take a trip to Shelbyville

good afternoon! my assistant is sleeping (of course) and mom is on the phone (of course) and i am working (of course).

our Shelbyville has arrived and i’ve folded and tied up some bundles of these glorious prints. we did bundles of all 18 prints we ordered in…lots of the black in these bundles making them perfect for cozy autumn baskets, fall-flavored maple leaves, or a fun add to your civil war stash.

shelbyville curated fat quarter bundles are available now along with yardage. Shelbyville fat quarter towers and fat 8th bundles will be arriving on monday.

shelbyville curated fat quarter bundle of 18 prints
shelbyville curated fat quarter bundles

check them out online here.

also…we are making up new Figgy Halloween bundles…so be on the lookout for those!

happy stitching! -april&mickey&gabby (sweetwater

Lucy Tuesdays week 59 & 60

no change in the lucy boston patchwork of the crosses progress department…  i still have 1 block left to piece, but i am determined to have it done for next week…at least i will be progressing then…i’m still trying to get the Primrose Garden finished up (so i can use all those honeys to start the sashing pieces).  i’ve cut some bunny hill pink 1 1/2 inch squares and have 2 bolts of bella bleach…just have to have more than 5 honeycombs ready to baste…i’m still thinking it will be a wintertime project.  i am, however, still going to try and pop in here on tuesdays with an update…


instead i’ve finished up my Suffolk Puffs/yoyo quilt i talked about last time…it is small but mighty…cute, sweet, and perfect at the shoppe on the child’s shell back chair…LOVE it!


then after the shop hop…i decreed that i would get ALL the quilt tops done before the end of the year (i make this decree every january, but never actually follow through)…well, i’ve been quilting up a storm over here…

including these 3 lovelies that have been on the pile for years!

Dresden Plate…the vintage plates were pieced but not appliqued down…i appliqued them, added the centers, and then the small plates…(i found a pic on instagram of this quilt all finished dated march 5, 2015…it was overdue to be finished up)


This jeweled star (i’ve also seen it called a daisy flower) was a vintage top i picked up in Sioux Falls at the quilt show (almost 3 years ago)…it is throw sized, and has some of the most amazing fabrics in it.


Blue Flower Garden…yummy wintery blues…i picked up these flowers at an occasional sale, then stitched them up adding in the floral diamond cornerstone…i’m sad it took me years to get it stitched up…but super happy that i finally did just in time for …winter!


(i’ve finished a total of 7 quilts…almost halfway through the pile of tops…)

now onto number 8 (a yellow bordered grandmother’s flower garden)

**no blog post is complete without a cotton candy pic**

new in the shoppe…civil war color bundles…available now!

packs are Cucumbers and Tomatoes, Bubblegum, Peanut Brittle, Burnt Brownie, Salsa, Blueberry Grits, and Grapes.  Perfect for adding into a current project or starting a new one…

civil war fat 8ths

happy stitching!