farmhouse greys

we love grey. i’m sure this comes as no surprise…we have an entire section of grey fabrics…

Our Beachy in Grey quilt has been a best selling kit for years…i have a hard time keeping them on the shelf…a peak at the grey section and the Beachy in Grey quilt…you can grab your own Beachy in Grey kit here. check out those 10 Silver Linings Grunges…shades of grey, black, and white…perfect for blending into the mix!

beachy in grey

today, however, i thought i’d give you an update on our Urban Farmhouse II prints…they have arrived and we’ve done a little rearrange to make room for them! 40 new prints…in a range of Farmhouse colors…including…milk, tractor oil grease, galvanized grey, dove, and ash grey. this collection was a must…the palette is lovely and perfect for mixing with your Civil War…or mix it with your favorite greys, beiges, greiges, and browns for an entirely unique look. Urban Farmhouse II is available here.

urban farmhouse II & Jen’s Low Volume Wovens & various greys

i couldn’t resist a hexie project…(of course!)…Stormy Hexies is featured in the vintage frame…you can grab a kit here.

stormy hexies

A few updates…

*working on a new English paper pieced project featuring Bramble Patch by Hannah Dale…hopefully i can get some kits figured out tomorrow on my day off.

*Grace yardage by Brenda Riddle has FINALLY SHIPPED! it will be here tomorrow! (precuts are expected later this month.)

*Christmas has arrived in Sweetwater…we have lots of trees, lights, projects, and holiday cheer…i’ve got pictures taken and will be putting together a photo tour.

okeedoke…i’d better get back to work.

happy stitching!


dear jane is back

good afternoon! the snow has started to fly and we are wrapping up the 6th Annual Hometown Holiday Road Trip here in a few hours.

i thought i would drop in quickly to let you know that we have gotten in our order of Dear Jane 25th Anniversary books and have them available now!

dear jane

the new release contains lots more pictures of finished Dear Jane’s (dubbed Baby Jane’s) and of course, the original letters to Jane. You can grab a book and ruler set here.

i finished my Dear Jane in 2016 and she went home until just a week or so ago when she got a bath and a dry and came on back to work. Be sure to stop on by for a visit when you get a chance.

happy stitching!


good-bye october

as we near the end of october (one of my favorite months of the year) i thought i better do a post highlighting all the autumn we have sprinkled around the shop.

i thought i would start with one of my favorite displays in the shop right now. it highlights almost all the extra goodies we carry…a little quilting, crochet, embroidery, and cross stitch.

i got really into cross stitch during and after the Quilt Minnesota Shop Hop…i wanted to change it up a little so i did some cross stitch…

which witch?
winds of autumn strawberry
the raven
waiting for the harvest

next up…the porch. we opted for simple and classic autumn. a few white pumpkins to accent the gorgeous Garden District quilt that features Jardin de Fleurs.

ring of roses (left) and garden district (right)

i can’t enough of this soft, peachy pumpkin…

peachy pumpkin

the bed in the window. Summer Breeze shines with Figs & Shirtings prints and that black and grey give it that extra somethin-somethin…i love it piled with pillows and a classic and simple tray with a silvery pumpkin and milk glass vases.

summer breeze
farmhouse autumn

Kitty Corn…Urban Chicks skipped a large panel applique quilt for Christmas this year and opted for a sweet number for Halloween.

Kitty Corn

i loved the greens in Kitty Corn.

kitty corn greens

Folktale…Lella Boutiques’ collection from 2020…which is still a favorite in the shoppe and absolutely perfect for the autumn season. we’ve whipped up some color bundles with what’s left if you are looking to add a little color to your stash or stitch up a autumn-toned runner for Thanksgiving.


exquisite…delectable and rich…the cheater print is the perfect topper…can’t get enough of that sweet pumpkin spray.


Sweet Beginnings…we haven’t had a chance to make a project out of this gorgeous grouping…but we have plan…which sometimes is half the battle. I love it with this single white pumpkin. The palette is perfect for Christmas as well…red, yellow, green, grey, and creamy white…can’t go wrong.

sweet beginnings

that’s it for Autumn…we’ll be changing over the shoppe for Christmas over the next week or so…so be sure to join us for the Hometown Holiday Road Trip…Thursday, Friday, & Saturday, November 11th, 12th, & 13th.

you can find kits for everything in the online shop here. let me know if you have any questions or are unable to locate an item.

Happy Halloween!


PS…still waiting on Tilda’s Windy Days, Tilda basics and Urban Farmhouse II by Primitive Gatherings.

66 days

good evening! it is just 66 days until christmas! i’m not sure where the time has gone…but we are loving being in the shoppe this fall.

we had opted to forgo all quilt shows for 2021 and the early part of 2022…and are glad we did. more time to stitch, finish up projects, work on displays, work online and blog more, and try and stay on top of machine quilting. we are planning our Christmas installation (how fancy is that) for our Hometown Holiday Road Trip -November 11, 12, & 13…hopefully you can join us…come see the trees and the lights and get inspired. we’ll have some new projects…whether quilts, embroidery, or cross stitch…there will be lots to see.

speaking of Christmas…mom has finished up December Blizzard and it is so decadent! the soft palette of Christmas Morning…dove, silver, pine, sage, winter, and cranberry dance and swirl on the bella bleach background.

december blizzard

we have put together kits…exactly as shown with the striped binding…you can grab a kit here.

we have some rain today…i do love a cool autumn rain and some lightning and thunder. makes me want to hunker down with some stitching…but there are bundles to cut, fold and tie and about 30 different cross stitch linens to cut and bag and get online.

also…we have a few autumn displays that i’ve been meaning to show you. more on those later this week.

gabby and i done for the day…have a wonderful wednesday!


prairie dry goods

hope you are enjoying this drizzly day (my favorite!). we’ve been getting in some of our civil war collections…ship dates on our floral collections have been pushed back…so we take what we can get…

today is Prairie Dry Goods by Pam Buda. cozy, autumn tones…a civil war rainbow full of double pinks, orange and yellow, purples, and a handful of shirtings to lighten the palette.

prairie dry goods

i’ve added one of these to my stash for Mrs. Billings and Star-A-Day. you can grab a bundle…here

we’ve ordered in the entire collection…grab a yardage of your favorite…here.

in tilda news…still waiting on Windy Days…(sad face) but we have gotten in 9 chambray…Red, Teal, Dark Blue, Blue, Plum, Olive, Cerise, Coral, and Warm Yellow…the remaining 6 will arrive in their own time. i am thinking of doing a new bundle out of tilda…possibly mixed bundles of 16–fat 8ths…kicking it around. we’ll see what happens.

happy stitching!


market fresh figs

good morning!

first off…my niece has arrived…Pennelope Quinn was born on October 5th at 1:49pm weighing 7lbs and was 19 inches long.

Pennelope Quinn

now for some different bundles…

Market Fresh Figs…I’ve tracked down any and all previous Fig Tree collections…think pre-Figs & Shirtings…so lots of out-of-print and hard-to-find prints from Scarlet & Sage, Hazel & Plum, Tapestry, Aloha Girl, California Girl, Chantilly, and Somerset to name a few. the perfect bundle for stashbuilding.

Market Fresh Figs

Grab a bundle…here.

how about a Dollop of Bonnie & Camille? fat quarters of some low volume lovlies…

these big dollop of b&c cloud backgrounds are glorious!


these small dollop of b&c are just right at 5 fat quarters…4 low volume and 1 renegade…whether dark or medium…they are sure to please.

small dollop

b&c cloud (big dollop) are available here and instore or if you prefer a (small) dollop you can grab those here.

now back to bundle cutting and kit folding…

happy stitching!


Beachy in Autumn

Good evening! October has arrived…and we are loving the changing leaves and the brisk winds and the autumn palette.

Beachy in Autumn has arrived…

beachy in autumn
beachy in autumn

Beachy in Autumn uses 32 different Autumn hued prints…loads of reds, browns, and creams…pops of orange and a green or 2 set with a creamy solid…perfect for cuddling by the fire with a cup of cocoa and your hand stitching.

you can grab a Beachy in Autumn kit here.


Mom and i do our own samples…however, this quilt was made by my brother-in-law, Tyler. He actually made 2 Beachy in Autumn quilts for their 2 over-stuffed armchairs in their cozy room.


have a wonderful October weekend…i’ll be spending it getting ready for the week…when it’s just the Gabby and me running the shop.

happy stitching!

purple passion

we’ve added some new civil war to the mix…


Purple Passion…a glorious collection of purple, green, and cream. we’ve hand picked our favorite prints from the collection and have put together the most scrumptious bundle. these have just landed in the shop so we haven’t decided what to make yet, but i’ve added them to my personal stash (of course!!!) of civil war…can’t wait to add them into my Star-a-Day and Mrs. Billings…once i get back to them. if you are like me and cannot wait…grab a bundle or yardage here. just that bundle…here.

purple passion

mom just finished up an Autumn Beachy…so you’ll get a peak at that tomorrow…promise.

have a wonderful evening!

hush hush

good morning! hopefully you’ve been getting in some stitching time this week! The days are getting shorter and the leaves are starting to change and one of our fall collections has arrived.


Hush Hush

hush hush

a collection of 21 super scrummy low volume creaminess. perfect for stashbuilding your backgrounds or use on your own with a classic white solid.

check out all the prints and precuts here.

i couldn’t resist adding one of these bundles to my personal collection.

happy stitching!


*new* tilda bundles

good evening! we have added some *new* tilda combo bundles to the website today. I’ve gone through our Woodland and Gardenlife and cut up some new bundles…adding in some Meadow Basics, Sophie Basics and other past collections to make up packs of 5 fat quarters.

Blue is my favorite color and i am loving this tilda blue combo bundle.

gardenlife and meadow basics
woodland and sophie basics

check out all the *new* tilda bundles in stock and ready to ship…here.

also…we have been informed that Windy Days will NOT be here by the official release October 15th. we do not have ship dates for any of our Tilda basics collections but as soon as they arrive i’ll let you know and get those online.


good news though–Chick-a-Doodle Doo by Poppie Cotton has arrived! Hush Hush from Riley Blake is arriving tomorrow and Cozy Up by Corey Yoder is being packed and shipped. So excited!

Happy Stitching!


sweetwater cotton shoppe

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