garden tour

good afternoon…i only have a couple minutes before dinner with monica tonight.

with the summer upon us…we are getting outside and digging in those flower beds, planting our gardens, and taking in the farmer’s market. we are on our 2nd pan of Strawberry Rhubarb Crunch…it is my new favorite…especially with a little vanilla ice cream and a cup of coffee–if you would like a recipe i can whip up a download for you if you like.

today, i have our newest project…garden tour…features amberley big florals and even bigger 4-patches.

garden tour

garden tour measures 89 x 89 inches and is perfect for crisp spring evenings, picnics, outside movies, or relaxing at the park.

just one more….

garden tour

Kits are available…we only have 3 left…and Melany has dibbs on the quilt…lucky girl! we have the kit available online…here...or in-store…just pop on in!

off to dinner…have a wonderful evening!

—-april&mickey {sweetwater}


sweet christmas

good morning! i’m sure some of you popped over on tuesday for a lucy update…mom switched her day off this week to thursday which throws my whole week off. therefore, when i got home tuesday, i realized that it was tuesday and i had not done a lucy update. so…i’ve decided to work extra hard on her over the holiday weekend and maybe have something to show you next tuesday.


as for what’s going on in June…we have a busy, busy june planned…but as luck would have it…monica will be around to keep any eye on the shop when we are out of town.

here is the event schedule…

June 1st…mom and i will be at my cousins wedding

June 7th Mel’s Baby is due

June 7th & 8th Tina and Mom will be in South Dakota vendoring at the Siouxland Renaissance festival

June 12th-15th…mom and i will be at the Minnesota Quilt Show in Rochester

June 17th, 1:30ish…Brazilian Embroidery group is meeting at sweetwater…if you are interested in joining please drop me an email…sweetwatercottonshoppe(at)yahoo(dot)com.

June 20th-22nd…mom and i will be at the Omaha Quilt Show in Omaha, NE.

After this we’ll be focusing on Quilt Minnesota which will start August 2nd.

Then in September our next string of shows and events will start…check out our events page for our complete list of events, quilt shows, and shop hops.


Christmas fabric has started arriving…yes…i realize it hasn’t even been summer yet, but we must get started on those projects early.

sweet Christmas has arrived…(still waiting on the Snowman kits, but the yardage is super sweet and so cute…i’m already planning another pillow to coordinate with our Swell pillow…best keep an eye out)

sweet christmas
sweet christmas —looks like i better snip those threads on the sleigh ride quilt—

i love how sweet Christmas coordinates with Swell Christmas and Good Tidings…a lovely retro look that we cannot get enough of…plus it has Sweet in the name….can’t go wrong. the collection is small with only 26 different skus…but the variety is wonderful! Snowman heads, spinning peppermints, poinsettias and poinsettias with a background stripe, a plaid/check print, stripes, candy canes, and a geometric print…lots to choose from…though i don’t think i could choose just one!

i do have some lovely color bundles that would look lovely mixed with Sweet Christmas.

we will be getting in the Snowman kits sometime in early june…i’ll keep you in the loop…we’ll also be offering a few hand-cut fat quarter bundles.

i’m planning on quilting up a quilt this morning then taking some pictures of the various Crochet and Embroidery books, Simplicity vintage notions, and Bee in My Bonnet pins and along with some Brazilian Embroidery, new English Paper Pieces shapes…hello 7 petal Chrysanthemum! and don’t forget Treehouse Textiles’ Dilly Bag is kitted and ready to rock along with a few other goodies and doing a little online work this afternoon…maybe after a quick trip over to Teal’s for a taco…we’ll see what happens…(the back has been acting up the last couple days so we’ll see how much i actually get done today after quilting up the quilt.)

happy stitching! i’ll hopefully be back tomorrow with an update on all the new yummies that are available online…

—april&mickey —sweetwater—

Lucy Tuesday week 94 & 95

I’m halfway! i had originally planned on having it done by my birthday (today) but that didn’t really work out…however, i do have all the pink around all the 4-patch cornerstones and 18 or so sashings stitched. I’m getting impatient now when it comes to the sashings and cornerstones so i think i’m going to go through and piece all those so i can just go to town on stitching on the blocks.

Hopefully you’ve been stitching on yours! i’d love to see pics…if you’d like to see my progress…i try and post to instagram at least once a week…or check my instagram Lucy highlights for more pics.

Lucy’s Summer Cottage…halfway

and as always we still have some block kits left…you can check out what’s left here.

happy tuesday! –april&mickey

Box O’Scraps

good morning! Hopefully you are feeling right as rain today…i prefer days that are cloudy, rainy, and cool…so it is the perfect day!

Last night when i couldn’t sleep i was thinking of what i can do with all the shop scraps…we have so many scraps and older patterns, threads, odds and baubles, bits of lace, ribbon, and other things we’ve only used once, or the item has come out of the case or is otherwise not sell-able but still usable.

so i’ve come up with a plan to attack the ever growing baskets, shelves, boxes, and stacks of scraps and things…

Introducing…Box O’Scraps

Each box will contain lots and lots of stuff at a great low price of $20 plus shipping! Score!

Here is what the box contains…

This box is basically self-explanatory.

A box of scraps…

fabrcis will be a variety of sizes including off-cuts/partial kits, from a variety of companies, designers, styles…etc.

may or may not include:

Moda Fabrics
Windham Fabrics
Marcus Fabrics
Maywood Studios
Diamond Textiles


Orphan Blocks



possibly a book

Keep in mind…every Box O’Scraps will be different…Photo is just a sampling of what we have packed into each box…which will be bursting at the seams…promise!

Each Box O’Scraps would be wonderful for any craft project including: quilting, dollmaking, hatmaking, collage, mixed media art, clothing design, school projects, etc.

Beginner friendly…the perfect opportunity to help a young quilter get started…the mixture of fabrics will help with fabric picking, color placement…the list goes on.

i will pack a new box for each order…so each box will be unique and full of fun!

box o’scraps

If you’d like a box of goodies…the link is here…be sure to nab a couple!

happy monday…be sure to pop back tomorrow for Lucy Tuesdays…i have 4 rows done and prepping the cornerstones and sashings for the remaining 4 so i can just sit and stitch!

happy stitching! -april&mickey sweetwater

wildflowers & ice cream

happy friday! it’s looking like the easter weekend will be a nice one…perfect for easter egg hunts, maybe a little grilling, and if it’s dry enough a lawn game or 2.

well…we’ve finally finished up Wildflowers & Ice Cream. it has been well worth the wait. the soft, fresh florals, the scrummy stripe, and flowing paisley…has us feeling on the good summer feels. Plus we got to sneak in a little pink in the setting triangles. Love it!

Wildflowers & Ice Cream
Wildflowers & Ice Cream
Wildflowers & Ice Cream
Wildflowers & Ice Cream…Love those pink settings…

we even have the kits ready to go…they are available online here and in store if you fancy a stop in!

have a wonderful weekend!

—april & mickey —-sweetwater

a few things new

good afternoon! it looks like the rain has left for a few days…it was nice being home yesterday with the rain falling, windows open, and a little bit of stitching. i’m trying hard to get row 4 done by next tuesday so i’ll have some progress to report…

i’ve finally gotten the Treehouse Textiles patterns packed up with acrylics and papers…mom is currently making the Dilly Bag so once she is done we’ll have it kitted.

I ordered up the June Dyson Coverlet and the Frankie Quilt patterns and have both ready to go.

June Dyson was featured in the most recent issue of Simply Vintage. We have the pattern, acrylics, and paper pack available here.

June Dyson coverlet by Treehouse Textiles

Frankie Quilt…this is the quirky little sister to the Sweet Sunday project. I love the pretty summer star pattern, the low volume prints, and the lovely vintage style fabrics. We have it packed up with the Frankie pattern, acrylics, and

Frankie quilt by Treehouse Textiles

we’ve gotten in the newest chunky thread pack from Bee in My Bonnet along with the skeins of each color…check out our crochet section of the shop.

Chunky Thread sampler pack #4

looks like mom is waiting for me so we can get going…have a wonderful evening!

-april&mickey sweetwater

Lucy Tuesdays week 93…+ some geese in the garden

good evening! i know it is a little late, but the day got away from me then dinner with Monica then back to the shop for a little gather up, trim up, and pack up.


Lucy is coming along wonderfully…i’m just about to start putting on row 4…all the sashings and cornerstones are done…plus a few extras as seed for the next row…now just need to start stitching them on. hopefully tomorrow i’ll be able to get a couple blocks on…it is my day off…so here’s hoping.

we’ve finally finished up Geese in the Garden featuring Garden Variety by Lella Boutique. Her fabrics are just the sweetest…they look so pretty mixed with white…her newest collection came in late last week…Lollipop Garden…they 2 collections look wonderful in the cupboard by the bed.

geese in the garden…on the bed in the window for Easter.
geese in the garden
geese in the garden…i just love those blocks with the white…yum!
delectable lollipop garden variety…the pinks are at the head of the bed…i’m planning a combo bundle of the entire grouping of both.

we have the geese in the garden kits ready to go…link is here if you fancy a gander.

–keep an eye out … we have a few more Treehouse Textiles pattern, acrylic, and paper packs to share with you along with some new chunky threads, embroidery threads, and DMC thread tins…all in good time!

happy stitching!

Lucy Tuesdays week 92

good afternoon! hopefully everyone has had a wonderful weekend and Monday. i had an impromptu monday at home due to a morning migraine…too busy of a weekend getting ready for Melany’s baby shower on Sunday. But now that is over and we had a wonderful time and have lots of candy from the candy bar left…and are now eagerly awaiting his arrival in June.

i did get a little bit of stitching in yesterday afternoon and evening! i even had a chance to use my new pink coffee mug…which i kinda love a lot.

mom and i are getting ready for our next 2 shows…Fargo and Fergus Falls…which are on back to back weekends–the first 2 weekends of May.

i finally had a moment to get Sweet Violet bundles listed online…you can grab one here if you like!

we have some new goodies on the way!

Susanna’s Scraps fat quarter and fat 8th bundles shipped yesterday and will be here thursday (hopefully the storm will blow by us so we can be here to greet UPS)!

Lollipop Garden by Lella Boutique…our cherry-picked collection of prints will be arriving on Friday. lovely orchid, pinkberry, raspberry, sky and apple colored summery prints…scrumptious!

have a wonderful evening!

happy stitching! –april & mickey

Susanna’s Scraps

good morning! what a wonderful day…i just love foggy, rainy mornings…a most perfect lazy day, however, i have some things to do before i can sit back and relax.

First up…Susanna’s Scraps arrived thursday and i set to work cutting bundles and getting it online. yardage made it online yesterday…the custom bundle today…you can see it all here. factory-cut bundles will be shipping next week.

susanna’s scraps


The rest of what’s going on this weekend is family stuff. mom and dad are heading to a birthday party tonight (for which we are finishing up the quilty birthday present today), i’ll be getting ready for the baby shower we are throwing for Melany tomorrow. then we can sit back and relax a little before our back to back shows in May. better get back to work…

have a wonderful weekend!


anthology quilt…breaktime

good afternoon! hopefully you have had a wonderful start to your April. we are still trying to get all our ducks in a row. new fabrics, precuts, and notions are arriving along with new Brazilian Embroidery and Ribbon Embroidery kits.

it is all these things…plus back to back big shows in both May and June that we think maybe the Anthology Quilt will have to take a break…plus we are impatiently waiting on new Civil War black/grey prints to arrive…all in good time. don’t worry…we won’t just forget about it…it is too darn nifty to forget about. This way you will have a little time to catch-up and we’ll have a little time to get a few other projects stitched up, quilted, written, kitted, and out on the floor.

speaking of getting things out on the floor…our 30’s section has been filled up with quilts, fabrics, bundles, chunky thread, and the most luscious solids.

30’s section
Bella Solids
30’s section
English Paper Pieced Double Wedding Ring featuring solids and prints.

the pink wall really pops with the 30’s…i’m loving the retro vibe and it’s inspiring us to whip up a new 30’s project using the new 30’s Playtime that arrived a little while ago. we’ll keep you in the loop! promise!

now…i’d better get back to cutting Susanna’s Scrapbag by Ms. Chutchian…can’t wait to get it bundled and added to my stash…the large cream floral is so pretty! i don’t know what i would do with it but i want to covet the whole bolt…but i won’t…but i may cut myself a yard or 11…

happy stitching…have a wonderful afternoon!