mid november goodies

good afternoon!

we’ve been pottering around the shop this week…ordering in some yarn…doing a little cross stitch…a mini floor move.

our cross stitch order arrived bringing in some new Blackbird, La-D-Da, and With Thy Needle and Thread patterns…mostly Christmas with a few Halloween mixed in.

christmas cross stitch
christmas strawberries…never knew i needed a bowl of them until this darling book arrived…

–i also didn’t know i wanted 3 stockings for each month either…but i do now…seriously debating the idea of just doing them ALL and putting them on a tree together and having it up ALL YEAR LONG…hmmm…

La-D-Da has a definite look…and i love it…a lot! that little Emmanuel pocket…perfect for little trinkets, small pine boughs, your favorite bulbs, sprigs of holly or mistletoe…or make a set and hang on the mantle.

la-d-da christmas
la-d-da halloween…

doesn’t matter the time of year…i love the crows and the pumpkins. these cross stitch beauties look like they came over with the pilgrims which makes them all the better…maybe a Salem witch was stitching one.

you can nab your next holiday cross stitch pattern…here.

Yarn has arrived! we started off with a little sock yarn and a queensland collection that was used in a Market Bag. i’m putting Tina to work knitting…since knitting is not my jam. We also dropped off some mini skeins of Bee in My Bonnet with Mel in case she decides she wants to do a little crocheting on these chilly winter evenings…(i love crocheting…however, there is only one of me and i really want to finish up a couple of the vintage flower gardens…i’m itching for a quilty finish…hopefully before thanksgiving…still debating which stitchery project i’m going to tackle.)

sweetwater yarns

i LOVE LOVE LOVE the splotchy goodness of those sock yarns ( i love splotchy and speckled so be prepared for lots more of that in the future)…the 2 top middle skeins are perfect for some fall socks! hopefully tina can kick out a pair before thanksgiving cuz i’m thinking my tootsies would love to snuggle in the for the day in a pair of them!

knitting needles and crochet hooks will be arriving on monday…i’ll pop back with piccys of them…check out our current stock of yarns, crochet, and knitting goodness here.

our next order of yarn is supposed to arrive early december…perfect for hostess gifts, gift giving, stocking stuffers, or just-cuz!

happy stitching!


a little bit o’ crochet

good afternoon! hopefully you are enjoying this last little bit of above zero weather until it turns tundra-esque.

our chunky thread by Lori Holt arrived yesterday, so i set to work on getting the display up and everything marked. then last night after the last episode of the Ted Bundy Tapes i set to work on crocheting up a granny square.

i haven’t crocheted in i bet 5 years…so i pulled up lori holt’s video and i pulled up some other videos and once i got started it didn’t take long to do a couple rounds.

i’m planning on a granny square afghan eventually but for now i’m going to make a little pincushion and maybe a pillow or 2 down the road.

chunky thread

we’ve got the basic grey, white, and brown bigger skeins and then sampler packs 1, 2, and 3 and 4 is on order. we’ll be filling in with more colors as we get more projects done.

granny square

i love her 100% cute crochet hooks…they are definitely 100% cute and come in a pack of 3.

100% cute crochet hooks

i’ve listed all the Lori Holt goodies…here is link…crochet...if you’d like to get started.


  • garden variety quilt has been pieced…just need to get it quilted, bound and washed.
  • pictures have been taken of column 1 of the Block Anthology…i’ll have that post live next week along with a link to Column 1 block kits.
  • FQ bundles of Hickory Road are arriving next week…be on the lookout for Jo Morton’s newest collection…can’t wait to add it to my Mrs. Billings quilt.

have a wonderful weekend…stay warm and travel safely!

—————april & mickey

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