Lucy Boston Week 98 & 99

good afternoon! the day is almost over, but i couldn’t take off for dinner with monica before popping on here and sharing some progress…yes…some progress!

first off…here is all my stuff! i am not very organized usually but i when it comes to working on something like this i strive to have everything in its place. the quilt top is always folded in as to not get dirty…plus i love the back…i can see all the work that has gone into it. I have been using a Simplicity vintage collection tin as a place to keep all my threads, extra paper, (final block that i need to piece), a smaller tin is full of the squares as i pull them out. I’m pretty sure i have all the sashings, cornerstones, border sashings, and border cornerstones pieced…just need to be putting them on. I only have the corners to finish since i wasn’t going to crack open another bag of 100 honeys for 8.

Lucy Boston organization

Row 5…i have the first row 5 block ready to stitch onto rows 1-4 but i’ve found that if i get all the sashings and cornerstones on first then in a couple days i can get the row on…

Lucy Boston row 5

Sashings…all stitched together and ready to rock.

Lucy Boston sashings in a bag by themselves

The cornerstones and border pieces are in a bag together.

Lucy Boston border pieces and cornerstones all organized.

one lonely honeycomb…found it on the front seat of the car…

Lucy Boston

and as always…we’ve been selling out of some Lucy Blocks…you can take a look at what’s left along with lovely prints that would be wonderful fussy cut for Lucy’s…here.

So hopefully i’ll be back with more progress next week! We also have other fun things on the horizon…frothy yoyos, Christmas goodies, EdMar Brazilian Embroidery, and Quilt Minnesota fabrics arrive tomorrow!

happy stitching! have a wonderful afternoon! –april&mickey

(a bit of trivia…today marks 20 years since i graduated high school! how can that possibly be???!!!)


Lucy Tuesday week 94 & 95

I’m halfway! i had originally planned on having it done by my birthday (today) but that didn’t really work out…however, i do have all the pink around all the 4-patch cornerstones and 18 or so sashings stitched. I’m getting impatient now when it comes to the sashings and cornerstones so i think i’m going to go through and piece all those so i can just go to town on stitching on the blocks.

Hopefully you’ve been stitching on yours! i’d love to see pics…if you’d like to see my progress…i try and post to instagram at least once a week…or check my instagram Lucy highlights for more pics.

Lucy’s Summer Cottage…halfway

and as always we still have some block kits left…you can check out what’s left here.

happy tuesday! –april&mickey

a few things new

good afternoon! it looks like the rain has left for a few days…it was nice being home yesterday with the rain falling, windows open, and a little bit of stitching. i’m trying hard to get row 4 done by next tuesday so i’ll have some progress to report…

i’ve finally gotten the Treehouse Textiles patterns packed up with acrylics and papers…mom is currently making the Dilly Bag so once she is done we’ll have it kitted.

I ordered up the June Dyson Coverlet and the Frankie Quilt patterns and have both ready to go.

June Dyson was featured in the most recent issue of Simply Vintage. We have the pattern, acrylics, and paper pack available here.

June Dyson coverlet by Treehouse Textiles

Frankie Quilt…this is the quirky little sister to the Sweet Sunday project. I love the pretty summer star pattern, the low volume prints, and the lovely vintage style fabrics. We have it packed up with the Frankie pattern, acrylics, and

Frankie quilt by Treehouse Textiles

we’ve gotten in the newest chunky thread pack from Bee in My Bonnet along with the skeins of each color…check out our crochet section of the shop.

Chunky Thread sampler pack #4

looks like mom is waiting for me so we can get going…have a wonderful evening!

-april&mickey sweetwater

Lucy Tuesdays Week 91

good afternoon! i hope you have had a wonderful start to April…we had a little snow and rain today…and at one point i thought i heard thunder or maybe just a loud truck or a train.

i’ve been working on Lucy for over 91 weeks now. how is it possible i have been working on it that long? I am loving these early blocks…the colors are so pretty and some of the prints are no longer available so its a pleasure to work with them again.

today i worked all this morning to get the final block of the 3rd row on…and i did! so after a quick trip to the post office i thought i better share!

Lucy’s Summer Cottage patchwork of the crosses

i think block 16 and 21 may be in my top favorites…or maybe my row 3 favorites!

the day is winding down around here…but we do have a few things on the agenda…

**30’s section got a new coat of paint…we opted for a retro-ish pink color which really looks nice with the retro fabrics and makes the section look huge! just have to figure out the layout for the fabrics and where to put the quilts.

**Susanna’s Scrapbag (our cherry-picked prints) will be arriving on thursday.

**Scrumptious 4-Patch Tiny Tote…we are still waiting on the twill tape to finish this up…look for it later this week.

**Sweet Violet fat quarter bundles.

**a little rearrange in the floral section since i have half the Lucy blocks in my bag.

**a little rearrange in the civil war section to showcase Rockets’ Red Glare and make room for Susanna’s Scrapbag.

**new civil war fat 16th bundles made the agenda since someone nabbed the last one last night and was sent to its new home today, so i’d better get cutting.

happy stitching! —april&mickey

Lucy Tuesdays week 90

My mini break is over…i did finish up my Le Poulet pincushion and the stitching on the Sashiko style pillow cover…haven’t gotten it made into a pillow yet, but all in good time.


Lucy Boston week 90…how has it been nearly 2 years since we started this trip to Lucy’s Summer Cottage?  Seems like yesterday i was pulling fabrics…eagerly waiting on new fabrics, trying to keep from using that mint green in every block.

( we still have some summer cottage block kits available.)

i haven’t added any more blocks to her, but i have been working on the next set of cornerstones and sashings…once they are all done…i can just sit and stitch on a row.  I get so focused on stitching on the blocks that i’m liking the idea of having all the pieces ready for the entire row…cuz once you get started it doesn’t take long to stitch it.

Row 3 blocks are in my bag, so once i finish up that last sashing piece i can get going on it.

After Row 4 i’m planning on taking a mini break to work on a little Brazilian Embroidery and a Ribbon Embroidery project…but we’ll see…i may have to buckle down and finish her up…it would be the halfway point!

The wall of Lucy’s Summer Cottage blocks sure is looking bare with 21 of them being stitched together and later blocks pulled since their kits are sold out.


i’m already looking to the next EPP project and the next after that.  Several on my *to finish up in 2019* list.

Lucy’s Summer Cottage

Mrs. Billings (i am loving putting this one together.  i am using my stash and trying my hardest to use a little of each civil war print–i forget how much i love the total scrappiness of Civil War Quilts.)

Sweet Sunday by Treehouse Textiles –this projects features a delightful mix of florals and vintage embroideries…so i am on the hunt for vintage linens featuring pretty embroidered flowers, etc.

Dusky Flower Garden–i have some center/2 ring flowers that need a ring of white and a path of white…hopefully it can be a summer project.  These are 1 inch and super scrummy.

Shabby Smitten–i have started a new cotage style smitten…a couple blocks are finished…just need a little time to work on it…thinking i should cut the blocks from my favorite fabrics and have it ready to go when i want to work on something quick and easy.

Virginia Snowball–this red, white, blue, and pink lovely is classic, sweet, and patriotic (which i LOVE)!

Pastel Primrose Garden–this is cut and ready to go…however, i’ve confiscated all the loose honeycombs for Lucy’s Summer Cottage…so this once is on hold until she’s done.


hopefully you can find time to work on your own list…even if you don’t have a chance to work on the projects themselves…at least get a list written up…then maybe cut out a flower, baste some white honeycombs, or bag up a block and toss it in your bag.

**a little look at my new favorite Tote***

Lucy’s Summer Cottage has gone from a little tin inside the Mrs. Billings Box…to a circle canvas tote with the most wonderful handles…

love that little moda patch with the barn quilt style quilt block!

It is truly unbelievable how much this bag holds…there are 7 more blocks underneath along with a little moda tin, a couple little fabric bags, my hexie bag, some papers, fabrics, Pandan cookies, granola bars, and of course the new Moda Look Book is sticking out of the top on the right but could easily be stuck down inside.

i didn’t mean for the end of this post to be a little plug for this new tote…but if you are in the market for a tote…this one is my new favorite…i have it listed over on the website here.

now…i’d better get back to packaging up last night/this mornings orders…then maybe a little rearrange or pattern printed…the jury is still out on that one.

happy stitching!

Lucy Tuesdays week 89

Lucy 14 blocks…2 rows done!  we still have some summer cottage block kits available.

i took a mini break and stitched up a Sashiko embroidery pillow and am working on a cross stitch project from the new Ooh La La book by Blackbird Designs…neither is completed but hopefully in the next couple days we can get those finished up…then back to Lucy.


Chantilly by Fig Tree is arriving on Friday

the quilt featuring Garden Variety has been quilted…just needs binding

silk ribbon for ribbon embroidery has arrived

DMC perle cotton no 8 balls in assorted colors are now available along with different color collections

new cross stitch patterns from Blackbird Designs

**i’ll be working on getting everything online this week…along with a little organizing!**

Happy stitching! -a&m

Lucy Tuesdays week 88

Lucy 10 blocks…just 46 to go!  i’m having  a blast watching these blocks come together…it is so much fun seeing them with the white, pink, and 9-patches…

We still of lots of lucy boston block kits available…check them out here

We’ll be at the Medford, WI quilt show this weekend…be sure to stop on by!

Happy stitching! -a&m

Lucy Tuesdays week 87

Row 1…done! And I am looooving it!

We still of lots of lucy boston block kits available…check them out here.

We’ll be at the Nea Prague quilt show this weekend…be sure to stop on by!

Happy stitching! -a&m

Lucy Tuesdays week 83, 84, 85

good afternoon! i have several things to do today before i take off until Thursday. Then we are loading for the Fiber Fest in Bemidji on Friday. Still some crazy quilt block kits to fold and bag, a quilt to quilt, and hopefully kits for the Ring of Roses and Cottage Eggs…(along with a pattern for the Cottage Eggs).

Today, however, i’ve got some Lucy news. I ordered myself a bolt of the Bella Bleach PFD for the Summer Cottage Lucy blocks…it arrived yesterday and i set to work.

It was relaxing last night to baste and stitch the pretty white honeycombs and dusky pink squares. I HAD to stitch together 2 sashing pieces and a corner to get the look…and I love it! It looks even better than i had imagined it would.

In order to cut down on the starting and stopping i’m doing 6 honeycombs with 4 squares for the sashing and the cornerstone/cross will have 12 honeycombs around it.

Lucy Boston Summer Cottage block 1 with sashing and cornerstone

i’m putting the blocks together starting with block 1 and working across.

***keep in mind that some of the Summer Cottage blocks are sold out…and some are down to just a few kits or just 1 kit –hello block 1–***

here is a link to the Summer Cottage blocks…Summer Cottage Blocks

If you are interested in using the bleach PFD and the dusky pink (bunny hill pink) to finish off your Lucy Boston POTC just let me know how much you need and we can get you set up with it.

now i’d better get quilting.

happy stitching–i’ll be back next Tuesday with a follow-up on my Lucy progress! –april

Roses for Valentine’s Day

good afternoon! The weather has kicked up another wind chill warning in our neck of the woods and the snow is blowing, drifting, falling, piling up on the cars…so be careful if you are headed out.


As far as a dozen roses or chocolates for Valentine’s Day…i much prefer fabric.

When i started this project i had set a tentative goal of Valentine’s Day…well i finished the embroidery late last night…then quilted it today.

Ring of Roses and a pile of pillows… Cottage Hearts and Be Mine pillows are kitted and available online.

Valentine’s Day pillows

Ring of Roses needs a run through the washer and dryer…but i couldn’t resist a better pic of it.

Ring of Roses and Valentine’s Day pillows

Ring of Roses is made using a mixture of French General, Jo Morton, Jennifer Chiaverini, and Betsy Chutchian…we do have it kitted complete with pattern, acrylics, papers, and fabrics for front and binding.

Have a safe Valentine’s Day! —a&m