Cabana Squares

quilters…i hope the hop is going great.  only 3 days left.

we ordered in some bundles of Folklorique wovens by Fig Tree.  it is full of fun tropical colors.  we are doing the Cabana Squares quilt which uses layer cakes and is a free pattern off of Fresh Figs blog at right.  we’ll be putting it together in the next week or so..waiting on border fabrics which will be wovens also instead of a geometric print.  i was going to take a picture of the bundles but my camera has dead batteries…just one more thing to add to the list.  i’ll try and get a picture up by the end of the weekend.

happy quilting…hope the shop hop is going good for you hoppers out there.


mona lisa buttermilk


this week has been crazy busy…we’ve had lots of people through–it has been lots of fun.

i have an updated picture of buttermilk which uses a honeybun and then a picture of our new bag–uses 1/2 a jelly roll–Mona Lisa.

buttermilk 3

Mona Lisa made from Patisserie from Fig Tree.

mona lisa

happy quilting…good luck on the shop hop.



hello quilters,

summer is flying by.  the shop hop started on friday and it has been very busy.  already over 100 people have come through…it is just crazy, but lots of fun.  mom has been sewing in between hoppers and has fallen in love with the Sweet Treats bag from moda bake shop.  she has done up 2 more…i did the first one.  she used Quilt MN and Gyspy Rose and still wants to do up one using blue, green, and yellow sunshine wovens and 1 using Anna Griffin’s Millicent.

sweet treats quilt mn

sweet treats gypsy rose

Lastly, Buttermilk, our pattern using Legacy and Heritage by Howard Marcus for moda is pictured below.  we are going to get a binding on it before we leave today, but i thought i would give everyone a sneak peak…binding is a dark brown diagonal stripe.  we will have only 3 kits of this.  it uses a Honeybun and yardage for the setting triangles and alternate squares.


also, a picture of a few bolts of pink and chocolate…good enough to eat, don’t you think?

pink and chocolate

happy quilting…


i almost forgot…we have only 1 kit left of Minnesota Fudge.  if you want it get me a credit card number, and i’ll get it to you. 

Quilt Minnesota 2009

Hey everyone!

Quilt Minnesota starts today!  The fabric is ready and waiting for a home.  Kits of Minnesota Fudge, Cherry Fudge, and 12-Pack Tote are ready to go.  As are other non-Quilt Minnesota kits…Frosting made with Frosted Memories Honeybun and a little yardage, Peach Melba, Rose Ripple, and we’ll be putting together a new Wintergreen sample using 3 new Christmas prints from Marcus.  I’ll get a picture up soon.

happy quilting, april

quilt minnesota…1 day

hello quilters…

we are busy getting ready for Quilt Minnesota 2009.  only one day left and we are starting to see the light…i’m going to put up a few pictures of the shop along with new fabric, new samples, and and new displays.

peaches and cream  peach melba

our new display using Peach Melba, Peaches and Cream, and the Gypsy Rose line.

quilt minnesota 2

Quilt Minnesota is displayed by the door on white and red.


we incorporated part of the work area into a christmas section complete with fireplace, christmas tree, and quilts.

legacy and heritage

bolts of brown and blue from heritage mix with honeybuns of legacy and judie rothermel.

monopoly necklaces

lastly, mel, made up super cute monopoly necklaces.  Only $8.00 each…what were you when you played.  I was the thimble, and so was mom.

we hope to see you this friday for the minnesota shop hop.  happy quilting…april

peaches & cream

greetings quilters–

we’ve been getting things done left and right…i really need to start doing the patterns for some of these–all in good time.  the most recent addition is Peaches & Cream.  a pillow using gypsy rose charms and peach and cream terry cloth.  it is a variation on our giveaway block for the Quilt Minnesota shop hop–which starts in ONE WEEK!  crazy, only a month left of summer; i’m a little sad, but autumn is my favorites season so i’m not terribly sad.peaches n creamalso, we ordered a few bolts from moda of the Heritage collection by Howard Marcus and then honeybuns from his Legacy line–both lines are full of brown, blue, pink, and cream…a civil war flavor but with a moda feel.  i’ll get a pic up next week.  it should arrive on wednesday.  we’ll have bundles ready for the shop hop, but i don’t think we’ll have a sample ready.

happy quilting–hope you can come see us during the shop hop…april

***the Minnesota Fudge kits are going fast only a few left…get them before they are gone.  Minnesota Fudge, 12-pack tote, and Cherry Fudge (which is our give-away pattern) will be available on Friday, July 31st at 9 am.

sweet treat bag

greetings quilters–

christmas is only 6 months, give or take day or two, hard to believe.  we are getting ready for christmas and I (april, the one not so fond of the piecing part) put together the cute little bag below.  the pattern, Sweet Treat Bag, is made from 10–1 1/2 inch strips or a 1/4 of a honeybun.  the pattern is from; we used Frosted Memories from Holly Taylor.  we have mini buns (10–1 1/2 inch strips) rolled and tied and ready to go.

sweet treat bag

happy quilting…april

frost and peach melba

greetings quilters…

summer is over half over, but…good news…the Quilt Minnesota shop hop is only a week and a half away.  paynesville is having its sidewalk sale tomorrow, so be sure to stop by and check it out.

i have finally finished the honeybun quilt i have been talking about.  it is so sweet with its 25-patches and tonal snowflake print.  i haven’t finished the pattern yet, but it takes a honeybun, background, and binding.  it will be inexpensie and the pattern will be done in time for the shop hop.  we called it Frost.


i also just finished up “Peach Melba” using gypsy rose.  it is a large throw at 65 x 78 inches.  it takes fat quarters and yardage for the borders and binding.  pattern will be put in the book, Peachy Keen, which will contain quilts made from Fig Tree fabrics.

peach melba

lastly, mel painted a set of chairs perfect for the garden.  we have 4 and each is a different color.  At $15.00 each they are perfect for the cottage look.

garden chair

happy quilting…april 

sweet figs club

good afternoon quilters…

i have some updates on how the club will work.  –if you have already signed-up and want to opt out; i completely understand.

  • cost is $10.00 this covers the cost of the 4 patterns–2 being easy lap quilts and 2 being home dec projects
  • patterns are exclusive to the members of Sweet Figs
  • we will have a get-together and attendance is urged
  • kits are are an additional cost and the lap size quilt kits will be no more then $65.00 each and the home dec no more than $35-$40 (it is understood that these will be purchased when pattern is picked up)
  • this club is for quilters we love Fig Tree and trust Fig Tree (if you want to see her blog click on Fresh Figs at right)
  • we are offering it through the mail…i would need a credit card on file, so when fabric arrives we would kit it and ship it to you–if we are doing it through the mail your club fee will be $20 to cover shipping
  • first project is below

fig tree quilt 1

there may be additions to this list, but for now this is all i can think of at the moment.

happy quilting…april

sweet Gypsy Rose

greetings quilters…

we got in sweet gypsy rose this morning…these prints are absolutely scrumptious.  we’ve got fat quarters cut–mom is putting together a pattern that uses 12 fats and yardage for borders and binding.  the bundle of 12 is $33.00 and available now.  look for the pattern “Peach Melba” in our new book debuting in time for the Minnesota Shop Hop “Peachy Keen”.gypsy rosemom put together a pillow using our free qm block.  i’ll take a pic after its been washed and get it posted.

happy quilting–april