Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler Quilt Along!

Mom and I have always wanted to host a quilt along.  We’ve seen Farmer’s Wife Quilt Alongs and Dear Jane Quilt Alongs and love both of these fabulous books…but wanted to do something different.

Enter in Sylvia.

After little debate and a flip through her book…we’ve decided to take this idea and make it happen.  Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler has 140–6 inch blocks…so at 3 a week it will take less than a year.  We will probably take weeks off for major holidays…but then maybe not.

Here are the deets…

to follow along you will need the following:

Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler book (we have it available in our etsy shoppe)

Fabric (we will be making our Bridal Sampler out of cottage florals –i’m sure you all are very shocked at this–) for a starter pack check out our cottage layer cake and our northcote range charm packs.

Thursday, September 6th we will start with the first 3 blocks.  Feel free to follow us via email at left or via RSS feed at right.

Mom is using a variety of florals ranging from Cabbages and Roses, Mary Rose Collections, Robyn Pandolph, Anna Griffin, 3 sisters, Blackbird Designs, French General, and Jennifer Chiaverini.

Be sure to join us every Thurday starting September 6th.  We’ll have pictures of our progress and maybe tips and recipes.

We’d love to see your progress…maybe i’ll start a Flickr group or have you upload your pictures to facebook.  we’ll see as we get started.

–there is no fee to join…we will not be offering kits…just the book and starter packs in our online shoppe.

any questions…let me know!

–have a lovely day!


ps…we are out of most of the quilt mn 2012 fabrics…left on the bolt we have the red cord wood, dark plaid with pictures, the loon on tan, and loon on blue.  a fat quarter bundle, sweet rolls, cherrywood blender bundles, and 5/8 yard left of both the stripe and the blue moose…if you are interested in anything or searching out any of these let us know!  otherwise…good luck hopping!


i know…i know…snow already!  no snow outside, but we’ve got the cutest flannel!

snowmen, snowflakes, swirls, dots, and solids…along with coordinating plaids, stripe and houndstooth…fabulous!

i have listed the bundles and yardage in our online shoppe…b

Our quilt…Snow Fun…(i couldn’t get a really good picture…i’ll try again tomorrow)

and lovely bundles…fat quarters and half yards…and a fat quarter bundle of 4 solids…

Quilt MN is half over with 8 days and 13 minutes left.

we are currently out of the following:  Red Crackle, Black Crackle, Light Tan Crackle, Dark Tan Crackle, Green Crackle, Large Panel, Words, Dark Plaid, Light Plaid, Red Cord Wood, Blue Leaf and the Minnesota Moonlight kits, the Cabin Cases Kits, and the crackle bundles.

–we still have kits of Backwoods Burlap Bag, Easy as Pie, and Golden Pond.

–we still have Minnesota Moonlight books ($12.99+tax)

–we still have 2012 Quilt MN pins

–we still have charm packs, a 1/2 jelly, 3–1/2 cakes, 1 fat 8th bundle, and a fat quarter bundle

–we still have the 5 inch square panel

–we still have Cherrywood Blender Bundles (charm packs, cherry rolls, fat 8th, fat quarter, and 1/2 yard)

here is a look at our cupboard that started out like this…

and now the poor thing looks like this…

okay…kiddles…i’d better get back to it.  only 13 minutes left of the day…and still a few things to finish up.

have a lovely weekend!  if you are hopping, drive safe.

enjoy!   a&m {sweetwater}

Miss Lola & quilt mn

i took home all the Quilt MN projects and took pictures for our book.  Miss Lola Bear needed to be in the middle of everything.  here are a couple pictures of her and the Quilt MN goodies.

The soft books from Quilting Treasures came in this morning, so they need cutting and bundling…so i’d better get back to it.  i’ll be back later this week before the shop hop starts…i’m thinking wednesday or thurday.

have a lovely afternoon!   –a&m {sweetwater}

fabric bales

i spent a couple days last week sorting the scraps into piles according to style…brights & batiks, civil war, april cornell, 30’s reproductions, dark florals, fig tree (this bale sold before pictures were taken), blackbird designs, kansas troubles, seasonal, blueberry fudge (block of the month), and cottage florals (this bale was taken apart so it wasn’t included in the pictures).

these have been weighed then marked accordingly.  we have figured anywhere between 3 and 4 1/2 yards per pound and figured each pound at $12.00…so averaging it out that is between $3-$4/yard.  not bad…and the perfect way to start on that scrappy project.

here are the pics…

Oh and a Quilt MN bale…this has fabric from Quilt MN 2008, 2009, 2010–this fabric bale has been sold.  Quilt MN 2011 bale has not been tied and weighed yet…but has a fat quarter of the scenery and 1/3 yard of the birch along with scraps of the gold leaf and other prints.

These are limited to 1 each…if you would like 1…please let me know.  They will NOT be listed on etsy…if you would like 1 listed be sure and convo me and i’ll set up a listing for you.

have a lovely week!

enjoy…xoxo-a&m   {sweetwater}

figgy parade candy

I’m glad the quilt mn 2012 pictures are out of the way and they have been submitted for the display contest.  Winner will be notified after the shop hop…here’s hoping!  But even if we don’t win…we still really like our display.  Can’t wait to change it up again…but that’s what we do–right?

I have done new parade candy…thought it was appropriate being it’s summer and every little town is celebrating summer with parades and candy and floats.

I’m not a fan of parades…but do love me some candy!  Especially cotton parade candy…and especially figgy parade candy.  These will be available in our online shop at right.  So luscious…so pretty…i would fight some little kid for these!

check out the fabric bales on Wednesday morning…

enjoy!   xoxoxo–a&m  {sweetwater}

quilt mn pictures! finally…

hello!  first off…so very, very sorry.  i would have uploaded and posted last night…but the internet wasn’t working (i’m house sitting/dog sitting).

So…it was pushed back yet 1 more day…in 2 weeks you all will be cruisin’ from shop to shop getting stamped and finding projects you cannot live without–hopefully one of ours will strike a cord.

This year, like the last few, we are putting together a book, Minnesota Moonlight ($12.99+tax), with the projects from Quilt MN 2012.  The projects included are Easy as Pie, Golden Pond, Backwoods Burlap Bag, Cabin Cases, and Minnesota Moonlight.

First up…a shot of the entire display.  This is the best shot of the hammock i could get.  The sunlight behind it is nice but doesn’t help the picture taking.  The projects are from left to right…Backwoods Burlap Bag, Golden Pond, Cabin Cases, Easy as Pie, and Minnesota Moonlight.  Please keep in mind that these are our unique designs and that the kits and book for these are limited and exclusive to Sweetwater Cotton Shoppe.

Golden Pond is 59 x 73 and features the large panel and red cord wood border.

Minnesota Moonlight measures 78 x 90 inches and features the 5 inch panel squares, the full line of prints, and the cherrywood blender bundle.

Easy as Pie measures 18 x 18 inches and the center is our Quilt Mn 2012 block pattern.  The block pattern is free during the shop hop.

Backwoods Burlap Bag…pairs our unique stamped burlap and the word print.  This bag is perfectly primitive.

THE FABRIC displayed in our cupboard…along with crackle bundles, fat 8th stacks, 1/3 yard panel cuts, and cherrywood love.

Cherrywood blender bundles and 1/2 cakes of quilt mn 2012.

pins, packs, rolls, signs, wall art…

quilt mn is right around the corner…we’ve been gearing up to have new samples ready and kitted, patterns ready and printed, the shop organized, sweet confections cut and bagged, embroidery and wool projects done and displayed, scraps weighed and marked.  With new fabric coming in next week…we’ll be pushing to get a few last samples done–Fabric-books from Cranston…Poky Little Puppy and other fun, perfect-for-small-children prints.

i (would put in the word promise, but i feel i may be lying again) hope to check in early next week with the scrap bales i’ve put together but haven’t marked yet.

Have a wonderful weekend!

enjoy summer–a&m   {sweetwater}

17 days and counting DoWN!

17 days and Quilt Minnesota 2012 will be in full swing!  This years exclusive fabrics have been made into quilts and the display is coming together swimmingly…hopefully i can remember the finishing touches tonight–so when i promise to take pictures tomorrow (the camera battery is dead)…i won’t be lying.

i have a few sneak-a-peaks that were shared on facebook…here is the topper that uses our 9 inch block pattern…

Easy as Pie –sorry for the slight blurriness…it was taken via phone.

then our stamped burlap that can be seen in the tote…

Tomorrow i’ll have a fun-filled post.  With pictures of our hammock–yes, hammock! in the store…it is super awesome, but unfortunately not a true-blue hammock just a lovely rendition of one (for a sneak-a-peak check out our facebook page at right) and pictures of the projects made from Quilt MN 2012.  We have 5 projects made from the exclusive fabrics…Easy as Pie, Golden Pond, Minnesota Moonlight, Cabin Cases, and Backwoods Burlap Bag…all the patterns will be available in our Minnesota Moonlight book ($12.99+tx).

I’ll plug in my camera right now…so tomorrow morning after tweaking the display…i can take pictures.  Think pine trees, relaxin’ sundays on a hammock, blue chipped pain, grain sacks, and old wooden chairs–even (hopefully) some wall art.  We, of course if you know us at all you know we prefer a more girly feel, have our display in the front window…against a lovely white wall with white accents.

So we’ll talk tomorrow…fingers crossed.

–xo   a&m   {sweetwater}

Carnival FooD, quilt mn & cotton goodness

good afternoon ladies…mom and i hope you are all having a lovely summer and are getting all geared up for Quilt MN, but between now and then be sure to stop on in and take a look.  mom is putting together Quilt MN lovelies–she has 2 done and 3 (or 4) to go…it depends on what we come up with.  i haven’t quilted anything yet, so i am going to refrain from quilt mn eye candy pics for now.  we have utilized the large panel in a large throw and the small panel in a bed-size quilt that uses a fat quarter bundle of both the Quilt MN 2012 and the Cherrywood blender bundle.  it is absolutly fantastic…i just love the Cherrywood pack!  once all the samples are done, i’ll dedicate an entire post to lovely Quilt MN EyE cAndy with pictures of our quilt mn display and goodies…until then…i’ve named the one quilt “Golden Pond”, i’ve quilted the “Minnesota Moonlight” quilt…which incidentally is going to be the name of the book.  Also…Cabin Cases (a set of 2 pillowcases) that are Cabin-Bound come post shop hop!


here is a sneak peak at the quilt mn kits, yardage, and bundles…more soon!

we have recovered from Carnival Food and Town & Country Days and are now getting back to work…until later…

xoxo–a&m  {sweetwater}

ps…we are dreaming of our Quilt MN 2012 display…we’ve been thinking of hammocks, chippy paint, burlap, and vintage bikes…once it has been finished…that post will be up with plenty of eye cAndY and info on ordering kits, bundles, yardage, and our exclusive Quilt MN 2012 book, “Minnesota Moonlight”…that will have 2 quilts, a bag, a table topper, and the cabin cases.


Quilt Minnesota 2012 Cherrywood blender bundles

We are getting all geared up for Quilt Minnesota 2012!  It is just over 2 months away.  We opted for the June delivery of the Quilt Minnesota Fabrics, so they will arrive sometime this month.  BUT we do have the Cherrywood blender bundles.  These fabrics are so delicious!  The colors are beautiful and the fabrics are so incredibly soft.  These are hand-dyed lovelies are in limited supply –just like Quilt MN fabrics and were only available to MN shops participating in the state shop hop.  We have 1/2 yard, fat quarter, fat 8th bundles along with 2 1/2 inch strip rolls and 5 inch packs.  To order check out our online store at right.

for information on the section buses click here.

as mom finishes up a few things…i’ll be posting them online…have a lovely afternoon!

happy quilting!  ~a&m  {sweetwater}

Ritzy Ruffles & Tucks

with summer coming quickly…babies are coming just as quickly…and with babies comes those delightfully sweet baby quilts.

Mom and i put our heads together and have designed a sweet little baby/crib quilt…with the version for the sweet little girl and that adorable little boy.

Check out these Ruffled & Tucked cuties!

check out our online shoppe at right.

have a lovely Easter!

xoxo    april & mickey   {sweetwater}