mom is midway through a 9-patch project featuring this collection…so keep an eye out for that.


we still have bits and pieces left of Christmas Morning from last year…i’ve relisted all the prints we have left in case you are on the hunt. we’ve also dug up 1 single kit of December Blizzard featuring Christmas Morning…

december blizzard

and here the links as promised…

Poinsettia Plaza

Holly Jolly

Christmas Village

Merry Little Christmas (prints and wovens)


Christmas Morning

December Blizzard

a few more links…

Christmas Cross Stitch

Christmas Ribbon Embroidery

Christmas Brazilian Embroidery

Christmas Nicki Franklin Embroidery

i’ll be back with some autumn goodness later this week…Buttercup and Slate, Country Rose, and American Beauty are all on the way (or in store already!)

happy tuesday!


day 11…90 days till christmas

hello! and good morning…nearly afternoon! hopefully you had a wonderful weekend. i enjoyed the first autumn weekend…and am looking forward to sharing some autumn goodness with you later this week.

we do have 2 more days of Christmas to go…and today and tomorrow will both feature some of my current Christmas favorites.

today…we have Whipping Cream -a low volume double irish chain- that features our Low Volume Christmas bundle. 20 washed-out Christmas prints combine with a classic white and together they are enchanting. This combination is so perfect…

whipping cream

you can add a Whipping Cream kit to your to do

if you prefer a little bit of slow stitching…then we suggest maybe detouring into the world of cross stitch.

i love Christmas cross stitch (it is a close 2nd behind autumn/halloween cross stitch). i especially love Blackbird Designs…their Christmas Sampler series is on my list. last year i did the classic Merry Christmas…

merry christmas

this year…i’m going to stitch Feliz Navidad…

feliz navidad

one of these days…i want to start stitching up these strawberries as well…i can just see a glass candy dish overflowing with these luscious berries…yummy!

deck the halls

you can checkout all the christmas cross stitch here

just one more day…be sure to stop back tomorrow for day 12 of Christmas projects.

happy stitching!


day 10…91 days till christmas

good morning! i am looking forward to a cozy sunday…spent at home. chili simmering, a hand stitching project (probably an autumn cross stitch…cuz i just couldn’t resist…but more on that later) and the windows open to enjoy the brisk autumn breeze.

today we have some Liberty Quilting Cottons…The Merry & Bright collection to be exact. if you are familiar with Liberty of London…they have started a division of Quilting Cottons. Liberty prints…just on quilt weight cottons. these are NOT tana lawns.

we have the 10 inch stackers and the fat quarter bundles left…these 2 precuts are the best though…a stacker or 2 can be whipped up into a quilt made up of simple squares…fat quarters are can be used in almost every single pattern.

merry and bright collection

there is even a little metallic dropped in here and there. i kinda love the bulb print. Merry and Bright precuts can be found here.

merry and bright collection

if you prefer a little embroidery…then The Winter’s Stitch might be more your cuppa tea. A little English paper piecing, a little embroidery…a perfect match. Features a darling little vase filled to the brim with holiday goodness…peppermint sticks, a snowman, holly and berries…aw…i can imagine the twinkly lights and soft christmas music…

you can grab this kit here.

A Winter’s Stitch

happy sunday…hopefully you find a moment or 2 to relax…maybe stitch a little…enjoy a hot cup of coffee…

happy stitching!



day 9…92 days till christmas

our 12 days of Christmas projects is starting to wind down…just 3 days left after today.

i thought today i would offer up Checkerboard…this luscious, creamy quilt is absolutely divine. the original Checkerboard uses a patriotic shirting bundle…the original shirting bundle has long since been substituted out with newer, and possibly more wonderful shirtings. even with this bundle leaning more to the patriotic…it still works for Christmas.

several years ago…um…in 2017…we used the checkerboard quilt as our window display. we loaded the bed and the mantle with lots and lots of cream, white, beige, and ivory. Popped in bits of silver and grey for a little sparkle.

A wonderful neutral quilt to pair with your color palette whether traditional or modern…this project works.

Recently…quilters have been whipping up Checkerboard using one of our Cloud Nine bundles by Laundry Basket. We offer 3 different bundles…Set 1, 2, or 3. Each has 10 different fat quarters…all are very washed out with hints of blue, pink, and green. Perfect for a soft holiday quilt…

cloud nine low volume bundles set 1, 2, 3

The bundle is paired with Bella Solid Unbleached Muslin for a truly calm and creamy quilt.

you can check out Checkerboard…here

Embroidery…if you know me at all, you know i love handwork. well, we’ve finally ordered in some Nicki Franklin embroidery kits. I love her scrumptious palette of pink, light blue, light green, grey, graphite, and pastel yellow.

We’ve ordered in mostly Christmas right now…with the season so lots of stitchy goodness to keep you occupied this autumn/winter season.

i’m currently working on this kit…i’ve always loved snow globes…so this one has been fun to stitch on. I have set it aside to try and get some kites stitched together…all in good time.

let it snow

you can check out our current collection of Nicki Franklin here.

that’s all for day 9…just 3 more days of Christmas projects…then back to autumn. SIDE NOTE: Buttercup and Slate has arrived (YUMM), Lori Holt Chunky Thread is in stock except for 1 color, American Beauty will be in store next week, and Material Madders by Sheryl Johnson has arrived. As much as i love Christmas…i am looking forward to dialing it back to autumn and halloween for just a little while longer. Unfortunately though…Christmas sneaks up on me…so i really need a reminder. I’m hoping this little 12 Days of Christmas projects will get me in gear.

anyways…we’ll see you tomorrow for day 10.

happy saturday!


day 8…93 days till Christmas

day 8…goodness…these days are just slipping by…

This sweet throw quilt, aptly named Wrapping Paper, uses the Rowan collection by Whistler Studios. Not necessarily Christmas…but the red stripe brings to mind Christmas ribbon, bedecked lamp posts and poinsettia bunches tied with raffia and burlap.

A classic palette of dark tomato red, vanilla, and a pop of dark brown. A cozy, throw with a touch of Christmas.

wrapping paper

i dropped the kit online…you can grab it here.

today we also have a pillow…not necessarily Christmas…but definitely wintery and wonderful for the winter season.

snOw. a sweet little wintery pillow…features some batting appliqué and wool appliqué. Soft and sweet and perfect for winter.

snOw pillow

kits can be found here.

now back to pattern writing…happy Friday!


day 7…94 days till christmas

good morning! we are happy to see you here for day 7!

Today’s quilt is a fun project features Christmas prints from Bunny Hill for moda. Ms. Sutton tends to showcase lots of little prints…and the collection featured in our Stepping Stones quilt was no exception. Sweet little snowmen, stars, stockings, and Christmas trees…and a baby gabby! We were moving the shoppe around before the hop and found a kit tucked behind the dresser…so i dug it out of our Christmas quilts from at home and brought it back over. i’ve popped it back online for you, but there is only one…you can grab it here.

stepping stones

i have a growing list of “someday” projects…i’m sure i’m not the only one. They tend to be a little more intense with a little or a lot of appliqué.

lace cabins

look how lovely those cabins are…at a quilt show in Fergus Falls…a booth had done one block and framed it. Lovely! I thought i would be able to do that…but i like them all SO much…i think when i do decide to tackle this i’ll have to make all six.

lace cozy cabin

if you are looking to add this to your list…you can find more information here.

another project i’d like to do…eventually…is The First Day of Christmas designed by Susan Smith. I love this sweet little quilt. i love the appliqué, the color palette, and the border that looks like party hats…fantastic!

first day of christmas

look at that tree with the heart…lovely…

first day of Christmas

The First Day of Christmas is available in store or you can check it out here.

be sure to pop back tomorrow for day 8.

happy stitching!


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