punchy pink…succulence blog tour

succulence blog tour

good morning!  so today we kick off the Succulence Blog Tour…we are kinda nervous, but spent all day Saturday taking pictures, pulling bits of inspiration, coming up with a new project that I put together Saturday night/Sunday because…I…I just had to!

this morning I took a few new pictures so we could get all the projects together and see them play off each other…I think it is fantastic.  I am just loving this line.

succulence, the fabric

succulence is an amazing collection of print, color, and design and apparently struck a cord somewhere.  after looking at her blog (which I might add is amazing…I love the soft colors) I saw her market photos from Spring 2015 and they looked familiar and low and behold when I was looking through my phone I had taken a picture of it.


that torn wallpaper is A-MAZE-ING!

About the collection:

Succulents represent the ability to thrive and constantly create new growth through absorbing even the tiniest bits of water. Bonnie pays homage to this perseverance through a study of these plants in vibrant hues of earthy plum, sunlit copper and both pristine & opaque greens.

with this in mind…we set to work designing.  our style tends to be more toward light and airy florals, so this was a nice step outside the box.

in tried-and-true Sweetwater fashion we make it shabby…playing on the theme we thought a Practically Perfect basket was in order and of course we used white muslin for the background because it washes up beautifully.  we added a border of punchy pink vintage chenille to finish it off and it is that pink chenille that brings it all together.  Then we set it against a “Tom Sawyer” painted fence, painter’s cloth covered chair, and a cozy second-hand quilt.

succulence full

a close-up of the pillow.

pillow closer

then Saturday we pulled EdMar thread to match and decided that i needed to make a pincushion…and i just LOVE engligh paper piecing and wool so i combined all 3.  this Prickly pincushion is only complete with a little bit of cacti embroidery.


a few more Succulence-inspired threads, buttons, and a desert wool pack.

Succulence thread packs…curated to blend.

succulence button and thread

Vintage (left) and New buttons…in Succulence hues.


Desert bundles…

desert wool

And one last Succulent Punch pillow picture…this one shows how it looks with the plaid and checks of the vintage quilt.

pillow close

Be sure to stop on over at

here are some LInKs…

 going home to roost …she’s the leader…pop over if you are looking for more info on the blog hop

succulent punch pillow kit

succulent punch pdf pattern download

prickly pincushion kit

prickly pincushion pdf pattern download

succulent thread pack

desert wool bundle

succulence yardage

here is the list of the stops…i’ll link as they go live.

Monday February 1st: April and Mickey Zimmer (us!)| Sweetwater Cotton Shoppe

Tuesday February 2nd: Taylor Urban | Taylor Made Creates

Wednesday February 3rd: Bonnie (the leader) | Going Home to Roost

Thursday February 4th: Daisy Aschehoug | Ants to Sugar

Friday February 5th: Katie Skoog | The Simple Life Company

Monday February 8th: Staci Barrett | A Vintage Fairytale

Tuesday February 9th: Denise Palmer | Denise Anne Studio

Wednesday February 10th: Sahnda Black | Sahnda Marie

Thursday February 11th: Monica De Leon | JourneyDeVida

Friday February 12th: Sarah Bertochi

Monday February 15th: Ali Brorsen | Because of Brenna

Tuesday February 16th: Maxie Ramey | Maxie Makes

Wednesday February 17th: Michelle Cain | From Bolt to Beauty

Thursday February 18th: Katharina Pferdmenges | Der Rabe Im Schlamm

Friday February 19th: Isabel Kelly | Lamb and Wolfie

Friday February 20th: Emi Shimokawa | Just Add Fabric

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