the last year

today at a few minutes before 5:30 it will be the one year anniversary of the accident that caused the amputation of dad’s right leg…above the knee. many of you have asked while in the shop or in our booth, commented, or direct messaged us asking for an update as he gets back to work.

first off…we wish to thank you…every single one of you for your support over that last year. it has been tremendous and no words could ever sum up our appreciation.

it has been a year that has seen definite ups and downs.

i promise i will keep this as clear cut as possible.

November 2, 2018 … a little before 5:30pm the accident …you can read about the accident here. Also on November 2nd, Melany decided to quit her job at about 5pm and the Capital Quiltfest in Bismark, ND which was our final show of 2018, started about 5.

(Melany had told everyone about 2 weeks before the accident that her and ty were going to have a baby)

Needless to say…Mom drove back that Friday…i stayed behind and worked the show…(honestly the longest evening of my entire life…) then lots and lots of phone calls and feeling helpless, but knowing that dad would want me to stay out in Bismark…cause you gotta make hay when the sun shines.

–it got around the quilt show that weekend and everyone was so wonderful and helpful

November 2nd-14th…Melany and Tyler (her boyfriend) went to the hospital every day while Mom did paperwork, insurance, etc. Tina worked and went to the hospital when she could. everyday after work…i would go home, mom would be there watering calves and feeding dogs. then we’d go back to the hospital until abut 10.

November 14th…dad came home from the rehab facility

We had Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year’s.

We played a lot of 500.

Dad got his leg the last week of December.


We played more 500.

Jan-May 1st Dad bagged papers, retro-fit the tractor with steps, worked the skid loader, moved/fed/watered the calves, ground feed, and did his PT.

May 2nd Dad went back to work

May 6th…Kandii, our 14 year old chocolate lab (Brutus and Max’s mom) passed away at home.

June 16th…Braxton Xavier was born. First grandchild and first great-grandchild on dad’s side which has 10 granddaughters and now 1 great-grandson)

June…Mom and Dad took a road trip out to Yellowstone, Grand Teton, and Badlands National Parks. They were in an accident…which left them stranded overnight. They rented a car and drove back.

June…after they got back Dad was fitted for a new socket and started back driving semi.

Mid-July…mom and i take a week and drive out to drop off the rental car and pick up her car. i had never been to yellowstone, grand tetons, or the badlands…breathtaking…the badlands were magnificent. as always though…i really like coming home.

August 8th…mom had been thinking about getting a puppy and dad had come across a listing online for yellow lab puppies by farming. mom wanted a little girl. so she stops out there after work on the 8th. while talking to the dog parents, the husband thought mom looked familiar and asked what her name was…she told him. he proceeds to tell mom that he was one of the paramedics that was out last fall that helped disconnect the PTO. gabby came home with mom this evening.

October 6th…Dad climbs over a fence…i’ll post this to instagram. (Dad has also climbed a ladder which they said he would not be able to do…he had to check the feeder)

november 2, 2019…if you are reading this about 5:30 we are heading to st. cloud. this time, we won’t be going to the hospital but to dinner. 3 generations…Dad, Mom, Tina, Melany, Tyler, Braxton, and I will be celebrating…making November 2nd a happy day. unlike last year…i’m sure this november 2nd will slip by so much faster.




and cuz if you are a quilter…i’m sure you’d like a quilty picture…am i right?

Sweet Christmas…frosty welcomes you. (frosty kits are available on the website)

we getting ready for our Hometown Holiday Road Trip that will be starting this Thursday…November 7-9. we’ll be getting out the trees…Christmas is coming to Sweetwater…and this year we are bringing it!!! New projects, fabrics, food shelf donation for a fat quarter, a complementary project sheet with kits available.

we’ll update you on Christmas progress next week.

happy stitching!


Lucy Tuesday week 96

good afternoon! i haven’t put any rows on, but am working on getting all the sashings and cornerstones stitched together so once i start adding on the rows i can add them all on.

we had an eventful life since last tuesday…both happy and sad.

Dad started work on May 2nd…Mom and I missed the 1st day back to work since we were up in Fargo vendoring at the Metro Quilt Expo.

May 2nd was the 6 month anniversary of the accident.

Then sadly on Monday, Kandii…our 14 month old chocolate lab passed away. A tumor on the front of her neck that had shrank back in March had grown overnight and by Saturday night it had broke open. Sunday she went down hill fast after Mel and Ty and the girls came out to see her. Wethought maybe she wouldn’t bounce back from this. Mom stayed up with her all Sunday night and in the morning, told me that she had made an appointment for 9:30 am…Tina, Mom, Dad, and I along with her 2 boys Max and Brutus sat with her in the living room telling her that it was ok…she could go. At 9:00 am she crossed the rainbow bridge…apparently someone else needs her more than we do.

kandii…april 25th, 2019…with her butt falling off the cushion…super-goof


after a one week late birthday supper with Monica i’m going home and snuggling up with Max and Brutus until they get up and move.

—-we are loading up for Fergus Falls Festival of Quilts tomorrow…hopefully this coming weekend will be less eventful on the home front!

JUNE events…heads up…we will be closed some days in June…Quilt Shows, a new baby boy, a wedding, and a Renaissance Festival…i’ll figure out the calendar and get back to you.

happy stitching…april

merry christmas

we hope you are having a wonderful Christmas season full of festive fun, laughter, games, good food, delightful company, and quiet moments to soak it all in.

a few of my favorites from this holiday season…

Swell Christmas which has been retired from the shoppe and is enjoying the season at home.
cross stitch and needle punch


Cozy Quilter’s Christmas Tree pillow

Grandma’s Dresden pillow using Swell Christmas

Swell Christmas kit (sold out)

Old St. Nick punch needle

Home for the Holidays cross stitch

Jolly Old Soul cross stitch

merry christmas from our family to yours…

we are so thankful for your support this year…it truly has been one wild year…thank you for being along for the ride.

—april, mickey, dale, tina, melany, tyler, and the fur babies…kandii, brutus, max, lola, bella…and the little baby that’s on the way…Mel and Ty are planning on finding out what she’s having on the 27th…

Merry Christmas!

We hope your holiday season was full of friends, family, and laughter.




We had a crazy holidays…Connor, Monica and the girls came over for Christmas Eve. Then on Christmas Day Tina went down the cities to get Granny Anne and Dad went to Osakis to get Grandma Zimmer. Granny Anne is staying with us until Saturday.


a SYLVIA note:

The last 5 sylvia blocks were not finished in time for todays post…i don’t know why we thought we could get them done–good intentions, i guess.


so instead of promising them…i’ll just let you know that they are waiting patiently for things to settle down a little.  (which will be after the New Year, since Mel is moving into St. Cloud on January 1st.)


we are also brimming with ideas for the upcoming winter months, Valentine’s Day, Easter…Quilt MN and spring.

More Sweet Delights are on the way…


Keep an eye out for

Sweet Relish

another unofficial series of projects and patterns that will be available just as soon as we have time to put them together.


Have a safe and happy thursday…  april&mickey



lydia & sylvia

YIKES!  it has already been a couple weeks since Quilt Minnesota finished up.  we meant to get sylvia rolling again, but it has been crazy.  we spent the first week recouping from a busy–busy 17 days.  the Thursday after Quilt MN my designer sister, Tina, took part in the RAW natural artists fashion show down in Minneapolis.  didn’t get home until about 3 am then to bed around 4 am.  needless to say, we are all still a little tired.  we wrapped up QM on Monday and as section leaders we will be part of the panel that picks out QM14 fabric in a month or so!  Mel flew out to Boston on Wednesday and has been hopping around the New England states since then.

i have taken up cross-stitch.  right now i have 1 over half finished and another waiting patiently to be started.  these are both kitted and ready to go.  i’ll be listing them in the etsy shoppe early next week.  below is Violet’s Blue by Blackbird Designs.


we got in some wonderful new civil war prints and mom whipped up a new civil war lovely which is named Lydia (which is named after my Great-Great Aunt who lives in Jamestown, ND and is 104 years old and still lives at home alone.)  we don’t have her quilted yet, but i do have pictures.


lastly…sylvia…which mom had finished on Thursday, but i haven’t had a chance to get a post done.  below is Oklahoma Dogwood, Old Maid’s Puzzle, and Orange Peel.sylvia orange

next week…Pineapple, Pinwheel 1 and Pinwheel 2.

we will NOT be open Labor Day, Monday, September 2nd but will resume normal hours on Tuesday, September 3rd.

have a wonderful weekend!

happy stitching! 

-april&mickey   {sweetwater}


umbrellas and bloomers

last sunday we had a photo shoot…i am not so much a model or even like most pictures of myself.  tina needed a few models because clothes look better on people.  so here is just a sneak peek of our sunday photo shoot.  all clothing by tina-rie studio and all photography by Abby Habiger Photography.


check them out below…!/AbbyHabigerPhotography

also…tina has a rack of bloomers, dresses, tops, hats and other wonderful girly floofy-ness!

be sure to stop by or check out their pages…

shop hop starts tomorrow!  we are ready…i think!  also…our phone was dead so if you had tried to call us today…we are still here!

–april  {sweetwater}

give thanks…

we’ll spend thanksgiving with grandma and grandpa in the cities which we are truly thankful for.  it always a good time when you get the family together for good food, contagious laughter, and scrumptious pie.

have a safe and happy thanksgiving…

april  {sweetwater}