Lucy Tuesdays week 83, 84, 85

good afternoon! i have several things to do today before i take off until Thursday. Then we are loading for the Fiber Fest in Bemidji on Friday. Still some crazy quilt block kits to fold and bag, a quilt to quilt, and hopefully kits for the Ring of Roses and Cottage Eggs…(along with a pattern for the Cottage Eggs).

Today, however, i’ve got some Lucy news. I ordered myself a bolt of the Bella Bleach PFD for the Summer Cottage Lucy blocks…it arrived yesterday and i set to work.

It was relaxing last night to baste and stitch the pretty white honeycombs and dusky pink squares. I HAD to stitch together 2 sashing pieces and a corner to get the look…and I love it! It looks even better than i had imagined it would.

In order to cut down on the starting and stopping i’m doing 6 honeycombs with 4 squares for the sashing and the cornerstone/cross will have 12 honeycombs around it.

Lucy Boston Summer Cottage block 1 with sashing and cornerstone

i’m putting the blocks together starting with block 1 and working across.

***keep in mind that some of the Summer Cottage blocks are sold out…and some are down to just a few kits or just 1 kit –hello block 1–***

here is a link to the Summer Cottage blocks…Summer Cottage Blocks

If you are interested in using the bleach PFD and the dusky pink (bunny hill pink) to finish off your Lucy Boston POTC just let me know how much you need and we can get you set up with it.

now i’d better get quilting.

happy stitching–i’ll be back next Tuesday with a follow-up on my Lucy progress! –april


Roses for Valentine’s Day

good afternoon! The weather has kicked up another wind chill warning in our neck of the woods and the snow is blowing, drifting, falling, piling up on the cars…so be careful if you are headed out.


As far as a dozen roses or chocolates for Valentine’s Day…i much prefer fabric.

When i started this project i had set a tentative goal of Valentine’s Day…well i finished the embroidery late last night…then quilted it today.

Ring of Roses and a pile of pillows… Cottage Hearts and Be Mine pillows are kitted and available online.

Valentine’s Day pillows

Ring of Roses needs a run through the washer and dryer…but i couldn’t resist a better pic of it.

Ring of Roses and Valentine’s Day pillows

Ring of Roses is made using a mixture of French General, Jo Morton, Jennifer Chiaverini, and Betsy Chutchian…we do have it kitted complete with pattern, acrylics, papers, and fabrics for front and binding.

Have a safe Valentine’s Day! —a&m

slow stitching…*english paper piecing*

with the winter months setting in, temperatures are dropping and out come the winter coats, scarves, hats, and mittens.  i always look forward to when the white purity of winter sets in and the world gets a crispy outer layer. the hustle and bustle of the season really gets to me…i’m not a fan of shopping and lots of people, so it is nice to be able to go home and pull out a project.


if you are in the mood to start a slow stitching project…i have lots of favorites, but today i’ll only talk about 2 that are on my list…neither have i actually started. (hehe)

Glitter by Jen Kingwell…i am IN. LOVE. with this block.  it is just so different…which in turn gives you so many different options you could do with it.  Now that it is Christmas time…i could see them in more season-y colors…so that each block looks like those spiky christmas ornaments.  or you could use metallics for extra glitter!

Sweet Sunday by Treehouse Textiles.  When i saw this project on instagram i knew i needed to have it on my shelf so when i get that far…i can just start.  This quilt mixes new fabrics and techniques with vintage embroidered linens…a perfect way to keep grandma, great-grandma, and the great-aunties close to you.


I’ve linked each paper piece pack above…just click the green words.

hopefully you can find a quiet minute or 2 this weekend to stitch.

have a wonderful weekend!

happy stitching…april&mickey


Lucy Tuesday week 69…swell dresden

good morning!  i’m writing from home today since mom took yesterday off and wednesday and thursday will be spent finishing up projects, machine quilting, printing, kitting, and lastly thursday afternoon…packing for Bismark.

i did get 1 project kitted and ready to go yesterday…Grandma’s Dresden Pillow featuring Swell Christmas and a little Good Tidings…

grandma's vintage dresden pillow swell blog

Finishing at around 19 inches square…this pillow is the perfect mixture of EPP, Christmas, and appliqué (which i am growing quite fond of actually!). i hand pieced, hand appliquéd, and hand quilted this lovely lady…all that is machine stitched is the backing.  A perfect project for these brisk autumn days that are growing shorter, cooler, and frostier.


Grandma’s Dresden Pillow kit includes: fabric for plate, bella off white, 20 petel dresden papers, acrylic, and the pattern.  (notions used for appliqué, batting, muslin, and thread are not included).  Kit is just $35.00 and is available now!


Now time to get stitching on my Lucy Boston block…i’ve found my honeycomb!


Happy stitching…


Lucy Tuesday week 68…EPP projects in the works

Good afternoon!  it would seem that the harvest season is nearing an end.  Round bales dot once lush cornfields, leaves swirl and crackle on the sidewalk, and the air has an autumn bite to it.  Snowflakes have even spun in the breeze.

It is the perfect time to nab a new project…or pull out an old favorite.

i’ve started a couple different projects…Mrs. Billings is well on her way.  the center is pieced along with a couple hexie triangles for the border and i’ve started basting border 1 triangles.


I’ll be posting Mrs. Billings updates weekly (hopefully)…if you’d like to join me, you can nab the pattern and papers…here.

we fell in love with Swell and Good Tidings and ordered them up for Christmas…i’m finally getting around to the Grandma’s Vintage Dresden pillow i’ve been wanting to make…


This Dresden is based on a pillow my paternal grandma made.  Her plate consists of 5 colors…but i couldn’t pick just 5 of the Swell prints to showcase…so i picked all 18 and added in a couple from Good Tidings to make this pillow truly spectacular!  i plan on getting it all finished up in the next couple days so it will be all ready for the Capital QuiltFest in Bismark…i do have kits of it ready to go.


Lucy progress…i’ve basted some more 1 inch pink squares and am still on the hunt for the missing honeycomb…


Happy stitching…


Lucy Tuesday week 67

Didn’t work today since mom and i switched this week, so we can both work tomorrow to load for the woodbury quilt show. Thought i better pop in with an update on Lucy…had plans to stitch up the last block…and realized I’m short a honeycomb…of course…

So i decided to help mom tidy the sewing room…and when i was tying up the final scrap bundle broke my right thumb nail…short…(I’m talking so short i started to bleed)..this was sunday and my thumb is still tender.

So instead of stitching these last 2 days i organized my civil war stash and have started Mrs. Billings. My goal is to use a fabric only once…so each hexie triangle will contain 4 prints, the diamond borders will contain lots of different prints…we’ll see how that works out. I have no issue with having to buy more fabric for my stash…

This is the center…3 prints…love bubblegum pink, chocolate, and soft red…yummy combo…perfect center!

I’ll be posting Mrs. Billings updates weekly (hopefully)…if you’d like to join me, you can nab the pattern and papers…here.

Happy stitching…


Lucy Tuesdays week 65 & 66

good afternoon!  i’ve finished up my Primrose Garden

primrose garden finished

the background it a Bella unbleached muslin (this is a bella solid but it has flecks in it so it looks like a muslin).

the quilt has a total of 504 little primroses and features some new prints i picked at the Madison Quilt Expo and some of my favorite prints from my stash…

so now that this project is done…i’ve decided to work on a few other smaller projects…i have some hexie flowers to make for a new Hexie Stones featuring Guest Room, a new Candy and Hexies that will feature Petitie Maisons de Noel and Brazilian Embroidery for a couple demos i’m doing in Bismark, and i’m going to tidy up my civil war stash to get it ready for…

Mrs. Billings Coverlet…yes…i will be tackling this project this winter…the goal is to be done by the Minnesota Quilters quilt show in June…fingers crossed!

i will track my progress here…i’m thinking on Mondays…after the weekend…or maybe Fridays…we’ll see.

if you are thinking you’d like to give it a try…pop over to our shop and check out the pattern and paper pack…(yes…it is expensive…however…you will not have to reuse any papers…which is always a plus…then you can baste the entire round and figure placement then stitch).

mrs billings papers templates pattern blog


As for the Lucy Boston update…i haven’t worked on her…however, now i can start basting some honeycombs and squares since i now have a box full of empty papers waiting for some fabric…

happy autumn!  –april & mickey


Lucy Tuesdays week 64…progress report

good afternoon!  September is flying by…projects are piling up and we have 1 MORE SHOW.

we were just in Faribault (if you haven’t seen the video i took from our hotel room…it doesn’t show any damage but the wind is sure howling and rain is coming down)…the show went off without a hitch so it was nice to have a something calming after the crazy night.


this weekend we’ll be down in Chaska, so we’ve barely unpacked then we’ll be packing up again!


Progress report on Lucy Boston POTC…i’ve put the 8 squares around a 4-patch.  i know it doesn’t seem like much…but i’ve been working like crazy to get new stuff online, quilt tops quilted (speaking of quilt tops…i nabbed a vintage flower garden top in Faribault that i have to quilt up), Primrose Garden is in the home stretch…just 2 more rows of 9-patch primroses to do then i am DONE! and i only have 1 9-patch primrose to piece…

anyways…a 4-patch has been finished with the 8–1 inch bunny hill pink squares…and i LOVE it!  i can hardly wait to get back to working on this…the colors are so summery.

summer cottage 4-patch



autumn has arrived…we’ve been getting in some autumn toned fabrics…bundles of Heritage 10th Anniversary, Spice It Up, and Maple Street 101 are all available over in the precuts section of the shop…along with not so autumn-y Guest Room and Portsmouth!  i have precuts online with yardage being listed next week and more yardage on the way!


happy autumn!  –april & mickey

Lucy Tuesdays week 63…glitter

no change in the lucy boston patchwork of the crosses progress department… so i’m just going to move on and hopefully at some point i’ll have progressed and at least whipped up that last block.


I’ve added another project to my “Must Make” list.

Glitter by Jen Kingwell…(i saw a version out of pinks and it was luscious!)


if you’d like to add it to your list…i have it available online!

happy stitching lovelies!


Lucy Tuesdays week 62…when the cold wind blows

no change in the lucy boston patchwork of the crosses progress department… so i’m just going to move on and hopefully at some point i’ll have progressed and at least whipped up that last block.


we got back from madison late saturday night and unloaded…then put everything back on monday–still a few odds and ends to put in place.

some lovely new fabric arrived…French General’s newest collection La Vie En Rouge and some bella solids. New paper piece packs for Glitter by Jen Kingwell is now in stock and i am on the hunt for some Hexagon a Day and Star a Day patterns and acrylics…right now though i really have to get to work on a quilt that i just put on.

i did get a chance to place an order for some books and couldn’t believe that they still had When the Cold Wind Blows by Blackbird Designs…i love Blackbird and the quilts in this books are amazing and have me thinking of autumn, cozy quilts, snuggly sweaters, and cool windy evenings! (i’ve added that darling basket quilt (picture 4) to my list!)


(photos pulled from C&T publishing)

i haven’t listed them yet, but if you’d like one as soon as they arrive…drop me an email and i’ll set up a listing…

happy stitching!