{Moon Pies, Sweet Rolls, and Tuscany}

we’ve only had the blog for a year and half…

and i just figured out how to change the font size.

it is that cute little pop down menu on the tool bar that says format.

so getting on with things…summer is winding down to a close…EXCITEMENT ***bubbles*** my favorite season is waiting around the corner.  i love the fall colors, changing leaves, glistening frost, rustling corn, farmers working their fields late into the night, and fresh fall produce pumpkins, gourds, and squash.

we gave our “porch” and windowed wall a little make over…check out Sonata below.

mom finished up Moon Over Tuscany using 3 Sisters’ fall collection, Luna Notte.  it’s an elegant mix of black, red, pink, grey, acqua (yes, that is how it is spelled on the invoice), and buttermilk.  it is reminiscent of our Lisbon pattern, which uses Portugal by April Cornell.  our new version uses a chenille as the setting triangles.  they are subtle but give it a little texture.  the quilt ends up square, but lovely nevertheless.  the leftover rectangles make up the Moon Pie throw pillow.

these are the kits ready to be tied, tagged, and displayed.
and these rolled beauties are our sweet rolls for the Sweet Treat Bag
(back center). Fabrics from front and then clockwise:  Quilt MN, Aviary,
Millicent, Kansas Winter, Crazy 8, Nostalgia, Hello Betty Retro.

That’s all for now!  Don’t forget to check out the above tab “Sweet BEE Retreat” for all information regarding the fall retreat.  if you have any questions feel free to give us a call…320.243.4436.

have an excellent evening…hope to see you around the shoppe in the upcoming weeks…

happy quilting!   april  {sweetwater}

Quilt Minnesota 2010 is here!

greetings quilters & shop hoppers!  i hope you are enjoying this crazy weather…blisteringly hot…then rumbling storms…then hot again.  mom has put together some fun new things for you…enjoy! april





weekend at the cottage…made from that pre-printed panel…it measures 79 x 93 inches and the kit is $83 and it includes binding and book.

then on to our “kitchen” we have Summertime Pleasures made from our new cherry print…so cute!  Summertime Pleasures measures 72 x 72 inches and the kit is $65 and the pattern is $8.

Here is our new light floral display…from left…chintz, bella blossoms, and daydream collection.

our fig tree display is now to left of the register.  Rose Ripple is on the wall, with French Kiss which uses cream terry cloth to the left on the table.  we still have a kit left of French Kiss–and layer cakes for Rose Ripple.

Quilt Minnesota is here again! 

crazy…it seems like yesterday that we put together our Minnesota Fudge pattern!

Quilt MN samples are on picket fence left Flurries measures 13 x 38 inches and kit is $17…right is Blueberry Blizzard measures 24 x 24 inches and the kit is $28, then on the quilt rack is Frosted Windows 55 x 57 inches and the kit is $65.  On bed, Ice Crystals is 74 x 91 inches and the kit is $84 and the pillowcases (2 cases) are $33.  All patterns are available in our exclusive book Minnesota Winter for $12.99.

we would like to wish all you shop hoppers good luck and stay safe on the roads…we are expecting storms this afternoon…can’t wait!

happy quilting!  april and mickey {sweetwater}

i forgot to mention…in early july mel (my baby sister) got a puppy…a cocker spaniel named Lola…she is just the sweetest little thing…the other pooches don’t even mind her much…from left Lola, Max, Brutus, (Lola) Kandii…please excuse the mess in…it’s like having toddlers running around…

quilt mn fabric…towels, pin keeps, and pins…oh, my

good afternoon everyone!

we are back from Brainerd…we unloaded everything this morning (the carnival is in town so we had to unload at the back door)…that’s alright though because we LOVE carnival food!

i’ve got new things to show…mom finished up Springtime in Paris last week…it is a bed quilt, pillowcases, and 3 throw pillows.  all are coordinating and use Robyn Pandolph’s line Rue St. Germain.  We found a lovely blanketing fabric that matches fantastically.  The patterns come all together in a book –Springtime in Paris.  the quilt measures 83 x 96 inches and the kit includes the book, binding, and pillowcases (background is not included) $109.  the 3 throw pillows are also kitted for $43 (book and background not included).

we’ve also put together a sample using Quilt MN fabrics.  Ice Crystals measures 74 x 91 inches…kit is $92 and includes binding and pattern.  This quilt uses a charm pack and yardage.  we are taking preorder for the kit, quilt mn yardage, and bundles.

Towels are $5/each and the pin keeps are $3/each.  These you can pick-up now.  Quilt MN fabric cannot be picked up until July30th so be sure to reserve yours today…just $9.49/yard.

We are working on a big display of Quilt MN right now…the rest of our fabric will come in early July.

i’ll post more pictures of fun new stuff as mom finishes it up!

happy quilting…april  {sweetwater}

***remember we do ship our kits, fabrics, patterns, and books…if you see something you want…call or email 320.243.4436 or sweetwatercottonshoppe@yahoo.com— tax will apply to MN residents only…shipping to be determined.

international quilt market…

so ladies…we are home from market…all of us.  mel tagged along today; she’s not big into fabric, sewing, quilting…(anything really that deals with fabric), but she did get to meet her heroine…but we’ll get to that later.  first pictures of our booth from the very bare bones of it to the finished product…no award this time (4 years ago at our first market EVER our booth –which was in the end row…the last booth on the outside…we won be new exhibitor)  i also took pictures of some of my favorite booths and also mom, mel, and i had our picture taken with some of our favorite fabric designers…we get to that…

first off our booth…#1853 their one and only booth left as of monday (yes, monday the 17th of may).  i figure mom, tina, and i put the booth together in an hour…2 loads on our little cart (everything was foldable, squishable, collapsable, compactable, and stackable).

this was what we had to work with…bare pipes and a dull brown floor. 

this was load one of fun…the white trunk at the bottom held all the quilts along with the curtains, a pillow or two and a knickknack or two.

A pile of pillows and cushions…

Razzberry Creek is up and the frame of the crib is together (this task is difficult, but we managed).

This is a picture of tina trying her hardest to get the moda collapsable laundry basket in working order.  we could hear her mumbling, “i am smarter then the basket.”  FYI:  this basket is VERY smart.

a few close-up shots of some of the pretties in the booth.










Our booth…finished…







now on to the pictures of our favorite booths…these 2 are Bunny Hill Designs







below is the moda home booth…the ringmaster and lion tamer had just stepped out for a moment…

Robyn Pandolph’s newest line…Rue St. Germaine…we have a few bundles that mom is going to make something out of one so we’ll have a couple kits.

this little picture of the girl (reminded me of Coraline by Tim Burton) Robyn picked it up in Australia…

this lovely porch swing was in the Square in a Square booth…it was absolutly lovely…

the name of this little quilt is Lickety Split…if you are familiar with Minneapolis and Minnesota late night television…this will probably make you chuckle…

these 2 pics are from the Amy Butler Designs booth…her fabric is so much fun…the flowers on the right are Amy Bulter Papers made into flowers.

the pic on the left is of raincoats made from her material…they are actual raincoats not just coated fabric…

next up is Michael Miller…their booth was a winter wonderland…all their reps were wearing ruffly white shirts, tiaras, and ties with shimmery crowns on them…spectackular…





lastly…my favorite booth…other then ours of course…Anna Griffin

okay…now onto pictures of people…i’ll put them all in thumbnails and hopefully you can click on them to get them to be full size…  from left to right…Robyn Pandolph and mom…Robyn Pandolph and me…mel, amy butler, and me…Nancy (from BH&G) and me–apparently she had stopped by the booth on Saturday and i wasn’t there, but she told mom and tina that April’s fan club wanted to meet me…





here is a picture of mom and i with Jennifer the Editor of Quilt Sampler magazine when we accepted our award. 

 and lastly…mel got to meet her heroine, “the stripping lady” Eleanor Burns.  Mel and i were walking down one of the many (18 or so) aisles and Mel asked me if “the stripping lady was here”  i told her that Eleanor Burns the person behind Quilt in a Day would probably be somewhere and that we could look her up in the book.  we took a few more steps and mel’s eyes got really big and she says quietly…there she is…so i took a picture of her with Eleanor.  then (we had buttons that say “my shop is a top ten shop”) Eleanor asks me if our shop was in the current issue.  it is.  so she dug through a couple suitcases to find it and had ME sign her copy…it was so cool…i mean it’s Eleanor Burns… 

so market wasn’t bad…we are still trying to get back in the swing of things…we picked up a few things are market…so we’ll be getting samples made and pictures up.

have a fantastic day everyone…april  {sweetwater}

and lastly…the booth across from us was a new fabric manufacturer…Adornit…pic 1 is their booth and pic 2 is of the Adornit chix…from left Carolee, Georgana, Jackie, and Alison.  www.adornit.com

new…patterns, fabric, kits, and a couple Civil War PURPLES!

It seems like forever since i have posted anything…the last week has been so busy.  we got in our 500 copies (yes, 500) of Quilt Sampler last monday, then 15 copies of the new Quilts and More on Tuesday, 15 more copies of Quilt Sampler on Wednesday, and then a complimentary copy of Quilt Sampler on Friday…we’ve never gotten so many magazines in a week.

I still haven’t gotten to mailing out magazines and kits.  if you ordered one to ship…don’t worry…i haven’t forgotten; we’ve just been crazy busy.  Friday night was Ladies Night Out and my birthday.  We celebrated with 29% off then after Ladies Night Out was over we (Mom, Tina, Mel, Matt, and I) went out to Ron and Judy’s for a drink.  We didn’t get home until 2 am.  We had a bus of 30 women stopping by on Saturday, so we were here bright and early Saturday.  Sunday we went down to see Grandma and Grandpa (Mom’s parents).  Grandpa is going through his second round of cancer, since finding out in August (the same day we found out we would be featured in the Quilt Sampler).  He is doing quite well…at 83 he is bound and determined to fight this, and he is with chemo once a month until October, and the doctors are very optimistic.  Then monday we spent all day getting ready for the bus of 50 women that would be stopping by on tuesday AND we got in some fabric, a few books, fun embroidery scissors, and civil war PURPLES!

I’ll start with some older fabrics but new ideas…Millicent by Anna Griffin has been in the store for almost a year (still just as gorgeous as it was then).  Mom and I love pillows and we made a dreamy little room where the fireplace and darks used to be in the back.  Gobble up this lovely room below…i’m in love with the “Big Pillows” made from 10 inch squares…so much fun!  A roll for $25 makes 2 pillows…pattern is $4 although you will need fabric for the pillow backing, and muslin and fiberfill to make a 38 inch pillow form.

And a view of the picket fence…

Piña colada is made from a grouping of prints…it is soft, sweet, and delicious.  Pattern is $8, pillowcases are $27.  Quilt is 88 x 96 inches and the kit is $110 and includes binding.

Sunbonnet Suzie–looks like embroidered Sunbonnet Sue blocks…but low and behold…a designer panel!  We’ve made it into a quilt that measures 52 x 60 inches.  Kit is $32 and includes pattern and binding.  Yardage is $9.75/yard.

We also got in a little Civil War 7 by Windham Fabrics.  It is displayed by the door in the trunk tina bought me for my birthday.  I have bundles of 10 fat quarters for $27.50.

Lastly, we got in 2 purples from Civil War 7.  These are bundled with neutrals as starter packs for Faded Pinwheels.  4 fats for $11 or 6 fats for $16.50.  Yardage is $9.99/yard.

We also got in a few books…Bundles of Fun, Dear Jane, and a new Jelly Roll book.

Don’t forget our Sampler Signing Party is on Saturday, May 15th.  we’ll have refreshments, door prizes, fun new patterns and kits…

have a piece-ful day!    april {sweetwater}

PS…we have Jumbo Rick Rack in Cream, Chocolate, and Cocoa brown  $2.75/yard.

Bella Blossoms & The “Ben-There Blend”

Here a couple pics of the 2 new quilts that mom put together in the last week.  Bella Blossoms is a fun mix of florals with purple setting triangles that act as a border.  Kits are $47 and do not include the pattern or background…we used a bleached muslin–to add that to the kit would be an additional $40, but a white on white or vanilla marble would work just as well.–Chintz is the chenille bordered quilt laying across.

 The “Ben-There Blend” is named for Monica’s special blend of coffee that can only be found at Ben Around Books.  It uses fat quarters for the entire thing…even a scrappy binding.  Kit is $67…pattern and background separate.  We used an unbleached muslin.

More to come later this week…a new bag from Fig Tree…new fabrics from BasicGrey & that lovely little brown houndstooth from the Astor Manor Rendition of Mona Lisa Tote.  They will be in Friday…can’t wait!

We had a blast at the New Ulm quilt show…the quilts were FABULOUS…there was even a Dear Jane…it made me want to get going on mine…

Don’t Forget our Sampler Signing Party…Saturday, May 15 from 10-5…mark your calendars

Have a piece-ful day!  april  {sweetwater}

South of Savannah & Sweet Salvage

we just finished up South of Savannah and are loving it.  The green border and yellow binding really make it wonderful.  kits are $120; pattern is $8 and it measures 87 x 98 inches.  We also still have Sweet Salvage (bed) kits left $97 plus pattern $8 and muslin is $11.

Shabby Romance (peachy pink and chocolate star in background) kit (binding separate) is $76 pattern is $8.

have a good day,  apriL  {sweetwater}

figgy-licious & South of Savannah

Figgy-licious–measuring 73 x 85 is our most recent sample, fresh and fun for summer.  perfect on the porch or hammock to keep evening bugs from biting.  sweet stars and 9-patches straight set with 9-patch cornerstones and all the delicious prints pieced with muslin.  (i love the brown from Patisserie that we used for the sashing, border, and binding).  kit is $82 and the pattern is $8.

Another one that mom has just started is South of Savannah…a new civil war pattern.  it uses a mix of prints and shirtings to give it that authentically old look.  it will be bordered with green and bound with a light cheddar-yellow.  it will measure 87 x 98 and the kit costs $120 pattern is $8.  check out the in progress picture below.

don’t forget!!!!!!!!!!!  SuperBOWL…Sunday Sale from noon-4pm.  10%-40% off entire purchase!!!!!  we’ll have superbowl treats.  stop by and take advantage of the sale on your way to your superbowl PARTY!!!!!

includes all new kits (and old kits…must be in-store…excludes Quilt Sampler and Quilt MN).

Touchdown special….bring in a quilt to be quilted and get $7 off per quilt (cannot be combined)

MARK your calenders for our Spring Sampler Signing PARTY —-Saturday, May 15th !!!!  get your magazine and kit paid for now so you all you have to do is stop by and celebrate!!!!!!!

Lastly…still a few spots open for the retreat.  click on the “sweet-bee retreat” tab at the top of the page for more information…call or email for details…don’t miss out on the fun…

have a good groundhogs day!

april  {sweetwater}

blueberry fudge

good afternoon on this chilly saturday.  mom finished up blueberry fudge on Wednesday.  dad put it up yesterday along with 3 other quilts.  the place looks so much different.  the batteries were going dead in the camera so i could only squeeze out 1 picture.  i took a picture of blueberry fudge, so all of you could get a look at the finished product.  it is SOOOOOO pretty, and so completely different from what we have done for block of the month quilts in the past.

We are doing this block of the month different.  $12 a month will get you 12 blocks, alternating blocks, setting triangles, block and outer borders along with binding and a patterns to put the entire thing together!!!  no registration fee or finishing kit fee!  we need to know asap so we can get our order in before the fabric is gone.  if you are interested let me know.  the picture above does not do it justice…stop in and take a look…

i’ll post a pictures of Shabby Romance and the NEW figgylicious sample on monday, so check back then!

have good weekend–apriL  {sweetwater}

vanilla pudding

check out the tab above “quilt sampler spring 2010” for pics of our quilt and kit price, release date, and the party date–when it is set we are still deciding!

our Valentine’s Day display.

have a good day–april {sweetwater}